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“Suddenly, all of Yoona’s crackships simultaneously sank in one giant wave of reality”

–as notes allkpop commenter yoorei on the news:  Yoona’s dating. Sigh.  So much for my “crackship” with her too, I suppose.  God bless and keep you, my divine flower . . . . Advertisements

OMG! Dal Shabet wins Home Shopping Music Awards!!!

[Ed.:  “Home Shopping Music Awards”?] Ne! “Have, Don’t Have” won the 2013 Home Shopping Music Awards!! [Ed.:  Didn’t that song come out in, like, fall of 2012?] Ne!  The prestige factor is all the more overpowering!  Omg listen!!: Dal Shabet‘s “Have, Don’t Have” has swept the playlists of home shopping channels! GS Shop recently selected the most […]

PA on PC vetting

Gucci Little Piggy commenter PA writes, apropos of the Phil Robertson fight: Well, since when is a Miss America contestant an authority on homosexuality too? And yet, Carrie Prejean was asked about the subject. People who aspire to celebrity status, or upstart third-tier celebrities, will sooner or later be vetted for political correctness. Celebrity is […]

miss A comes for consolation

Maybe it’s part of National Service?: miss A recently felt very welcomed by a packed house of 1,200 single males. On December 27, KBS’s music program “Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook” invited 1,200 males without girlfriends or wives to a special year-end event. For the event, the members of miss A appeared as guests and performed […]

Emergency Preparedness from the GreatBooks4Men(TM)

It’s late, and I should be getting to bed, but I had to have a late-night dosage of da wisdomz of the Great Books For Men.  This note has been in circulation before, but still carries the laughaerobic capacity it always has (plus there’s always the thrilling permutations of a new context).  –Actually, we’d better […]

Christmas Greetings from the K-pop Idols

Before the blessed day draws to an official close, let us receive the salutations of our illustrious wise idols from the East, for this and all the many days to come.  –And many blessings back! A Pink: Dal Shabet: T-ara:

Merry Christmas!

“Happy Holidays”? “Excuse me!”

It’s a strange world when the words “Merry Christmas” have become almost a secret handshake: lolzolzlzlolzz  I think Soyul’s got the same idea: OMG Merry Christmas!!!

“Schizophrenic K-pop f@ggotry and raciss rantings”

–The readers have spoken, and the reviews are in!  [Ed.: Another satisfied blog customer?] N!gga, puy-leez.  It ain’t no rantin’ eff all I be pointin’ out is why you be swippin’ yo EBT offa my takses yo!  Stop makin deem bassard babies an geet sum cents! [Ed: You forget I still lecture on Hayek at CalTech, […]

Literary feuds, updated in brief

Vox Day notes a Cinderella feminist “revamp” from one Rachel Swirsky, current V-P at the SFWA, which occasions this fresh swipe: There is no getting around it. The SFWA is run by a group of fat and freakish losers who write mediocre fiction about soldiers swapping blow jobs and Cinderella going down on her stepsisters. […]

SNSD: the meaning of ‘sublime’

From The Oxford Concise American Dictionary: sublime (adj.) of such excellence, grandeur, or beauty as to inspire great admiration or awe:[exm] Mozart’s sublime piano concertos Ah yes, just like Mozart.  Or– or this–this! OMG! It’s modernist/Neo-Classical springtime in winter!  It’s Homeric Korean princesses warbling songs from Elysium in emotive Japanese!  It’s a complete chance find, […]

A Message from T-ara Hwayoung

T-ara’s lamented but non-bullied former first seventh member Hwayoung has given us a little update on her doings!  From allkpop: With December almost already half way through, Hwayoung updated fans for the first time since  October with her New Year’s resolution. –Oh, thanks for reminding me about December, btw, allkpop.  Joykiller . . . . Hwayoung greeted […]

2013 T-ara Birthdaygasm: Happy Birthday Eunjung and Qri!

Oh Lord, we’re all a year (gasp) older, aren’t we? And with what fond anticipation I looked forward to last year’s Birthdaygasm, when I had not even known for a year’s time of the very existence of our two fabled goddesses across the Eastern Sea! Ne!  And now an entire year has passed: a year […]

Choosy Beggars

OMG it’s like if da GBFM(TM) wrote New Journalism or something (lolzolzlzolz he should do a musical verse interpretation of dis tho).  Dalrock commenter Aquinas Dad tells this tale: The Wife and I have a good friend, let’s call her Anna. Devout Catholic, in the choir and can sing like an angel, blue eyes, auburn hair, […]

The Stir’s Cafe moms: it’s about “forgiveness”

Dalrock has been having a feast with the Café Mom postings of self-styled “conservative” and “Christian” bloggress Jenny Erickson, who scuttled her marriage to the father of her daughters and now posts self-absorbed missives about the wreckage from the berth of a supposed champion of fidelity and family values.  And now, being chump enough to actually […]

T-ara’s Greatest Video: 나 어떡해

Released a day late– much to my sleep-deprived agony– T-ara’s seven minute musical epic delivers on the hope for something big enough to bookend SNSD’s January 2013 behemoth “I Got A Boy”. The gauntlet at last has been raised.  T-ara’s  “What Do I Do?” spectacular threads ballad and disco interpretations into one neon-infused  symphony.  With […]

Happy Birthday Yuri!

SNSD’s statuesque Yuri turns 24– or 25 if you’re counting in Korean, where all princesses, and even everybody besides, are born the age of 1. A new SNSD Japanese single approaches, and what other miracles too?  Yuri hwaiting!

T-ara 6-ara Bunny Style in Japan sequel!

Ne!  Back during “Bunny Style” promotions in Japan, True T-ara featuring False-ara Ahreum did a little behind-the-scenes documentary videography thing that gave daily seven-to-fourteenish minute long reports from the tour!  There was much laughs and cuteness!  And now, I discovered by chance that later, once Ahreum was gone and T-ara was back to a true […]

The T-ara New Comeback Countdown: The Final Countdown

Asian Civilization’s latest, greatest attempt to unleash its own Beethoven’s Ninth draws nigh; and in the meantime, the final round of T-ara member concept teaser photos has been revealed: –OMG it’s Anna Karina Boram!  But Boram is so much greater than that godless Western slut. In the teaser photos Boram looks doll-like with her porcelain […]

Roger Moore is so f**king suave

Among the most frequently asked questions I am asked in interviews (and I assume this is true of any other retired 007) is, ‘Who is your favourite Bond girl? ‘Oh! How original!’ I exclaim. ‘No one has ever asked me that before.’ I never give an answer as I think it is terribly unfair to […]