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T-ara interview

Christmastime in Japan: Advertisements

Happy Birthday Hwayoung!

It’s much less merry now– but if you are happy, then we share your joy for your 20th! And happy birthday Hyoyoung too!

Bitchin’ soiree

Althouse commenter Thomas D sums up Michelle’s body language at the Boston bombing service: That’s FLOTUS’ standard pose when on official business – just killin’ time, waiting for her next bitchin’ soiree.

T-ara: making of “Bunny Style”

Orgy of the Upward Melodic Curve: KARA’s “Girl’s Power”

Blame it on Pythagoras or Physiology, however it may be.  It really has an effect on me, the Upward Melodic Curve: The enraptured, ever-extending melodic lines of the bridge, the chorus, the “breakdown”: it’s all so impossibly emphatic, crying, carrying on about I-know-not-what potential nonsense, but it’s ravishing nonsense: something so portentous and divine, it’s […]

소녀시대 – 소원을 말해봐

“Sixty years of asshole women writing shitty articles about nothing!”

–“That’s feminism!” Writes Shouting Thomas.