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From McCrory, With Love (cookies, that is)

–Damn, I could go for one!  Amusing theatrics from the Governor’s mansion in North Carolina (hat tip to an anonymous  heartiste commenter) : Gov. Pat McCrory hasn’t been willing to meet with the women (and a few men) protesting an abortion bill that opponents say restricts access to safe abortions. But he did stop by this […]

Happy Birthday Jiyul!

Ne!  We’ve missed so many birthdays, it would be a shame and an outrage to let Jiyul’s pass by without an acknowledgement, even if, sadly, the whole reason why I bothered to check the calendar is that I was thinking about the misfortunate event that didn’t really happen to Subin but kinda sorta (according to […]

Happy 4th Anniversary T-ara!

It should be a time for celebration, for hosannas to their immaculate discography and hymns of grace for their many halcyon seasons of success.  But please, dear Lord, tell me Boram hasn’t had her chest worked on, that this is all a photoshop charade, for my darling angel appears here as the buxom lovechild of […]

T-ara out of the gate

Alright, so the audio in this version sounds pretty crudy.  But unless and until I can find a more immaculate upload, I’ll bookmark this one here: T-ara’s Inkigayo debut: a pop cultural inauguration.  The very dawn of the Queens’ reign! And, if they can ever pull through and regain their homeland’s love, they should spring […]

Great Kubricks For Men

Some weeks ago (was this before or after the Elisa Lam mystery?) I accidentally chanced upon this guy’s videos on youtube.  First I saw (one of?) his stunning video essay on John Carpenter’s The Thing in which (spoiler-ish alert) he makes a strong argument about Childs’ fate at the end of the film [NB: let’s say we now […]

“The zoom in to Namjoo feels like kissing her”

–says youtube viewer arronlee, and he’s right. Granted, KBS kinda flubbed the usual big swoop in on Eunji for this intimate moment with Namjoo instead, but we can embrace this instance of variety–particularly since it results in the greatest single shot in the history of world cinema.  That, and everything else about Apink’s stellar girl-groove […]

Weinergate 2.0

Vox Day commenter Big Bill writes: We live in a multicultural country now.  The traditional norms are gone, and the political theater needs to change, too.  No more ritual self-abasement of political wives in front of cameras to reassure the populace that their man is really OK and has “really, really changed deep down inside”.  […]

Howls of approval: Dal Shabet (and peers) on “Show Champion”

I was bummed that Dal Shabet didn’t do a fifth “Music Core” promotion this weekend for “Be Ambitious”, but now I see a day-old upload from “Show Champion”, that other MBC show which I really need to watch since Eunjung is one of the hosts and the whole gig sounds a bit more elite and, I dunno, […]

Are Crayon Pop Right-wing Extremists?

OMG that would be so awesome please say YES!!!  –I mean, don’t they look like right wing extremists? It’s a freakin’ Triumph of the Will!  –Only with funkier, prettier lemon shirts! Our story begins with an allkpop forums headline:  “Aww, shit.  Crayon Pop is screwed.” –What’s the dealie, yo?  It begins, as all things must, […]

Damn Bastille Day

Dirty Commies.  That’s all I have to say.

Ne, Apink’s “No No No”: Like the 90s, yo

Every so often, just when I might reasonably begin to suspect my infatuation with the K-pop agenda might cool and I would return to perforating the spines of my Penguin Classics, along comes a fresh seduction.  And this summer it’s a diverse spread, what with my discovery of Baek A Yeon, Crayon Pop, and all […]

Further Fallout from the T-ara Shakeups, including Ahreum’s demonic possession

Poor blessed T-ara.  One of these days I’m going to have to sublimate all this reading of the comment threads full of spiteful and cussed-up Korean and Korean-American kids into the Great Krengrish Novel or something.  Probably something unreadable like Monica Ali and all those South Asian chicks in Britain, but this will be cooler because I’m […]

KARA’s Jiyoung abandons twitter

It’s all so sudden and so– so– mysterious!  allkpop reports: KARA‘s Jiyoung was an avid Twitter user, but that’ll no longer be the case as she suddenly deleted her Twitter account. She didn’t give any explanation to why she was doing it as she just said, “Bye bye Twitter look forward to Instagram~ ByeBye!!”. True to her […]

T-ara Coup: False-ara Ahreum Leaves

God strikes back!!! Ahreum has been confirmed to be leaving T-ara to pursue a solo career.  After joining T-ara as the 8th member last July, she debuted with “Day by Day” and was also active with T-ara N4 for their “Countryside Life” promotions, but it seems her run with T-ara has come to a quick end.  –DING DONG […]

Like Tears in Snow: KARA’s “Orion”

J-pop visionary madness from KARA: What are these tears for?  I could peruse the lyrics, but what matter they?  Here’s Hara, washed out and swollen-faced like a fresh-scrubbed corpse, Nicole wetter-eyed than a drowned winter nymph, and Jiyoung glowing like a pregnant teenaged war widow.  And there’s Gyuri and Seungyeon too, blanched and somber, dolefully harmonizing […]

GBFM(TM) Maxim #9304847474

That’s nine billion, three-hundred and four mil– oh heck, what’s the rule about hyphenation when you spell out numbers again? Oh well.  You do the math. Da GreatBooksForMen has been on a tear ever since Miley Cyrus found her way onto his lap.  Apparently it’s been quite a ride– er, climb– for the dynamic if […]

Jiyul Sticks Out Her Tongue

–at the very end! About the only thing better than the latest Dal Shabet single is the previous Dal Shabet single.  And if that sounds like an underhanded compliment, it isn’t.  After all, their first five releases were all from the pens of E-tribe, the genius duo behind the epoch-forging SNSD blockbuster “Gee”, and since […]

Sweetness and Light, cont.: Baek A Yeon on Inkigayo

With the summer’s song, “A Good Boy”: And rocking the most fearlessly dorky/supercute ensemble from the video, to boot.  “I feel love.”