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I think Camille Paglia would be pleased

She’s an iCarly fan, and sidekick Sam aka Jennette McCurdy, is grown-up nicely.  Ah, the pensive gaze of a girl in a halter-neck swim top:  there’s such a, a– gravity— about those gazelles.  I mean, girls.  This girl. I’ve only seen the show a couple of times, but Camille thinks it’s just about up there with […]

Destined to be quoted, homaged, parodied, reenacted

–Clint Eastwood’s gloriously venomous, shufflingly surreal, gleeful, eye-glinting, unique exercise in Old Man comedy at the Tampa Convention. “We own this country!”

False-ara faces the music

The new and de-proved T-ara will embrace its September comeback with the “Sexy Love” single and Mirage mini-album: Poor T-ara! Which one is that bitch Ahreum up there? I can’t tell.  I could even excuse the absence of Hwayoung now (if she’s happy-ish, which seems the case), if only we could get rid of Ahreum […]

Perfect fit

Kpopstarz notes: Actress Jun  Ji Hyun shows off her great figure as a sportswear model. Today, Jun Ji Hyun will be working with Reebok as a model. She will be  working for 1 year as their model and appear on their poster campaign and  commercial. In the picture, she is wearing a body suit that […]

Althouse on the new Naomi Wolf Vagina biography

One of the funniest comments threads there ever.  That’s saying something.

The Heroic Mold: Roger Federer vs the Juicers

Steve Sailer has a fine follow-up meditation on steroids in sports, using the physique of Roger Federer (which he aptly compares to 60s Sean Connery) as a foil for his roidal peers in tennis and the sports world at large.  Sailer’s title, gratifyingly enough, is “What the 21st Century’s finest athlete looks like with his shirt […]

Pristinity: T-ara’s 왜 이러니 video “restored”

The treasures that fall from God’s lap onto youtube.  Some brave soul has uploaded T-ara’s “Why are you Being Like This?” video in a pristine HD version (as opposed to the parody high def of a lousy “print” one too often finds), and it’s a revelation. I mean, this is like what today’s generation is […]

Lies, you know

Lance Armstrong throws in the towel with a shrug and a rhetorical smirk.  CNN Sports Illustrated‘s Michael Rosenberg writes: Normally in doping cases, we are outraged because we feel like the athlete  fooled us. The first time I felt this way was in 1988, when I watched Ben  Johnson win the men’s 100-meter dash at […]

I thought he was through with the teleprompter?

Who’s that man behind the obscure white thingie? I say, but who is that man behind the obscure white thingie?  Who is he?  Does anybody know?  Do you really really know?

Thank the gods it was nothing too major

A senile citizen tries to give a Spanish 19th Century fresco a touchup, but her slight complications develop a slight complication.  The result? The Daily Telegraph explains: Three separate photographs of “Ecce Homo” by painter Elias Garcia Martinez   show extensive damage caused by an elderly woman who decided the masterpiece   needed a little refurbishment. But in […]

T-aragate rolls on

We thought the dust was settling, but it’s not. T-ara‘s Eunjung has decided to drop out of the new SBS‘ drama, ‘Five Fingers‘. She was cast for the role of Hong Dami, a girl who loved the piano. According to an associate of the producers, Eunjung just recently decided on dropping out of the drama. […]

The light of modesty: SNSD’s Yuri on her “few” talents

Girls’ Generation’s Yuri vamps pensively for Ceci: With heels like those I’d never leave the window either.  Ah, to be alone with one’s thoughts! [Ed.:  You are alone with your thoughts.]  –Yes, I’m alone with my thoughts, but soon I must venture out for soup and paper towels, and it is dark, and the world […]

Demi Lovato: further hot mess-ing around

In a pause from the Parnassian glory of K-pop, we turn to note our favorite teen psychotart from the hablo espagnol quarter, Miss Demi Lovato, who currently sports a bad bottled blonde with ombre streaks of pink: And pink lipstick?  And a shoulder-studded denim jacket?  And a pleated (p)leather skirt? Oh, Demi, Demi . . […]

Niall Ferguson: “Obama’s Gotta Go”

Middle-lowbrow (and soon to be defunct) newsweeklie Newsweek runs a cover article from British historian and pundit Niall Ferguson on why Obama must be defeated.  That Ferguson has such a view is no surprise; what does surprise is that Tina Brown chooses to run with it, indicating that Jimmy Carter ’80 fatigue has set in.  Brown, a […]

My first thrill in the BFI critics’ poll

The Sight & Sound/BFI site for the 2012 best films critics’ poll gave cutesy design precedence over useability, so it’s a bitch to navigate, and really it’s a bitch to brood over. There are different ways to dive into this thing: search out your favorite Lost Cause movies to see if they got any votes (The […]

Demander-in-Chief: Obama acts like Romney’s got something to hide?

The chutzpah.  The Christian Science Monitor reports: Following Mitt Romney’s statement Thursday that he “never paid less than 13 percent” in income taxes, the Obama campaign is playing Let’s Make a Deal: Release five years of tax returns, and we’ll stop asking for more. –What on earth does the Obama campaign think it looks to […]

Suzy shares a secret

miss A’s Suzy magnanimously shares one of the secrets of national sweetheartdom, but foolish mortals beware:  it almost certainly won’t do too too much to raise you out of the brassy low links of the Great Chain of Being you’re bound up in.  Still, it’s always good to follow the example of your betters, and […]

Abortion on the brain: a feminist reductio ad absurdum

From The Guardian:  I make even my most ardent pro-choice friends and colleagues very uncomfortable when I explain why my mother should have aborted me. Somehow they confuse the well-considered and rational: “The best choice for both my mother and me would have been abortion” with the infamous expression of depression and angst: “I wish […]

Soyeon returns!

Soyeon will be back on set tomorrow. It has been revealed that T-ara‘s Soyeon will be making her return to the drama set of ‘Haeundae Lovers‘ on August 15th after recently being involved in a car accident. On August 14th, a KBS drama representative revealed to MyDaily, “For now, Soyeon will be returning to the […]

Olympic sex on a plane

. . . .and other disgusting tales of the Olympians (pre-London): For a few and the most committed, the games continue — all the way home. On a United Airlines flight from Sydney to Los Angeles in 2000, nearly 100 Olympians were among the passengers, causing the flight attendants to begin the flight with a […]

Soyeon in an accident

Soyeon opens up to reporters about the Hwayoung controversy: It’s true that the members were dissatisfied with Hwayoung during the Japan  Tokyo concert. When Hwayoung’s leg was hurting, she said that she was in pain  and couldn’t perform. While we were practicing, she went to the beauty shop  alone, and the members suffered. After the […]

Yoona and Hyoyeon bring cupcakes!

Now what could embody my ideal of happiness better than to find two of my favorite SNSD members, divine look Yoona and dancing machine Hyoyeon, delivering friendly cupcakes?! And here they are!  But who are these two gay cartoon characters they photoshopped in? I’m just teasing!  I’m sure God loves all his gay cartoon characters, […]


A daring move.  More daring, obviously, than my tame Romney-Pawlenty notion. Choosing Ryan is seen as a committment: this will be a grownup ticket, and there’s no place for Ryan on it unless Romney wants to talk a lot about hard, gloomy truths about our debts.  For all the sunny wholesomeness in their demeanor, Romney-Ryan […]

Last call for Veepstakes predictions (and my coveted endorsement)

Yaaaaawwwnnn.  So, here we are, and tomorrow morning we’re gonna know who Romney has picked. Four years ago the Palin pick astounded and thrilled me.  I knew who she was.  I had called this thing, to my mother, my history mentor, and, I believe, my brother. Did it work out well?  Well, by god, Palin […]

Pixie freaks

Peter Pan called: he wants his left gonad back. Women in sports, sheesh . . . Unless it’s Russian water fairies. Yes, Russian water fairies.  Swim swim swim! Swim swim swim!

What the Daily Mail considers “feminine”

I’m completely against the Summer Olympics:  abolish them, say I. Now the Winter Olympics are necessary, in order to maintain the glorious spectacle of women’s figure skating; though if people would only agree to watch women’s figure skating every time it comes on tv (does this ever happen, though?), we could do away with the […]

Barry: Let the sunshine in

I don’t know what Mitt Romney’s up to these days.  That’s not a snarky pronouncement on the alleged inadequacies of his campaign, it’s just a simple statement of fact.  I’m not enough of a daily political junkie to keep up with exactly what he’s doing.  I do know, however, that Barack Obama is very intent […]

T-ara hwaiting! (and waiting)

No, we have not forgotten thee, T-ara! Times are tough for our noble young heroes, but they are never far from our thoughts, even if they might seem far from our posts– for so much worthless and hateful tripe is put out about them right now, it can only add to their woes to stir […]

I had a dream . . . (about Sarah Palin) [nsfw]

. . . that Mitt Romney announced Sarah Palin as his running-mate. –I actually just Freudian-slip-typed “roommate”! To explain, I was suddenly wondering, just as I typed the line above, why this dream was set where it was: in some dormitory-style room  (a room, not one I’ve ever lived in, with the door open onto […]

And now comes the part . . .

where I update this, my little blog, with another culling of lookbook fashionistas in their liquid leggings.  Because it’s not like this is an election year or something, and what else can we be paying attention to? Pop C. here posted this from last December: If Pop Champagne’s contemplating cutting a techno-folk record, she should totally […]

Wozniak worries about the “cloud”–as do I

In tech news: Steve Wozniak, who co-founded Apple with the late Steve Jobs, predicted “horrible problems” in the coming years as cloud-based computing takes hold. Wozniak, 61, was the star turn at the penultimate performance in Washington of The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs, monologist Mike Daisey’s controversial two-hour expose of Apple’s labor conditions […]

No regrets: Julia Volkova’s “Didn’t Wanna Do It” (NSFW)

Listening to lesbo-Nietzschean pop-duo t.A.T.u.’s third and final album Waste Management, I’ve often experienced, round about the song “Time of the Moon”, a Doréan vision of Hell.  Say what you will about t.A.T.u., but even as teen psycho-dyke manqués, there was a Romanticism, a richness of doomy longing there; and even, if you brush aside […]

“Is it today?” Yes

For sentimental reasons.  And who inspires sentiment like dear young Boram?  

Too rich or too thin

This is Yulia Chumack in Prada’s Spring 2009 show: Those expressive orbs, the aristocratic calm, the luminous classical features.  A truly lovely, beautiful girl. A lovely, beautiful, deathly skinny girl. Was she afraid that if she eats, it’ll go to her perfect face?  If my face were that exquisite, I might be afraid to eat […]

“Vertigo” wins

That’s the first news from the 2012 BFI/Sight & Sound poll, neither unwelcome nor entirely surprising. Alas, the real meat– the individual ballots-won’t be revealed till the 15th (critics then, directors a week later).  I’m not too invested in whether or not L’Avventura, say, makes it to number nine (actually, it makes 21, which isn’t […]

The T-error tide turns?

allkpop posts their most inane and insane conspiracy-chomping T-araversy piece yet, and commenters begin to rebel.  Has the feeding frenzy begun to wear itself out? In response to the recent controversy with T-ara, Hwayoung left a message to fans on Twitter. The former T-ara member’s post thanked her fans for their concern and asked them […]

Eunjung taken down from the National Police Agency homepage!?

This, this– uprising– this barbarian furor over baseless– not even insinuations, just a frenzy of interpretation in an internet mob’s mind– it’s like, it’s like– The Dark Knight Rises or something . . . . From allkpop: T-ara‘s Eunjung has been removed from the main homepage of the National Police Agency, where she was serving […]