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The SNSD Comeback (Drama teaser)

The K-pop sphere titters and twitters on the brink of the precipice of a pink hole event horizon of maximum excitation: the longed-for Girls’ Generation Hangul comeback dropping 01-01-13, baby: Of course, I’m not sure their epochal string of Japanese-language video epics of 2012, their “fallow year”, as it were, can be improved upon.  “Time Machine”, […]


I watched this three weeks ago today, absolutely mesmerized.  This is the dvd bonus “movie” with the T-ara Best of Best album in Japan, the 2h 14m chronicle of their Italian “Freedom” journey early this year. I hail it as one of the great artifacts of our time: ebulliently melancholy, ambient, grand, fashionably strange, sometimes […]

In Bernardo Bertolucci’s “Novecento”, you can watch Gerard Depardieu receive a h**d-j*b

And today in the news, you can watch France’s Commie President Francois Hollande suck his d**k.

How T-ara spent Christmas

–Giving and receiving love in Tokyo. Soyeon really gets into this! (well, she would!) But oh, that daggone Ahreum: does she not realize how she comports herself like a whore? How come Eunjung has the anomalous outfit with only one hemline?  Another secret sign? Well.  This show is sort of fun and sad at the same time.  Some argue T-ara […]

K-pop Empire! (the allkpop “map”, with commentary)

Somebody at allkpop makes a fantasy map to visualize the imperial clout of the K-pop girl groups.  WHY DIDN’T I THINK OF THIS FIRST??!!???!!!??!!! –Okay, I’m cool with making SNSD so huge, but why the devil isn’t this damn thing designed to show us the whole picture of the whole fantasy Narnia world that K-pop […]

Althouse: “Polyamory on the march”

An interesting Althouse post, with a lively comments thread with good entries by Shouting Thomas, palladian, and others, including responses from Althouse herself.  I think Shouting Thomas, a grizzled veteran of the Woodstock generation who pointedly needles Althouse about her fealty to Gay Marriage, is correct though when he writes: Time to say the obvious, Althouse… […]

Christmas Belles

Out of the T-ara songbook, well nigh their finest chestnut, as effervescent as the first flying flake fallen on your tongue, or like Diana Rigg skating up in your hour of darkest need.  In sum, a blast of golden radiance against the joyful hush of Christmas snow: Neomu Neomu Neomu Haengbokhae!  

“The thoughts of many hearts may be revealed”

Candy canes (while this lasts): Dal Shabet’s “Have, Don’t Have”

Exuberance is Beauty. Of all the many “Have, Don’t Have” performances that have flooded the airwaves since the song’s debut in mid-November, it’s my very favorite one– well-nigh my favorite stageshow of all time, that got ruthlessly scrubbed from youtube.  I hope they had a great reason for this (like issuing it as a Criterion […]

Phobias and other merry myths: Mark Steyn on Newtown hysteria

Mark Steyn on the mental health angle, post Newtown: [I]n a society with ever fewer behavioral norms, who’s to say what’s odd? On 9/11, the agent at the check-in desk reckoned Mohammed Atta and his chums  were a bit strange but banished the thought as shameful and discriminatory. In a politically correct world, vigilance is […]

Does SNSD have a time machine?: the delightful “Dancing Queen” hoax

I watched this video the first time and then went off to make a peanut butter sandwich and think a lot of smartarse thoughts to myself. The official story is this: back in “Gee” days, the ladies of SNSD just happened to do a video for a cover of a Duffy tune, given the cross-iconicizing name “Dancing […]

Mencius: Benevolence is like archery

Benevolence is like archery:  an archer makes sure his stance is correct before letting fly the arrow, and if he fails to hit the mark, he does not hold it against his victor.  He simply seeks the cause within himself. –Mencius, Bk II Part A [Penguin Classics ed.]

How you screw up your sons: a traditionalist counselor’s insight

My secular readers may be ill-disposed to take seriously something that comes from a man who teaches and counsels at a Christian reform school, but this essay-length correspondence from View from the Right interlocutor “Vinnie” sounds extremely compelling to me.  Understand in advance:  this is not a Bible-thumping screed.  Every point he makes is grounded […]

“Les celibataires avec des chats”: Great Books For Men (TM) au Quebecois(e?) [NSFW]

As is known, I’m an ardent admirer of this: But in the warm glowing aftertremors of sweat-tendriled aesthetic bliss, an untoward thought crept upon my innocent head [Ed.:  Are your hands so innocent?  –I said aesthetic bliss, Philistine!  Aesthetic!].  Say I return to the dating game, on the more or less idealistic terms befitting a […]

Space is a very big place

Part of that K-pop subgenre of Music Core pretapes that are like supplemental little music videos in their own right: for Dal Shabet’s “Pink Rocket”, a song far too awesome to annotate here, except to note in passing that it may qualify as K-pop’s answer to the Sanctus of the Mass in B minor.  Albeit […]

Belles’ knells

A theatrical, visually ravishing, and drama-drenched stage of “Don’t Leave” on the eve of the total collapse of that traduced and extinct institution, the divine 7-ara. Musically this is a wreck, albeit an imposing one, because Hyomin’s voice was shot, Eunjung’s all but, and Soyeon’s struggling– here she belts out as if rasping her chords against gravel, […]

Nietzsche is dead

–As soon as I saw this on View From the Right’s homepage feed, I thought I’d post it and use for a witty heading (I had to think about this just for a moment) the apocryphal but plausible epigram “Nietzsche is dead.” But Auster beat me to it, by annotating the image with his own first […]

Snow Belles

I’ve meant a thousand times before to post this particular stage:  an M Countdown performance of the “Cry Cry” ballad version.  Per the usual cabbalistic navigational standards at youtube, I can’t for the life of me get to the particular upload I originally viewed, even though the channel in question (CapsuleHD9), is one of a […]

Hell’s Belles

–Nothing of the sort!  Just an odd little Music Core broadcast from the archives, with SNSD Yuri and Ti(pp)any introducing T-ara to a stadium under louring skies, to perform “Bo Peep Bo Peep” in outfits that emphasize the more unsavory aspects of the song’s “speaker”s (folktale-demonic)  origins. That Soyeon red bustier is so fab.  That’s […]

Dal Shabet’s “Mr. Bang Bang” on Music Core– with rainboots!

OMG!! are those, like– LACE-UP RAINBOOTS?!?!??!!! Get a poolside seat to total fabulosity with Dal Shabet’s fifth single. Then double your bang with a double-dip in this Rococo-psychedelic stage: And the promotions for new single “Have, Don’t Have” have been better still . . . . The sweetness.  The sweetness.

Dec 12th is T-ara Birthdaygasm: Happy Birthday Eunjung and Qri!

A sacred day in K-pop’s calendar, the dual birthday of crowned goddesses Eunjung and Qri. Happy birthday Qri!!! Happy birthday Eunjung!!! Happy birthday Eunjung and Qri! (and happy day, Hyomin!) Happy birthday one-third of what remains of True T-ara within False-ara! (the superior, second “dance version” video of “Sexy Love”–i.e. official video no. 3, or […]

Hanukkah Scarumkkah

Contrarian blogger Half Sigma’s bracing recount of the Maccabean revolt seems to have unleashed the hounds of mirth in his commentariat.  Perhaps this is because Half Sigma’s provocative account suggests, all at once, sympathy for the Hellenizing Antiochus Epiphanes, co-ethnic cheerleading for the badassness of hardcore Hellenistic Age Jewry, and sardonic contempt for Hanukkah, which […]

Bad Girls of Cheer: the Missguided Holiday Lookbook

Bob keeps reminding me there are plenty of marriageable, pretty Western girls out there to choose from, and with that in mind, I’ve been meaning to devote a bit of space to a wrap-up of winter fashions.  Hat-tip to My Stylistic Life, here are a few stills from UK label Missguided’s lookbook for the Holiday party […]

Boram talks with her mouth full

It’s sooo cute!  She looks so content and well.  Ah, Boramssi! Just look at her!  So beautiful . . .  And then there’s Hyomin, who looks as perplexed as I do when I scavenge around the cafe counter at the grocery store.  Ah, the choices, urgh!! All of a sudden, I feel, as Hyomin once […]

S**t you cannot make u– Oh thank God! somebody made it up

Could it really be true that Victoria’s Secret would demolish their brand in an effort to comfort Slut Walking fattie rejects and drive their hot, loyal customers to La Perla or despair? Could the sensible people at the helm of a successful brand be taken in by the narcissistic insanity of Mommy’s Little Mulatto Princess She Raised […]

F. H. Buckley on the waiting

What we will see in the next four years is the monarchical government of a president determined to rule without Congress. He will not be able to pass any measures through the House, assuming our representatives will not become his useful idiots. He will therefore continue to rule by executive decree, as he has since […]

Camille Paglia on K*t* P*rr*: “She’s like a manic cyborg cheerleader, obliviously whooping it up while her team gets pounded into the mud.”

That’s my money quote from this– admittedly uneven– takedown on contemporary female celebs at The Hollywood Reporter. Paglia is an enormous influence on me– we have, as Julian Marias says meaningfully of Brentano with regard to Aristotle– a congeniality.  But too much of this essay is warmed-over Sex, Art, and American Culture, particularly when Paglia […]

Happy Birthday Yuri!

SNSD’s most enigmatic beauty, Yuri, turns 23 today. I speak for multitudes who wish her, and all her sisters in song, all the “Flower Power” in the world!

Always Winter but never Christmas (in Hawaii, not even that)

“We have 54 trees in the White House,” an excited Michelle Obama proudly told  visitors the other day. “54!  That’s a lot of trees.” –Yes, yes it is, Michelle.  I guess you’re not the only one in the First Sun People Family who’s floored and flummoxed with the counting stuff. Ann Althouse (who, being a […]

Fanny and Alexandera

I’d give out a hat-tip, but for the love of God I can’t even remember where I saw this first: This is from the Swedish Toys ‘R Us seasonal catalog, another tribute to the Swedish authorities’ incessant demands for Full Gender Equity because, you know, gender is a “social construct” and all that jazz. Apparently […]