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More and better orgasms

From Peter Roff at USNews: According to a blog post on the website,  the University  of Minnesota-Twin Cities  is hosting an “orgasm  workshop” designed to help female undergraduates “achieve  more and  greater orgasms.” The program, which is reportedly listed on the school’s  official  calendar of events and, thereby, implicitly sanctioned by the administration, is being […]

Another “funny because it’s true”

–sort of thing:    Okay, so much for my editorial skills.  And the juxtaposition is: [Ed.:  Now that you’ve butchered the whole premise-] Alright, just click through to this, or you can read the original here.  Sheesh. Anyway, I didn’t start this travesty.  Blame the voters.

When your barbeque potato chips set off the fire alarm

An evil omen.  I’m scarfting a bag of barbeque chips and drinking coffee (oh god, and I had a bowl of minestrone soup before)– I know, this makes me sound like I’m pregnant– and I’m washing down a potato chip with a gulp of hot coffee and suddenly one of the smoke detectors suddenly goes […]

Sometimes irony takes a minute to set in (Obama, football, and women at war)

Well, Obama’s daydreaming yet again about the hypothetical sons he doesn’t have. President  Obama took a swipe at football in a new interview, saying he  would “have to  think long and hard”  before letting his hypothetical  son play the dangerous sport. ”I think that those of us who love the sport are going to have to wrestle with the fact that […]

A word about paper towels

Don’t put them down your garbage disposer in the sink. Sigh.  Well, it’s impr0ving.  I’ve been using vinegar and baking soda. Note to self: don’t piddle with the vinegar.  I try to be all subtle and just sprinkle in a couple of ounces at a time and let it gently fizz. Clearly, that’s not what […]

An Ann Althouse–no wait, it’s Meade–smackdown on Hillary

Yeah, I avoid shopping at amazon myself, but when Althouse is on, she’s on: –Oh wait wait wait!  This time, it’s the mister-es, Meade, delivering the smackdown.  She quotes him riffing on Hillary: What difference, at this point, does it make? 2007 troop surge in Iraq?… What difference, at this point, does it make? Yellowcake […]

Sex and death/ It’s still Winter, right?

Two discordant titles for two entirely different themes, because it’s that kind of week.  My garbage disposer is on the fritz, but I think I know what to do (IT WILL BE TURNED OFF AT THE BREAKER BOX AND MY HAND WILL NOT BE GOING INSIDE).  But I dithered all day to getting around to […]

As progressive David Corn says

David Corn makes an amusing foil for James Pinkerton when they do bloggingheads together, so I cut him enough slack so as to read him.  He sums the Obama inaugural address thus: Obama did issue the obligatory warning about relying too much upon government, but he presented a case for a robust public response to […]

Fighting Trim

The conscience of the internet, Larry Auster, is posting Beatles tunes, and he’s not even soliciting fresh reviews: And by the way, do not bother sending any comments gloomily decrying the Beatles’ negative cultural influence. I post these songs because of the joy and delight they bring, and because they are particularly meaningful to me […]

In celebration of the return of “Girls’ Generation’s Romantic Fantasy” . . .

Sigh.  How many days was it gone?  It felt like a waste eternity.  Do you realize, in the first flush of my enthusiasm for it and while it was all out there on youtube to glory over, I went ten whole days without looking at porn?  –Not that I “watch porn” anyway; but what I […]

Embarrassment of riches

There’s snow on the ground, fried chicken (this, a mistaken grab in the frozen aisle, but a happy one) on the plate, Larry Auster’s making some progress, and MBC’s given me back, at least in playlist form,  Girls’ Generation’s Romantic Fantasy. And that’s my idea of an embarrassment of riches.  Perhaps I should be embarrassed […]

Ramirez’ “Weapon Guide for the Uninformed”

Just so you know.

What would Rousseau have said about Sandy Hook?

Probably that we were asking for it, by herding all those children together under one roof.  If they were all at home, being schooled by their mothers, the killer would’ve had to go door to door. And some self-reliant and armed citizen would’ve shot him dead. –Now, I know Rousseau comes in for a lot […]

The most unfortunate liquid leggings ever

Why’d they have to happen to Dal Shabet’s Subin?! Ah Young looks so cute here, and I want to enjoy these Art major New Wave beegirl outfits, but poor Subin got saddled with major pleather fail. Every time she moves it’s like she’s stuck in a Glad bag down to her knees. Poor thing.  Not […]

SNSD Taeyeon and Tiffany: More “Lost in Love”

SNSD’s powerhouse Davichi-fied ballad gets wheeled out on Music Bank yesterday for maximal emotive fireworks: The mood’s a bit less desperate than in the starkly sublime Girls’ Generation’s Romantic Fantasy stage (or have I just had time to reconcile myself to the song’s heartbreaking complaint?), but full of swelling, dreamy melancholy, abetted not only by […]

Aspie, autist, what’s the diff?: the almost-Aspie, non-autistic “autistic” beauty queen

Just because autists spin in circles for hours and decorate the walls with feces, why shouldn’t the media conflate them with someone some medical professional diagnosed as having “pervasive developmental disorder and borderline Asperger’s syndrome, conditions on the autism spectrum” who happens to be a cheerleading theatre-geek Miss America contestant? She’s cute:  but did the photographer deliberately […]

I got an angora: SNSD’s pastel ‘jammies jam

Less street, more cute, my fave live stage for the full “I Got a Boy”. Since the song’s already getting edited down for further promotions, we’ve probably seen the best of them.  The version from Girls’ Generation’s Romantic Fantasy is good, but the program allowed for cutting from one stage set to another, which makes it […]


Something you wanted to show us, sweetie? I suppose this is okay, as long as you pretend she’s a Romanian with funny eyes and no God.  But really, K-pop has a lot better to offer us than Eurodance beats and ah, that stuff. [Ed.:  I bet she’s part Thai or something.]  Yeah, that would explain […]

Althouse on Oscars

Have a big slice of gooey Lincoln Pie. –She puts that line in the comments, but it’s the winner. I used to get worked up about the Oscars, but thankfully, that passion is long since truly spent. In the old days, maybe three or four Best Picture winners really were the best pictures of the year, […]

Getting “The Night Porter” AND “The Damned” into the same comments thread

Not something you see every day, but King A fits them into this entertaining (and useful) le chateau thread. –True story: I was actually gifted Cavani’s The Night Porter and Visconti’s The Damned together once by my Beloved Ex. [Ed.: What a touching Valentine’s that must’ve been.]  –You know, I’m not sure just what that […]

Happy Birthday Jihyun!

4minute’s goddessy and statuesque leader 지현 turns 23! allkpop reports the festive day: “When Jihyun later woke up, she thanked Sohyun and her fans for wishing her a happy birthday, writing, “All the fans who took care of me on my birthday and wished me a happy birthday!! All who wished me a happy birthday from far […]

Why shouldn’t police be in front of the schools? (if somebody would only dress them)

“There’s just too many incidents that are happening that you think could be avoided if there were stronger regulations about it,” one mother from Larchmont said, adding when asked if her children’s safety is her motivation, “Absolutely, I mean you can’t even send them to school now. Now my kids have police in front of […]

A brief, heartful moment with SNSD

Sigh.  They took away my chocolate pudding bowl. Hopefully I’ll get it back.  Meanwhile, a bit of random foolishness: You have to watch twice (abetted by the helpful commenters) to catch everything: Taeyeon cringing under the touchy MC; Sooyoung patting him patronizingly after he grabs her wrist (down, boy!); Jessica, meanwhile, doing random side-stretches.  Tiffany looks […]

The Post of the Beast: Post No. 666 (“the very essence of the whore”)

What a frightful milestone. What will we talk about?  Not anything dreamily SoShi-fied: that would be blasphemy.  And what with a high-def version of Girls’ Generation’s Romantic Fantasy becoming elusive online, perhaps it’s as well we should turn from this seemingly endless spree of post-Holiday Cheer and look back at the ugly, tawdry truth all […]

Into the Light: SNSD Taeyeon & Tiffany “Lost in Love”

The third, and saddest, ballad of the Girls’ Generation’s Romantic Fantasy set; though, in the tradition of K-pop balladry’s severe romanticism, hope throws itself, battered and beaten, against the winds of grief, bearing stalwart on toward the light of hope: which on this stage blasts its radiance on sympathetic cue with the soaring burden of […]

Singer Vow: Seohyun covers Swift

The sequence of English-language covers makes for the funniest/cringiest stretch of Girls’ Generation’s Romantic Fantasy, and perhaps none more strikingly so than loveable, lurveable, loafable Seohyun’s take on Taylor Swift, “phone gestures”, “rudely virgin in”, “snotty litter family” and all. Taylor Swift isn’t one of my Antichrists, but she still has to take it from a […]

Champagne SNSDnova: “Promise”

Not a song about heartbreak, however it may sound: SNSD “pinkie swear” true love in this gleefully earnest ballad, staged for their “Romantic Fantasy” comeback special like an outtake from Francis Coppola’s pure-cinema dream One from the heart, if One from the heart subbed out Tom Waits’s poker-faced pain for a swelling, super-ABBA pop palinode to […]

Talent Show: Girls’ Generation’s Romantic Fantasy

In all its sprawling glory and occasional oddity, the comeback showcase special: awesome new ballads, the old hit parade, campy Western radio covers (Seohyun, put down that guitar!) and the brand new single– all wrapped around dinner footage seemingly shot in the banquet hall of Blofeld’s volcano fortress from You Only Live Twice: I love those […]

An Acrostic This Way Comes

. . .  this with her who bore Scipio, the height of Rome.  With tract oblique At first, as one who sought access, but fear’d To interrupt, side-long he works his way. As when a ship, by skilful steersman wrought, Nigh river’s mouth or foreland, where the wind Veers oft, as oft so steers, and […]

SoShi Street: “낭만길”

What was I just saying last night about an SNSD Vincente Minnelli musical?  Arguably, it’s already here: Girls’ Generation’s Romantic Fantasy is a 2013 New Years special broadcast on MBC on January 1, 2013, starring South Korean girl group Girls’ Generation. The special follows the group in preparation of their fourth Korean-language album I Got A Boy […]

Merry Christmas!

[Ed.:  Wrong holiday!]  Nah-augh!  Thanks to the sweet superpowers of Jesus Christ and Dal Shabet, it’s never the wrong day to say “Merry Christmas!” Ah Young kisses coming right at you– I mean, me.  teehee!  Times two!