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Nescafe is something you do

I had a synchronicitous moment the other day in a comments thread where we’re dissecting the pro-Democratic Party voting habits of Asian-Americans, and I’m talking about dealing with Christian peers when I was an atheist teen (ah, sexy times!), and another commenter chimes in, noting that devout Christians pack about as much punch nowadays as […]

Doesn’t Obama want to honor his promise to John Kerry?

Poor John Kerry– didn’t he have some sort of a deal with Barack Obama? That was always widely understood– or at least believed.  The price for Kerry’s endorsement in the 2008 campaign.  Whether Kerry’s endorsement really carried that much weight is debatable (look how Al Gore and Jimmy Carter’s endorsements helped coronate Howard Dean). But […]

A question of production (debating SNSD Korean vs. Japanese records)

An interesting debate from the comments thread in an allkpop notice for the new Japanese-language SNSD album.  Of my canonical top five K-pop groups, this debate only applies to SNSD, the sole band from the SM stable, and as far as T-ara’s Korean vs. Japanese recordings go, I definitely give the preference to the Korean.  […]

A litter of people kittens: Dal Shabet’s “For Darling”

Goddess kittens! Dal Shabet’s hyperactive comeback tacks on this supernally adorable behind-the-scenes-er “For Darling” video, just for the fans. Usually I only fall for pop ballads that have a lot of up-front grandeur of the “Gwaenchanayo” variety.  But quite apart from the heart-tugging Cute of my adorable Dal Shabeters, this song has stuck with me […]

“Orthodox, devout religion will defeat Leftism.”

“The only question is which religion will do so.”

Robin Wood’s posthumous expanded Ingmar Bergman volume is coming out

Robin Wood, the Freudo-Marxist polyamorous homosexual Anglo-Canadian film critic (and in spite of all those strikes, I have to say, probably still the best film critic to ever write in the English language) was revising his old volume on Ingmar Bergman from the late Sixties at the time of his death, promising a “half again […]


In my Periplus Pocket Korean Dictionary, I find that Korean shares the same verb sseuda for “write (a letter), compose (a poem), note down, to” and for “spend (money), to”. This was an enlivening discovery.  In Korean writing=spending money.  Good sign!  Composing poetry and spending money are possibly my two favorite pastimes. 쓰다 is also […]

Happy (late) Birthday, Woohee!

Shameful.  I’ve been reminding myself every day since the 13th– except yesterday. Sheesh.  What Harold Bloom would call “overpreparing the event”, I suppose.  I’ve been so engrossed with all things Dal Shabet, and I blew it.  Woohee, I’m very sorry. Anyway, the 21st was Woohee’s birthday, and we wish her a happy 21st! –I’ve already been […]

Peace is dead

Peace, one of two turkeys pardoned by President Obama last year, was  euthanized Monday, according to an official who insisted the timing of the death  – days before the Thanksgiving holiday – was not suspicious. Rebecca Aloisi, vice president for marketing at the Mount Vernon Estate,  confirmed that Peace had been dead after a weekend […]

Poor Mitt– but at least he’s got gas

There’s a “viral” photo of Mitt Romney pumping gas and looking withered going about.  I won’t link to it since every venue featuring it appears to be dumping all over him.  The joke, alas, is on the rest of us. You have to understand:  you won’t get a candidate as qualified as Mitt Romney next […]

America’s “Modern Family” Problem

I don’t watch “Modern Family”, or any broadcast tv for that matter, but I guess I understand just enough about it to get the allusion this Real Clear Politics writer, Reed Galen, uses to try and make his very banal and quite idiotic point about how the GOP needs to “change”.  First he assures us that […]


1.  Duke Ai inquired of Yu Jo saying:  ‘It is a year of dearth, and we have not revenue enough for our needs; what is to be done?’  2. ‘Why not simply tithe the land?’ replied Yu Jo.  3. ‘Why, with two-tenths,’ said the Duke, ‘I have still not enough, how could I manage with […]

Escape from Disco Thing: Dal Shabet’s “Have, Don’t Have”

Also getting talked up on the nets as “Hate, Don’t Hate”: a bit of an Engrish problem, lost in translation.  But never mind that:  Dal Shabet, the hardest workingest underappreciated girl group in K-pop, valiantly brings post-Election moi back to some semblance of life with the gift of their funky new video duo! Dal Shabet mind […]

The resemblance is scary

between this uncredited Portuguese fashion model: and someone we’re hearing a lot about: if you see how I mean.  I’m not sure what the moral is, except perhaps to beware of women who give you that Kristina Wayborn stare that lures so many to their willing doom.  That freezing serpent stare!

Althouse’s legendary commenter Chip Ahoy writes . . .

–I won’t bother with providing context.  You can click for yourself to see.  Just savor for now the deliberate anarchic flow of the thing: Skipped. Apt though. The media just raped us and now helps us understand the thinking of the minds that do such things. I already know. Democrat. Socialist. Wanted something somebody else […]

This is so funny to me, these T-ara food theatrics

By the time Hyomin starts to pretend she’s a blind old man (or blind old lady; there seems to be some equivocation whether she and Eunjung are an old married couple or two old ladies having lunch), I’m in hysterics. Poor Hwayoung!  she sets it all in motion, being so babysittie.  Only Boram doesn’t take […]

Last Friday was so sweet

I double-billed “Gwaenchanayo” and “Oh My God” (T-ara’s sleighbell-iest ballads), which is always like the pop equivalent of the purported double-bill of Beethoven’s Ninth and Brahms’s First which Vincent Price supposedly slept through in Laura, though we know that’s bullcrap because double-billing those two works would inaugurate the Apocalypse.  Into the evening I listened to […]

Better a confederacy than these dunces

If this gallery is the best the Republicans have to hope for in 2016, then kiss that election goodbye too. –I could almost wish, now, that Romney had picked Rubio for his running mate, tbe better to sink the horrible false hope that Republicans could carry Latinos if only they would better pander to them.  […]

Variety of possibilities

In Baltimore, and broad daylight, another senseless act of what we call  “random violence”: A man is fighting for his life after a brutal attack in downtown Baltimore. A witness to the broad-daylight beating is speaking only to WJZ. Mike Hellgren has this new account and why this case is so unusual. It’s so stunning to […]

Let’s do this: Vote Mitt Romney

The mid-Monday polls: R 49 percent — O 48 percent (Gallup) R 49 percent — O 48 percent (Rasmussen) R 49 percent — O 49 percent (CNN) R 49 percent — O 49 percent (ARG) R 48 percent — O 48 percent (Battleground/Politico) R 48 percent — O 48 percent (Monmouth) R 46 percent — […]

Obama Must Go: Vote for Romney

Hat tip to Ann Althouse: What do we know already?  Lawrence Auster sums up the Benghazi story thus far: The president was aware in real time of an organized military assaulton our consulate and the nearby CIA annex in Benghazi. As the assault was proceeding, the president rejected the urgent requests of the personnel under […]

A Dream Rehearsal for Christmas (or something)

After staying up late watching the deliriously enjoyable Octopussy (does no one recognize how good it is? Roger Moore’s best!), I realized I’d sailed right through the time switchbackeroo and that really I needs must get some sleep.  So I went to sleep and dreamt my dreams, and when I awoke from the last one I […]

Whose polls matter?

I had to search high and low to find this piece I’d read and then “misplaced” on the internet.  Damn internet, a terrible place to browse.  From the National Journal on the divergences in the polls: The manifestation of these disagreements is evident in polling weights. Most Republican pollsters are using something close to a 2008 […]

miss A Suzy’s new perm makes the “High Cut”

Classy miss A members are well known for their established sense of chic, and now our own Suzy has gone and turned every head in class with– gasp!– new hair: And, per fashion photo convention immemorial, her feet stuffed into some shoes unlaced.  Ah, Suzy shuffling in some Chucks! –You can’t imagine how that bothered […]