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Romney will win, 285 to 253

My Electoral College prediction, based on Rasmussen and gut hopes. I’m calling New Hampshire for Mitt, though he can wing it without it.  To win Wisconsin seems like too much, and Nevada seems slipping out of grasp.  But the South and Colorado look good for Romney, and I think we’ll win Ohio, which is what […]


The End is here! Or is it?  From a Virginian perch (and with June’s infamous derecho to compare with)  circumstances seem relatively mild.  The power has, on a few occasions, very minutely flickered:  I should say rather “twinkled” or something like that; it didn’t flicker off, it just– flickered, is all.  The wind erratically picks up […]

Miranda Kerr decides she likes posing naked (in tall boots)

There was a fit of coyness, when those Italia GQ nudie fashion pics surfaced from her past.  Or was she just putting on a bit about taking it all off for the shutters? Shudder. I noticed these over at the Daily Mail when they first came out; but I only now just happened to visit the Harper’s Bazaar […]

A black leather skirt for an A Pink girl

I’m underwhelmed by K-pop girl group A Pink, but their lead vocalist Eunji has become a big tv item and was recently feted at Korea’s SIA (Style Icon Awards), where she rocked this number: This is rocking total badass.  Totally badassed rockin’.  A bunch of haters in the comments section at allkpop sneer she should […]

Teen Lesbian Goddess endorses Obama

Oh, Lesley! h/t to Ann Althouse, who remembers the Sixties and meditates (not harshly, though there’s a gentle rebuke written between the lines) on Gore’s decision to put out this endorsement using her epochal hit (one she didn’t have writing credit on, though I believe she did write stuff later), wrapping its Girl Power from another […]

Thursday Night Fanmail Club (reduced Redux ed.)

Ed.:  Hi Mickey! Me:  Hey Bob! Ed.:  How’s life? Me:  Well, I’m a little bummed.  I just broke my teddy bear mug. Ed.:  This has teddy bears on it, I gather? Me:  It’s got this rakish looking teddy bear– Ed.:  Rakish? Me:  It’s hard to explain.  Imagine if a teddybear were a living person and […]

Korean Summer: miss A’s breezy “I Don’t Need a Man”

Even as I expressed excitement at the prospect of a new miss A single, secret doubts consumed me.  JYP  allowed the Wonder Girls to release “Like Money” [aka “Like Money feat. Akon”– ’nuff said], possibly the most dismal single ever released under K-pop’s banner, if you can call an English-language song, half of which is intoned by […]

Keeping it up (feat. bare boobs)

[Ed.:  Lucius?  Lucius!!  Where the devil are y–?] –Whew!  Well, after months of procrastinating, I’ve finally gone to the Home Depot down the road and bought a tin of Plumber’s Putty ($2.07) and fixed the toilet tank flapper so it doesn’t dislodge itself four out of five times when I flush the toilet.  I’ve got […]

Lolly-blogging the final Romney-Obama Debate

–I’m coming to this late:  I was practicing Korean on my dry erase refrigerator board. Obama’s being a smartass again.  I’m not really worried for Romney this time; my sense is he will win the election.  The public isn’t terribly interested in foreign affairs, as long as they don’t know the kids who are getting […]

“Like the first time” sans Jiyeon

Our heart is incomplete without Jiyeon there, but how can we pass on this pepto-ladybug stage? With purple lipstick, and Hyomin framed almost as if an alien queen emerging from her spaceship, or birthing pod?  And look at Qri, Qri gets to sing!  Boramssi too.  Ah, good times!!  Oh T-ara, how I luuuvv you!! And those thigh […]

Days of Heaven (if the wave breaks Mitt’s way)

Since only violent death seems to keep me from posting at least every other day, I might as well confess I’ve been tied up rewatching For Your Eyes Only and taking in the autumn scenery when I’m not imagining coasting through it in the mayhem of a ski chase.  John Donne says somewhere that in […]

Is Hyuna taking a bath in a leather bra?

Hyuna, sweetie, you’re going to ruin that bra! [Ed.:  You think maybe the Gramsci Project has your precious Korea in its sights?  –If the Gramsci Project messes with Hyuna, it’s gonna get its eyeballs clawed out.] –She’s in one of my favorites bands and everybody swears she’s a nice girl so she’s a nice girl!! […]

The September 12th Rose Garden statement on the murders in Benghazi, and what it means

At 4:17 “No acts of terror will ever shake the resolve of this great nation . . .” begins one sentence, picking up the thread of digressions on the sad anniversary that is September 11th.  But he never specifies that the attack itself was an “act of terror”– he characterizes it as “senseless violence”, and pays homage to the […]

Livey-bloggy 2nd Debate

–First Romney answer: a little too gladhandy on the “you bet” wrap-up.  Let’s see the rebuttal– –Obama’s bloviating on this college question too.  Education is 0ur dumb panacea for everything– esp. dumb people. (Obama’s talking about cars on education?) –Okay, Obama sounds like he’s getting way off topic. –Romney targets the real unemployment.  Good. –Romney […]

Why Romney can win the debates

A couple of nights ago, I mentally bulleted reasons why Obama’s gonna be in trouble if he emulates Biden’s brusque-hysteric routine in the Vice-Presidential debate.  Of course, liberals, ginned up by Biden’s obnoxious performance, and some conservatives unduly cowed by it, will claim that Obama’s gonna be on fire and take back the campaign with […]

Happy Birthday Jiyoon!

Today celebrates the birth of 4minute’s charismatic vocalist/rapper Jiyoon, one of the most versatile and enigmatic of all K-pop divas. She can go glam, she can be outrageous, she can be a tomboy, and always, she’s intense; yet at the end of the day, it seems, she’s just a very sweet girl. for whom we […]

Dal Shabet at the World Fair

in Yeosu, Korea 2012: With the mighty wind blowing, the fanning flames (watch out!), the whole thronging nocturnal scene, it’s just a tad suggestive of Apocalypse Now.  If, God forbid, Asia were engulfed in war, Dal Shabet could be the Aeneid’s Helen of Troy, dancing goddessily (not godlessly!) amid the wrack and ruin, to bring Penelopean (Nausikaaen?) […]

Bizarre and painful (a live mini-blogging observation)

I’ve always thought that, at a personal level, Joe Biden is affable enough a guy.  But is he drunk tonight? Is he channelling the Joker? Martha Raddatz is weird in her own way: a hectoring, shrill voice.  Bossy on one plane, but letting Biden raise hell on the other. Ryan himself is less impressive than Romney […]

Happy Birthday Suzy!

It’s Nation’s First Love, miss A’s Suzy’s birthday– she turns 18 in worldy years, 19 in Korean (Land of the Future) Happy B-day수지, and all the best! (and may the miss A comeback not be too Beyonce-fied!).  Your blameless and blemish-free life entitles you to all the world can give. [Ed.:  It’s like a breviary […]

Those unemployment numbers/ That debate performance/Paglia says “Eloi”!

General Electric legend Jack Welch responds to critics in a forcefully reasoned  Wall Street Journal essay.  In part: The Obama campaign and its supporters, including bigwigs like David Axelrod and Robert Gibbs, along with several cable TV anchors, would like you to believe that BLS data are handled like the gold in Fort Knox, with […]

Happy 한글날

It’s been a lame couple of days compared to Sunday– I mean in terms of personal effort and all that good Korean-style stuff I try to do with my ever-tightening-triceps-y self.  And to think, if it weren’t for the allkpop tumblr I would’ve missed that today is the Korean holiday of Hangul Day, in which […]

Synchronicity (miss A style)

So I keep wondering:  why the hell doesn’t miss A ever get to have comebacks, and when oh when will JYP come up with a new single for them? And out of frustration, I just happen to think to mosey over to their wikipedia page and stare forlornly at their ingenious yet thin discography. And […]

The Peril of First Turning On the Heat in Autumn [with subsequent reflections which follow in strictly necessary order]

is that you mistakenly turn on the “Cold” air instead. [Ed.:  A yearly ritual.  –But completely unintentional!  —Ed.:  Ah, but what would Dr. Freud say? . . .] Well, I should hope he’d report “Sharp winter thaws” my homely muse, but then, I’ve little cared for his professional opinion where Cytherea and the seemly Graces are concerned. […]


The anniversary of Christian Europe’s great naval triumph over the Moslem Ottomans at Lepanto, celebrated today in the Roman Church as the feast of The Most Holy Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Titian’s great allegory of the battle from the Prado: Of the battle Rebecca West, writing in the “Dalmatia” part of Black Lamb and Grey […]

Happy Birthday Soyeon!

T-ara’s honey-tongued goddess Soyeon turns 25.  May the entire length of the Great Chain of Being, from whence she dangles Creation from her seat in the lap of God, hymn with rejoicement. And may no more car crashes ever afflict her, or her noble peers, again. We luuuuv you, Soyeon!

Like a rock star: a Romneyiac’s morning after

Ah, that morning-after glow.  Like Faye Dunaway with her Oscar by the pool.  I must  be living like an adreno-con or something.  Feels kinda sexy. Here’s T-ara arriving recently in Malaysia, also soaking up the adulation afforded greatness: Where’s goddess Hyomin?!  Ah, but there’s Soyeon, very shaded and superstar-like.  Of course, she is a superstar; but T-ara […]

A clever line about Joe Biden

from Althouse commentariate alum vbspurs: You know, Joe Biden is very personable — he’s hard to hate, and not just because he acts and talks like a fool. He’s like a trainwreck, but with a caboose full of clowns, lions and trapeze artists. –Very true.  I like old Joe.  Though I hear he can really […]

My weeks of debate nightmares are over

Mitt Romney knows how to debate. Thank God!

I don’t use the word “veggies”

and I don’t like people who do. What are you, six fricking years old?  The word is “vegetables”.  I wouldn’t let my children talk with their mouths full, and I wouldn’t let them use some puerile word like “veggies”.  Nor, for that matter, would I feed them slop unfit for human consumption like filthy nasty […]

T-ara before bed

I’ve been goofing around all day with poetry primers, Shelley’s “To a Skylark”, pictures of topless British fashion models, Sister Miriam on metaphors, and I’ve even changed out that damn blanket that’s been on my floor for [????] months, but as I was sorting through my new Korean dictionary with the Hangul alphabetized in the […]

Commenter Appreciation Day: J-9 ed.

Because we like to pet the feeds feed the pets. Not that there’s anything wrong with that . . . .