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Cold November Wind: Davichi’s “The Letter”

Davichi’s uber-busy year has seen them release a string of no less than five official or semi-official singles (“Turtle”, “Just the Two of Us”, “Be Warmed”, “Because I Miss You Today”, and now “The Letter”), accompanied by haunting and frequently elliptical music videos– which outpouring of creativity I’ve paid, I’m afraid, all too little attention. […]

Only Earth is Womb Enough

Vox Day commenter PhillipGeorge(c)2013 puts an interesting spin on telescopic philanthropy: Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Pol, every sundry left flag waver; it’s always planet saving bigness, ends justifies means, a bit of data adjustment here, data correction there, and voila, just the graph you needed to, just so happens, save the world. 100 odd years ago SOS […]

Smells Like Teen Salvation: Dal Shabet’s Early Christmas Cheer

Soompi reports: Dynamic girl group Dal Shabet has been appointed goodwill ambassador group by the Salvation Army. On October 25, volunteers of The Salvation Army held a festival to motivate volunteers and promote their iconic red kettle charity pots during the holiday season. During the festival, Dal Shabet was appointed goodwill ambassador group by the […]

Oy, that Jew’s unfit to print!

Because the only thing in this universe that could possibly be even more important than tittie cancer, is Jewish tittie cancer: {Ed.:  Hey, filthy goy, why don’t you suck my left one?]  –Hey, that’s an idea!  Oh but wait:  you ain’t got a left one.  AH–HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! . . . . Okay, spare me the “anti-Semitic” […]

Unicorn puke: gay PDA

Decades ago, when I was a mere tadpole, Camille Paglia said somewhere that everybody knows that the couples who canoodle the most in public are always the ones who are throwing the crockery at each other’s heads in private.  And no, the context wasn’t gay relationships.  It’s just a plain fact of human nature. –Which […]

T-ara Comeback Countdown: the Eunjung and Hyomin Teasers

Imagine a world without Obamacare, without Dieversity, without Muslim terrorism and minorities who can’t spell.  Well, that world exists today, in a magical land across the Eastern sea– and tomorrow, too, if we judge by T-ara’s futuristic comeback concept!  Soompi reports: On November 25, Eunjung’s teaser pics hit the internet and caused quite a stir […]

“Purely opportunistic”: an Auster/Asrat exchange on Third World immigration

The late great Larry Auster’s View from the Right remains an exhilarating reading experience.  In idling across his bulletins on so many recent catastrophes in the decline of the American Republic, one feels in the margins the electric prickling of Auster’s unknown musings on the latest outrage– the words that could have been written, that suggest themselves like unheard […]

What Vets Won’t Do, should you?

Vox Day writes:  I know vets who refuse to give dogs more than one vaccine at a time due to the negative effects they have observed over the years, so the idea that the current US vaccine schedule can’t possibly be harming children is ludicrous on its face. –I’d chalk this up as another funny […]

Once More Unto the T-ara Comeback

Ah, the ever-accelerating pace of the K-pop world.  Reports soompi: While T-ara is wrapping up promotions for ”Number 9,” they are already preparing for their next comeback with “2013 What Should I do,” on December 2. Their agency, Core Contents Media, have begun teasing the new track by releasing Jiyeon’s teaser image today. –Holy poop!  Time […]

Happy Birthday Woohee!

Dal Shabet’s Woohee turns 22: The idol writes: “Look at the figure on top of the cake! Cute~ Thank you!! Ahyoung, I’m  trying to smile gracefully, but you’re making me laugh! Anyway, thank you.” Yay!  Ahyoung gave her her cake!  Ne, Woohoo and Ah Young both are prospering in their side gigs, and Dal Shabet […]

KARA’s Seungyeon: “Hot Bookworm”

Things aren’t looking so rosy for longstanding K-pop stalwarts KARA, what with Nicole (rumoredly) looking to bail and return to the United States (??) where she hints she’ll study singing and dancing (?!?!?) and return some day as a soloist.  We hope these rumors don’t prove true; but Nicole and other KARA members have had […]

peterike on liberal media censorship

–This was the Gucci Little Piggy comment entry I’d meant to cull the other day; now, since I’ve already reposted PA, I’ll go ahead and offer peterike’s mini-essay too. So as not to be coy about it, let it be noted that I am strongly in agreement with the sentiments and complaints laid out in both […]

PA on white guilt and the black bubble

Perspicacious Gucci Little Piggy commenter PA writes: “White guilt” is a reflex whites feel around blacks who are in a humble position.,Ie., when those blacks aren’t feeling comfortable enough to be loud and aggressive. It’s not really guilt though, it’s more of a discomfort that comes from a perception on the part of whites that they […]

Yoona, Reporter

Amid the eager anticipation of Yoona’s tv drama Prime Minister and I, this update from the annals of soompi: Girls’ Generation‘s YoonA has transformed into the paparazzi! On November 15, new stills of the upcoming KBS drama, “Prime Minister and I” showed YoonA’s two-sided life that changed like day and night. In the stills, YoonA […]

When Bad Things Happen to Goddess People

Alert and concerned SONEs the world over have thus far awaited in vain an update on Jessica’s condition after she was hurled by security at the Hong Kong airport into the path of a handrail on which, apparently, she struck her head.  SM Entertainment has released a statement saying she’s resting at home with a contusion, but otherwise we […]

I Got Dishwashing Liquid Up My Nose

How did that happen?! –I decided to lather up the bathroom sink spigot because it looked a bit soap-scumy, so I was trying to pour out a little dab of Joy Lemon-scent but I was being absentminded and anyway the top was clogged with congealed detergent so all of a sudden GLOBGLOBGLOB I get this half-dollar-sized […]

Pray for Jessica Jung

–Knocked unconscious by security at the airport in Hong Kong. –Hopefully only a “minor” thing,– but still, an awful one.  How could this happen to the most famous girl in Asia?  And why must God allow it? I worry enough about my own poor brain, and the bangs it takes.  To say nothing of the copper […]

“Meet Me in St. Louis”: with guns, hostages, and a chariot race

I had one of those curious, sprawling dreams of mine moving in and out of moviedom.  My mother was preparing some Christmas feast with the equivocal help of two female cousins (this seemed to be some acrimonious cook-off between mom and the two sisters), while Meet Me in St. Louis was blaring, visually more than […]

Ah Young’s turn to shine

Ah Young heartbreakingly claims she’s no star, but now here comes the Queen of “Just Disco!”s first starring dramatic turn!: It’s Ah Young‘s time to shine as the Dal Shabet member got picked to be the leading lady of the web drama, “An Unfamiliar Day” (working title). After successfully going through past acting experiences with “Ad […]

The new miss A single reminds me of . . .

this chestnut’s opening (musically): And this old thing (visual ambience): It’s rather a disappointment, I’m afraid: A proficient little song, fine for an album opener.  Not what I really want in a lead single, though.  I can see why E-tribe wouldn’t keep this one for Dal Shabet’s oeuvre.  It’s a competent and pleasing sonic teaser, not the […]

“An Empty Machine”: Conditional Optimism from Roger Simon

I have no idea if Republicans will end their circular firing squad and unite sufficiently to right our country, but one thing seems abundantly clear from the events of the last weeks, including Tuesday’s election in which Terry McAuliffe barely eked out a victory over the unexciting Ken Cuccinelli. Liberalism in our country is in […]

T-ara Says Goodbye, Will Be Right Back!

–I may have dreamed about that Dal Shabet comeback this November, and that SNSD comeback I was waiting for may just be the new Japanese single; but just when I thought my misty days of autumnter were dashed– –comes this news: T-ara will be completing their last “Number 9” stage  on this week’s ‘Inkigayo‘ on […]

miss A’s Fei, in leather-like leggings, sports an intense gaze

Sometimes I think I must be writing for allkpop in my sleep.  Or I should be writing for them, anway: The last of the miss A solo image teasers is here and does not disappoint. Member Fei is sleek and  sexy in her individual shot !   Feast your eyes on the gorgeous legs, clad in body hugging leather-like leggings and […]

Style Nanda High Neck Striped T-shirt: an extempore found photo essay

“Come in, Lucius.  I was just making some green tea.” “I hoped you might want something . . .  or just, you know . . . .” “–and I baked shortbread.  Would you like some shortbread?  I bet you’ll love my shortbread.  It’s nice and buttery . . . .” ” . . . and tight.  I […]

Party of Stupid

Vox Day commenter Jack Amok gives a very good answer to what conservatives mean when they lament the GOP is the “party of stupid”: Incompetent electoral strategy.  The Hispanic thing is an example, they didn’t seem to understand immigrant voting patterns (almost always pro-socialist), lower class voting patters (almost always pro-socialist), or Mexican (as in […]

아이보리 Boy

–I was just checking in on my idol Mickey at kausfiles, and reading up on the Dems impatience with Obama’s stupidity.  Well, impatience doesn’t really count for much, since the bastard was reelected, just because now all the Washington Post-type types get pissy about how out of the loop Obama is (or else outright lying […]