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A three year-old’s idea of Heaven

Well, where do you think Korean tv comes from? [Ed.:  I know homosexuality really comes from a virus, but all the same, I don’t want my kids exposed to this sort of thing.] Fine.  Hara’s too busy teaching me how to rock fingerless gloves to bother with your stupid kids, anyway. Advertisements

An isteve anonymous observes

A fascinating thought-experiment about a real-life non-experiment, from an anonymous: I’ll say this about the ‘gay marriage’ thing. It offers one of the best opportunities to study POWER. Suppose I was a social scientist in the 1980, and I wanted to understand the working of power in modern America. To do this, suppose I wanna carry […]

A thing for T-ara

I woke up this morning with this song in my head, even though I haven’t lately been listening to it, so I had to pay it a visit; and since I’ve been delightedly combing the MBC K-pop archives (a treasure chest too long unregarded), I looked to see what’s in their catalog. I may have seen […]

Happy Birthday Boram!

T-ara’s glorious eldest and belovedest member, Jeon Boram, turns 27! Just as T-ara launches its new Japanese-original single Bunny Style, with B-side solos from each member! Plus a new duet with Qri! And lots of gallivanting across Japan, trying out her new command of the Japanese language: And if ever you are in doubt, just do a […]

I want “my people”

In Dangerous Liaisons Uma Thurman sighs, “Where can Danceny be?” and John Malkovich’s Valmont boredly replies, “I’ve told you, I have all my people out looking for him.” “All my people” . . . isn’t that just grand?  I would think to myself, ‘I should send all my people out to do something’, but then […]

Party of Stupid

David Harsanyi writes at Human Events: In many tactical areas, the Growth and Opportunity Project seems to make sense. Modernization and more effective outreach are great ideas. The problem is that too often, the RNC allows Democrats to define the parameters of debate. There’s way too much worrying about acceptance and far too little about […]

David Brooks acting gay again

Ann Althouse notices. –In the comments, several commenters comment on why no one is making harsh comments.  Jeez, I tear David Brooks a new one all the time.  He’s my Michelle Schocked fantasy.  They better not turn off my mic when I tear David Brooks a new one.  Hate that f**ker.

“Bling Bling” on Music Core

From January 15, 2012, almost the moment I discovered Super Korea– but a while, alas, before I discovered Dal Shabet: With such a supershiny Ah Young.

Dal Shabet: like a Sarah Palin Big Gulp– for your soul!

I could really go for a Big Gulp myself right now.  March 16th, buffalo chicken tenders: jeez, it feels like summer already, the horror. But thank goodness for yet more previously unknown Dal Shabet performances from K-TV.  And filmed in icy crisp smooth tones too!  This refreshes:

Taeny, they call it

Lesbian pussy is mighty odd

–According to the venerable Shouting Thomas.  I’ll have to look smell out for that!