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Why male nurses should be illegal

Because you can’t suck life from a dick, that’s why. You can put out a fire with a dick– that’s why we have firemen.  But nobody sick and dying wants some godforsaken milkless hairy ass man hovering around them. I’m not joking, even if it is funny.  Male nurses make me sick; they make me angry.  […]

Daughters of tears

I always have to go back, back and back again, looking for this one: Soyeon is so majestic here, like some hobbit queen.  All of them on their little diases.  So serious and sublime, fraught with the mimickry of grief.  All that luminous starkness!  The music itself, a quiet, still pool of passion, spilling like water […]

More Blood: the complete T-ara/gate allkpop series (thus far)

allkpop (who are living up to their rep as vociferous T-ara haters) compile “T-ara/Hwayoung Controversy: Cliff Notes Edition”, with links to their full, chronological coverage of the meltdown: Over the weekend, T-ara has been the hot topic throughout the world of K-Pop, causing many fans to worry. Fans’ worst fears were then confirmed, when CCM […]


Hwayoung gets the boot– but from the look of it (if allkpop comment threads are representative) the rest of T-ara are the most hated women in K-pop now.  What a strange, twisted, mob-rule fest of gossip. outrage, and innuendo this is. The pronouncement from on high: T-ara‘s parent company Core Contents Media announced today that one […]

(these are rumors)

In the approaching potential final T-ara/gnarok that closes forever the glory and grandeur that was T-ara (but with False-ara Ahreum in and jailbait Dani on her way, it can’t be denied that probably this is a sad relief), where else can we turn to for wisdom and elucidation if not the virtual pages of allkpop?: [NB: links […]

T-ara is about to break up

When I saw the search phrase “T-ara scandal” was bringing flocks over here, I figured everybody should know about the “T-ara/pocalypse-bulation” by now. But no:  the band is apparently in complete meltdown.  Hwayoung is in a wheelchair.  There’s a twitter war between the members.  Tyrannical Core Contents Media CEO KKS will have a “very important […]

Loving her (Boram gets cozy)

Teddy bear? Wedge heels! Boram-sshi!!  And a plush aquatic friend too! Could it be any cuter? Only if she tries to eat her guitar.  SHE TRIES TO EAT HER GUITAR!!!!tehehe  We luuuuv you Boram! Girl of genius and the passion of daebak. And that tyrant KKS says she’ll never find a husband. . . .

The mental masturbation of the “print is dead” mob

I have no objection to a twenty-plus volume complete OED presented online-only.  But to deduce from this development that all printed volumes must– or should– die away is bunk.  I have, through no fault of my own, a couple of dictionaries available on my laptop, and I have nothing to do with them.  I have […]

Random cuteness

Some lion cubs from the Christian Science Monitor a few days ago: f(x)’s Luna makes a heart of her whole body  (how does she do that?!): Bing’s home page image of the 24th.  Hello, Mr. Sea Otter!: And here, an Hellenic hottie in hot water: About this Voula Papachristou affair:  tell me, does this look like the hair […]

allkpop tumblr feels our pain

K Pop mysteries pt. 4 T-ara Edition. Hwayoung has an injured leg, btw.  Would that it were Ahreum instead.  Sigh.  Time for some Jewelry Box.

Punks’ Generation: Hyoyeon and Seohyun go bratty for Nylon

So what exactly is Korean Nylon like, anyway? Well, it looks an awful lot like American Nylon, it turns out: A lot of punkarse multilayered girlie-glam thrifty mess.  Even with SNSD goddesses Seohyun and Hyoyeon as models, they’ve seen fit to label their personae as “Brats”. So I suppose all Nylons think alike, more or less.  I […]

Levity Rises (with a note on “dark” versus “deep”)

I’ve been pondering some rambling thoughts about the Batman shootings and cinematic violence, but I’ll put that off for now. Reading backwards through some comments at althouse, I did enjoy a moment of levity from this (humorous, but not without a point) comment from chickelit: Why can’t these Batman-obsessed nutjobs worship Catwoman instead and go […]

Teaching Creation: something other than “brainwashing”

Susan Elkin writes in Britain’s The Independent: Anyone who tells children that God – literally – created the world in seven days 6,000 years ago is guilty of perverting education. The truth – and education should be above all else a search for truth – is that the world, and the flora and fauna in […]

When a “fag hag” loses her “hag”

Warren Beatty.  Annette Bening. Bugsy.  The charisma, the danger, the erotic charge.  Two latter-day Hollywood titans with old school glamour and talent to burn.  What possibly could go wrong? From the Daily Mail: It’s no secret in Hollywood that Warren  Beatty and Annette Bening had a hard time accepting the transitioning of their  eldest daughter […]

Boram gets a little love (but there’s never enough)

from the allkpop tumblr: Lately, T-ara’s Boram has been catching my attention. Ever since the recent episode of ‘Star Life Theatre’, in which Boram opened up about criticisms she would receive online, I became curious as to whether this constantly overshadowed member really did have any talent to offer to the table. Unfortunately, there aren’t […]

Dal Shabet totter on the charts and into our hearts

Rising K-pop behemoth-oughttabes Dal Shabet do some modeling for SONOVI: Taken at a studio in Chungdam-dong, Seoul, the pictorial marked the girls’ second project for SONOVI. Ranging from colorful, retro looks to chic, party looks, the members pulled off a wide variety of styles with their doll-like looks and bodies, while bringing a positive atmosphere […]

Whatever happened to Katie Roiphe?

This pseudonymous commenter at isteve claims a bit of social contact with the famed authoress of The Morning After, and your own gossipmonger here thinks (purely for armchair reasons) it passes the smell test:  slumber_j said… As most people who have ever had any dealings with her will attest, Katie Roiphe is a supremely self-infatuated walking […]

Harry Potter and the Nocturnal Stroll of Hot Mess Mystery

That boy knows how to pick ’em.  First that Olive unesietlsernut  party girl chick, and now this piece of arm candy: Is it me, or am I seeing both a bra strap and nipple-pokeage here?  That’s no small feat. Now, I’m all about comfort food and simple pleasures myself.  Or as Alexander Pope might epigrammatize: Critiqued […]

Biggest weakness

The tribulations never cease.  From kpopstarz: T-ARA commented, “Our weakness, which is our average age, went down.” !!!??!!??!!??!!????? On July 14, T-ARA held a press conference for their new song “Day by Day” in Seoul. At the press conference the group discussed about their comeback and updates. Soyeon stated, “Following Hwayoung, Ahreum came in and […]


Another “Don’t Leave”/”Day by Day” double bill, this one lensed to a spaghetti Western credit sequence flatness.  Gotta keep Ahreum in the frame, after all! Or maybe it’s to help her angular face blend in. Soyeon is ill.  Boram at 2:02 looks like she wants to barf.  I know the feeling. T-ara stretched thin, distorted, […]

Abomination of Desolation

I know these words were put in Soyeon’s mouth.  But O, the humanity, that 7-ara should speak against itself! On July 14th, T-ara held an inauguration ceremony with their fan club, “QUEEN’s“, at the Kyunghee University’s Peace Hall located near Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul. Dani, who has been confirmed as T-ara’s ninth member, made a surprise appearance […]

The Fall of the T-ara Empire

From their trip to Italia now fall these sybilline leaves, memories of true T-ara that is no more: An empire of mystery and glamour The Old Guard of beauty and pleasure, now faded past. How did we turn a corner and lose all this, this– magic? Leaving us alone and bereft, out in the rain? Were […]

World wild well known: T-ara “always dance the kitty dance”

Amid the whirl of promotional activities, Eunjung casts her mind back to days of dawning T-ara glory:  and who can blame her? The July 9th broadcast of KBS‘ ‘Star Life Theater‘ revealed behind-the-scenes footage of T-ara and how hard they worked to rise to the top of the industry. Of course,  7-ara much harder than […]

T-ara in the Reign of the Beast: “Day by Day” dance version MV

The really big news in False-ara right now is the giant two-song set made of ballad “Don’t Leave”, backed by a seventy-member female string orchestra, with current single “Day by Day” they’re throwing out on all the Korean music shows. It makes for a tauntingly grand spectacle,  one I’ve kept rewatching all weekend.  The pain, of course, is […]

Something about a drought, was it?

Another day, another title– for this man. Outstanding.  Roger, you’re a hero.

Olivier Assayas’s “Demonlover”

Continuing a recent mini-trend of biting the bullet and watching some of those “best of the new millennium” critical favorites I’ve been putting off forever, I finally checked out Olivier Assayas’ art house thriller Demonlover this week. Demonlover is an impressive viewing experience, often viscerally disturbing.  But few films that make a comparable phenomenological impression […]

Federer to the final!

Roger Federer may not be a K-pop level obsession around here but– I love this guy. And no, I’m not a big tennis follower.  It’s a diffident interest at best. But back in the days when I was still living with my beloved old ex (I mean, after she dumped me and our cat-daughter died […]

“[H]ome invasion robbery gone wrong”

That’s how the police are calling it, according to the Daily Mail: A husband arrived home to find his wife  murdered, stabbed in the back in what police are investigating as a home  invasion robbery gone wrong. The body of Simeonette Mapes-Crupi, 29, a New  York City social studies teacher, was found on Thursday afternoon […]

‘National first love’ Suzy

So that’s what they call it, when you are the sweet seventeen stuff of a people’s dreams! Sung Yu Ri  and Suzy wore the same dress but portrayed different looks. Sung Yu Ri, the past member of Fin K.L and the ‘original’ fairy, and Suzy, the ‘national first love’ and the fantasy of all males, […]

Sign of the T-ara times: “Day by Day”, the magic dies

I’m still mulling over their mediocre new single “Day by Day”, and the crappy “drama video” featuring KKS’s own golden child, his darling jailbait Dani.  Here, meanwhile, is False-ara’s latest promotional photo: With that scrawny bitch Ahreum placed AT THE FRONT of the band (second from right) in those damned go-go boots she did nothing to earn.  […]

Olympic air defense (what pussies!)

From abc news:  The British government confirmed Tuesday that it had placed missile batteries at six sites around London in advance of the upcoming Summer Olympics, including atop two apartment buildings where residents had previously expressed reservations about hosting the anti-aircraft weapons. “Whilst there is no reported threat to the London Olympics,” said Defense Secretary […]

Music Video of the year?: the dazzlement of SNSD’s “Paparazzi”

Needless to say, the “drama” MV for False-ara’s “Day by Day” debacle is in no position to threaten to claim any crowns for itself (sighsighsigh . . . ).  More, in due course, will be said about that; but in the meantime, will I have to eat my words about 4minute’s “Volume Up” as the […]

Obama as Islamophiliac

It  wasn’t enough that he abandoned our Mubarak, our 30-year ally in Egypt, the  first Muslim country to make peace with the Jewish people despite the Jew-hatred  mandated in the Quran.  It wasn’t enough that he threw our great friend and  ally out with both hands, a man who for all his undeniable faults was […]

Countdown to T-aramageddon

In five, four, three, two . . . Amid much expectation, Core Contents Media has informed fans that T-ara‘s new music video for their upcoming comeback “Day by Day” will be delayed for 13 hours. Originally scheduled to be released at midnight, July 3rd, the new release hour will be at 1:00 PM on the […]

Intern Jessica asks, “I wonder what Vermeer would think . . . .”

–“if he saw his Girl with a Pearl Earring rocking some nice skinny jeans.” I think he’d think it’s pretty freaking stupid. This is the work of some chick named Dorothee Golz, who likes digitally pasting famous heads from high art paintings (mostly Northern Gothic and Dutch interiors, apparently) onto contemporary models. Golz, from the looks […]