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A Fistful of Fashion: Femen gets it in the face

Noted commenter Eric will be tickled pink–I’m rather gratified, myself.  Almost makes me nostalgic for white women: A Liverpool model said she “punched” two Femen protesters who broke onto the catwalk at Paris fashion week and grabbed her arm. Hollie-May Saker was modelling for designer Nina Ricci in the French capital when protesters from the […]

Acropolis Now: Gayoon’s Greek Pink Fashion Fantasia

I was just dismissing the merits of J-dog’s  proposal that the Parthenon should be restored, but–  As my Korean muses excel all mortals in all things besides, so too this question must be laid before their adored feet for answer.  4minute’s Gayoon’s new fashion shoot for CeCi gives us the needed reply: OMGTHISISSOTOTALLYWICKEDOUTRAGEOUSTHANKYOUGAYOONILUVIT!!!  [Ed.:  You […]

Soyeon’s off the market

Okay, she’s been off the market ever since I’ve known (and loved) her: Prepare your hearts for another celebrity couple because T-ara‘s Soyeon (26) and Oh Jong Hyuk (30) apparently have been an item  for the past 3 years! There have been rumors of the two being a couple previously but as neither  side denied nor confirmed it, […]

The Shrewd Manager (Luke 16)

The enigmatic parable of the “Shrewd Manager” in Luke 16: And he said also unto his disciples, There was a certain rich man, which had a steward; and the same was accused unto him that he had wasted his goods. 2 And he called him, and said unto him, How is it that I hear […]

Happy Birthday Hyoyeon!

SNSD’s Hyoyeon’s birthday’s today! [Ed.:  We’ll pray for you, Hyoyeon.]  –What’s that supposed to mean?  Only because she’s a deity, I hope! Sigh.  Well, I know that someday my Aristotelio-Confucian demigoddesses will settle down, and then there will be few enough occasions for them to sip champagne together in fur-lined basements by themselves, let alone […]

I dream (and dream) of SNSD

Ah, blessed rest!  And no rest more blessed than one that unites me once more with my dream romantic bffs SNSD! This morning I dreamt I was in the basement of some sort of (slightly ramshackle) college library, stuck somehow taking a class in–was it “Education”?– something stupid being taught by a sour old black […]

Food For Fodder

From the gubernatorial trail in Virginia, something the author/observer rightly considers an “epiphany”.  Joel Salatin writes: Why do we need more farmers? What is the driving force behind U.S. Department of Agriculture policy? In an infuriating epiphany I have yet to metabolize, I found out last Wednesday in a private policy-generation meeting with Virginia Democratic […]

Happy Chuseok!

Ne!  Here, once again, it is time for the annual Korean autumn harvest festival thanksgiving thingamajiggy, and today we offer our Happy Chuseok greetings from Dal Shabetsimnida! Hopefully there will be more cute photographs of Korean idols in their traditional rustic princess uniforms and such! –Ah, here is SNSD’s Hyoyeon and Seohyun now: –Anyway, I guess by […]

Happy Birthday Serri!

This time last year, Serri and company were touring NYC when the happy occasion of her birthday befell:  and thus, the immortal entertainment and variety of their allkpop birthday cake interview game!: But now another blessed year has elapsed, and Serri is another year older.  But not to worry:  since Koreans count themselves age one […]

A Year Ago Today in T-ara

I wasn’t looking for this, but it fell in my lap:  a year ago today, T-ara brought out “Sexy Love” on Inkigayo: This stage features that annoying robo-intro conceit that I’ve never warmed to.  It’s too redolent of 28 Days Later or something, somehow.  The Bavarian mountain lass costumes I could take or leave.  They’re […]

2013: A SNSD Odyssey (“Galaxy Supernova”)

–It must pain me to do so; but the time is overdue to remove SNSD from their “sticky post” pride of place, enjoyed since New Year’s Eve– not that I love SNSD the less, but that A Pink’s tremendous Secret Garden album and promotions beg to enjoy a season of celebration in their turn.  “No […]

Like, we can totally bully with the Syrians

“Bullying.”  You hear it everywhere.  This silly word has infected every so-called serious discussion of every evil in the world:  another sure sign of the adolescentification of all reality in our fast approaching-apocalypse Western world. Case in point:  I’m running home from errands this afternoon and I make the mistake of turning on NPR.  They’re […]

Christian Science Monitor Provides Reductio Ad Absurdum of all Liberal Interventionism Ever

Gawd!  This one takes the cake: By the Monitor’s Editorial Board / September 2, 2013 Before Congress votes on a resolution in support of an American military strike on Syria, it should carefully study President Obama’s Aug. 31 statement for the priorities he lays out. The statement will help guide the debate and influence the […]

T-ara has landed (and now, September)

There are a bunch of these old T-ara shows in Japan, some before they even made the Japanese remakes of their hits, and for a spell  I used to watch them all the time, but after a while I lost track of them, but I’ve stumbled upon one so here (before I lose track of […]