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Happy Chuseok!! (I threw up)

September 30th is this year’s iteration of the lunar calendar Thanksgiving-style Korean holiday Chuseok, and thus I must wish our beloved Korean people, K-pop girl group members in particular, a Happy Chuseok even though, Korea being the Land of the Future, it’s already October over there. Anyway, here’s 4minute in traditional Chuseok dress giving their […]

Blueberry ice cream: darling daughters of exuberance, Dal Shabet

The world’s third greatest rock and roll band, Dal Shabet, headed to New York around Serri’s birthday, and allkpop finally has their breezily surreal interview video out for us to enjoy. The uber-bubbly ladies of Dal Shabet promise us a bright and cute November comeback, so I know I will survive the election (barring auto […]

Cold mess: KARA’s “Pandora”

This typifies how KARA’s sound is stuck in the late 90s, in the worst way: Don’t get me wrong: I loved the late 90s in the late 90s.  In hindsight, a lot of it sucked though.  Note the little drum’n’bass flourishes.  Eeek.  Isn’t that stuff twelve-years dead at least?  This sounds like some girl group […]

An Althouse analysis (of WaPo “swagger” and other matter)

Ann Althouse’s legal linguist hat is really getting a warm workout these days.  I think she may even vote for Romney.  All the same, she’s offering excellent labor in the vineyards where Liberal Media grapes are pressed to yield their unwholesome blood-fruit of– oh hell, I’ll need a linguistic deconstruction myself if I carry on […]

I’ve got 107 unpublished drafts

And I can’t find one shapely enough to put out right now in lieu of a fresh composition. My apologies.  Romney’s keeping things tied, y’all! Keep spinning, liberal hamster.

Happy Birthday Hyoyeon!

Because she’s one of my first SNSD loves, and a regular reader of this blog, we can’t fail to acknowledge her triumphal 23rd birthday: And neither have her worshipful fans, who also have their fantasies of sweet sweet Hyoyeon.

The Best of Best: true T-ara’s final hurrah

A greatest hits T-ara compilation of all pre-False-ara singles will be released on October 10th. It’s for the Japanese market, but these are the Korean originals (the  collection Jewelry Box encompases basically the same catalog in Japanese).  You might almost think it’s extraneous for the Japanese market, but then:  there always will be a market for what T-ara […]

Make a temptation: 4minute’s “Love Tension”

The first time I watched, I thought– “What a falling off is this!” That 4minute should follow up “Volume Up”, arguably the best music video and best pop single of the year, with this low budget, inscrutably neo-90s, el cheapo quickie of a video, for yet another Japanese-language dance track destined to flop like all […]

Kooky nooks

I am, as I often say, a sucker for ramshackle, and here it comes via photographer Annabel Sougné: And this is ramshackle deluxe: kooky frosty-glade hair bow, limbs akimbo, thrift-Rococo furnishings, books and stuff, an eye-entangling mess of dreamy refinement in sweet disarray.  Just looking at this is enough to lure me inside some dream– […]

What Romney knows

Ann Althouse comments (this is a follow-up on the Israeli/Palestinian issue addressed in the taped Romney remarks): What do you think of the way Romney speaks in this video? Obviously, the damaging material will be picked out and exploited by his opponents. That’s the way the game is played. But some people might prefer “secret” […]

Happy Birthday, Serri!

It’s Dal Shabet’s Serri’s 22nd birthday (if already over in Korea, Land of the Future), and we wish her a happy one! –I’m not cut out for these Bronte-style calendars of saints, but I am glad I didn’t miss this one.  Serri does have a classic appeal, even with her new  ombre hair, and Dal […]

Tomorrow is Serri’s birthday

Tomorrow is Dal Shabet’s Serri’s birthday, just to remind myself.  I’ve skipped a bunch of K-pop birthdays, but hopefully haven’t missed any of the absolute deities.  To fail to pay homage on Serri’s would be blasphemy. In the meantime I’ve gotta go watch Family Plot in order to commemorate My Brother From Another Mother”s  (forthcoming) […]

I haven’t met my Borodino

Or the Red Guy. Sometime back in 1999 or 2000, I thought to myself:  I will live out the anniversaries of Napoleon’s triumphs.  The 200th anniversaries Marengo, the crowning, Austerlitz, Jena-Auerstadt, Friedland, Wagram– I will commemorate them all.  I will think to myself:  on this day, Napoleon had so much power!  What a fine day […]

Girls’ Generation goes to college

in the Japanese remake video of “Oh!”!  Fun fun fun: But it might be in poor taste to review it today, just in case SPECTRE  blows up every campus in America. Is it SPECTRE making threats?  Well, I dunno.  I wouldn’t  want to sound like some paranoid right-wing nutjob . . . .

Bloviating bloggers of “The American Conservative”

Scott Galupo attacks an Erick Erickson defense of Romney’s Libya comments: Here is Erickson on the subject: “Yesterday, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, a man who swore an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States of America, called an American civilian to ask him to stop exercising his first amendment […]

The media blitz against Romney

The American Ambassador in Libya is brutally murdered, along with three attendants.  Our foreign policy is ripe for severe criticism.  American officials, including the President, make apologies for some obscure video production made by private American citizens.  The Republican candidate for President, who, were he to win, will have to make the same snap judgments […]

Religion of Peace? Not a prayer

The United States Ambassador to Libya has been murdered– “suffocated to death”, whatever horror that entails– along with three of his aides.  Libya– which United States and other Western armed forces “liberated” from Quaddafi.  Gratitude? As Lawrence Auster details, the Cairo American Embassy’s “apology” for a film made by Egyptian Coptic Christians in exile  came […]

Egyptian Islamists tear down American flag at U.S. embassy; embassy responds by saying:

The Embassy of the United States in Cairo condemns the continuing efforts by misguided individuals to hurt the religious feelings of Muslims – as we condemn efforts to offend believers of all religions. Today, the 11th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the United States, Americans are honoring our patriots and those […]

“Suspiria” of Angels: 소녀시대’s “All My Love is for You”

A new SNSD promotional Japanese video.  Can they pull it off–again?  Surely, surely, a third slice of luminous perfection– and for what amounts to a side market– would be too much to ask for? I discovered this video’s existence on the 4th, and I wouldn’t even watch it because I had a bit of a […]

Dal Shabet unplugged (the rest of us plugged in)

Nothing but Dal Shabet and some microphones, doing “Bling Bling”.  That is what unplugged means, right? Low-fi, baby!  I have no idea what this sad anonymous stage is supposed to be, but Dal Shabet rock it seamlessly. I assume this is some amateur video, not commissioned for broadcast.  Does it belong to someone named “Blossom”, […]

Postcards from a Neurotic

I went to Target today, the first time in several a moon. Back when Target was a novelty, I called it “the Church of Commerce and the Latter-Day Shoppers.”  Harhar.  No offense to the Mormons (I’m voting for your guy!), even if– I’ll be frank– your supplemental holy book is just fan fiction to everybody […]

Eastwood again: Obama, Auster, Maher, Race, and the Real Middle Class

In all this excitement I’d quite forgotten to post the Eastwood Republican National Convention presentation itself: So, do you feel like watching it again, punk?  “Well, maybe one last time!” –The silvery suavity of that impromptu aside is so delightful: worthy of tingles up the thigh (well, for the lady in question, at least). Lawrence Auster […]

Voter Fraud

Althouse on the voice-vote override at the Democratic National Convention that put God and Jerusalem back on the platform: Moving beyond the superficial spectacle of Democrats kinda-sorta booing God, let’s look at the Democrats supposed dedication to counting all the votes and denial that we need to worry about voting fraud. This was out-and-proud vote […]

Don’t stop thinking about 2016, Bill

–it will soon be here! –“I’ve got one in mind!” I bet you do, Bill! [I’m going for subtext] –Burns America on the inside? –“I wanna do Michele Obama!” . . . The standard-bearer for 2012 . . . . Is Bill trying to teach Obama how to talk like a black preacher? “Middle class” […]

“Barack Obama spent his life fighting for the middle class”

says Liv Ullmann in Terence Malick’s Days of Heaven II. Huh?  HUH??? Has Barack Obama actually had a life?  I mean, I know he had that kind of Clinton thing going with the stepfamilies and all.  But after he started smoking pot, it seems like it was all gravy for him.  And though he “community […]

Sandra Fluke looks like a slut

–albeit a very undesirable, hectoring, masculine (in a wimpy sort of way) slut. What look is she channelling, Tina Fey goes clubbing at a retirement community rec room? I have to say, even conservative partisan flaks tend to look more presentable.  God, she’s like thirty going on thirteen-hundred. And don’t feminists ever get tired of […]

Obama: the manic jock

Lawrence Auster picks up the Jodi Kantor New York Times piece on President Obama’s competitive arrogance, previously discussed by Steve Sailer.  A reminder to take a look ourselves.  The general picture isn’t new, but Kantor’s essay, Sailer suggests, may be an intentional “dogwhistle”.  Is Kantor genuinely disturbed by Obama?  From Kantor: Even some Democrats in […]

Yoona brings winter, I feel fuzzies

If Autumn comes, can Winter be far behind?  And in it– Yoona, in the snow, once more! Yoona in Eider winter sportswear.  Good Lord, it’s Pale September and already I want some hot cocoa and a screening of For Your Eyes Only. I love the look of quilted-y, sheeny winter coats, btw.  And chunky winter […]

Brave New World, Pt. MCXXXVIII

I think these medical treatments are horrible. Dress and act and feel however you want, but why don’t you value and respect the body you are in? If you don’t, how can you be so absolutely sure that you know why you don’t, such that you can take a permanent surgical treatment to alter it? […]

T-ara in the Age of Flourescent Tyranny

I was going to write something about John Donne today, but I was busy doing math and finishing a novel I put down last November, and then I find the new T-ara video is out. It’s really sucky.  Whose genius idea was it to put T-ara in some concrete warehouse with flourescent lighting?  Gods, what […]

T-ara: what the devil now?

After pulling out, KKS has decided to go back in for September.  Yes, excuse the disgusting (implied) imagery, but this is the skanky KKS we’re speaking of, and the False-ara single called “Sexy Love”. And as if False-ara wasn’t enough, this is T-ara post Hwayoung’s dismissal, the T-aragate “bullying” controversy, and poor Soyeon’s wreck, and […]

Larry Auster and Clint Eastwood: men of levity?

Lawrence Auster’s grim view of the Republican National Convention week wouldn’t have led me to expect such an efflorescence of his charming, though uncharacteristic, levity as we see here and here. That whole Clint Eastwood thing must’ve really awakened the Muse.  –I knew he’d make up for the dreary Mystic River somehow, someday. Speaking of Clint, […]

September, again

The Lord has let me live to see another one.  Success! But then:  it’ll trickle through my fingers like they always do.  And not just because Time’s progress is fast– always faster– but because I’ll ignore or squander the myriad postcards the Season drops generously before my feet.  There are only so many days of […]