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Plumbing and Melodies and Miley Cyrus

Vox Day notes, apropos of Miley Virus and her live dry-humping and its implications for all: Don’t expect the plumbing to long outlive the melodies. In a contentious comments thread, Vox Day’s commenter Nate makes an utter ass of himself, first by implying Mozart lived and wrote during the Renaissance, then by proclaiming 300 years […]

Cover your Hinds, Assad!

The ‘Choom crew’s ready to blow some smoke . . . –You know, if you spill America’s precious vitally secrets, you could get yourself killed, arrested, possibly even deported.  And yet, strangely: An American military attack on Syria could begin as early as Thursday and will involve three days of missile strikes, according to “senior […]

Oh boy! another war in the Middle East

Where do I sign up?!? –Now don’t get too excited: if you should chance to miss this one, I’m sure another one will be coming along soon. But really, do you believe that Assad-used-chemical-weapons crap?  I don’t. From Vox Day: In an amazing and unsettling coincidence, it seems the recent massacre in Syria, which we […]

In Heaven it’s always T-ara

What could be my two favorite things in the whole world?  Why, that’d have to be Autumn and T-ara.  And what would happen if you put my two favorite things together?!  OMG that would be, like, T-arautumn or something!!! Girl group T-ara revealed a cute fall group picture. Oh my Lord Autumn Is Coming Y’all!!! […]

GreatBooksForMen(TM), for the win

I only sorta bumbled into the King Matt King weekend smackdown by chance– call it synchronicity, or one of those “perfect storms” I hope we’ve all quit hearing about.  I’ve had my eye on old Matt for a long time, and made a few cursory sketches of parody here and there; but as it happens, the […]

The Longer King Matt King

DJ A King Matt King Matt returns to that Dalrock thread with this whopper: (with my “Ed.” annotations:) I commented on this latest thread to urge you to stop chasing phantom bogeymen.  And for that you fashioned me into yet another bogeyman for the Two Minutes Hate.  I’m flattered. [Ed.:  Girls do love attention] You insist every alien […]

The Shorter Matt King Matt

The other day I returned to the consideration of heartiste commenter King Matt King Matt, when I found he’d left a comment over at Gucci Little Piggy, a venue I’d never seen him in before.  From my brief abortive draft: –But meanwhile, over at Gucci Little Piggy, where Chuck is still acclimating to sudden fame and (I wish him) […]

A Pink Unplugged, Vol. 2 (Bomi’s B-day edition)

[Ed.:  There’s more?]  Good God man, there’s more!  There’s more and more!  A Pink is the gift that keeps giving: I love how they run through their own song like giggling schoolgirls at a karaoke.  Namjoo and Naeun have that little moment where Namjoo’s like “OMG you really know all the words to this!” and […]

I just felt like a guy named “Lee Dong Gun” deserves some sort of a shout-out

That is all. [Ed.:  What about a guy named “Dick Armey”?  What about a guy named “Dick Wolf”?] –Those guys are assholes.  This dude’s Korean.  See the difference? [Ed.:  Augh–]  –Yes.

OMG!! Tomorrow Bomi won’t be a teenager anymore

Staggering news.  Wow.  This is– very all of a sudden and hurtfulish, you know?  Just– a lot to accept right now. [Ed.:  Ginger ale?  Smelling salts?  Pepto?  What can I do?] –No, I’m– sigh.  It’s just that when you get to know somebody so awesome, and you think you have all the time in the […]

A Pink Unplugged!

Whatever else I’m doing with my summer, I simply cannot experience “No No No” often enough or in enough different ways.  And here we have the girls live in front of the mics in the radio studio OMG!!! Beloved butterfaced Eunji, why am I not surprised you are the one keeping it “funky”?  What talented babies […]

Apink: Ne Ne Ne

A fun tip-off to how big a hit “No No No” proves to be is the fact Apink returns to perform the full-length version on stage, weeks into promotions, instead of the post-debut trimmed version: This is this summer’s “Gee”.  Apink may well prove the next co-biggest girl group, as T-ara threatens  to fade and SNSD reigns […]

Print Lives: the backdoor return of the Encyclopedia Britannica

I’m one of those optimistic Luddites who insists not only will print live on, but it’ll get “smarter” to correct not only the corruptions of a digitized culture but also some of the vulgarisms of the print market itself. So I’m terribly pleased– as well as amused– to see that the folks at Encyclopedia Britannica, […]

Black Ops Benghazi

Like some great minds were saying back in the fall, the Benghazi “consulate” was a front for nefarious activities, about which nefarious activities President Obama continues to prevaricate.  From The Telegraph: Up to 35 CIA operatives were working in the city during the attack last September on the US consulate that resulted in the death […]

Happy Birthday Tippany!

It’s SNSD Tiffany’s birthday!  She turns 24!! Wow.  She was only 22 when they did “Paparazzi” then.  And barely 23-ish when they did Girl’s Generation’s Romantic Fantasy. Everybody’s getting so old.  Twenty-two, twenty-four– what gives with that?  This whole ageing trend in K-pop is kinda creeping me out. Anyway, 24 isn’t so old, plus she’s […]