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This chick has no boobs

I’m kinda turned on by that, actually. It’s a little bit exciting.  Her absence of boobs makes me think:  Noboobsgirl, what makes you tick? [Ed.:  Maybe she’s, uh,  young?  –She’s not young.  I don’t think she’s young.  Let’s just say she’s not young.] I wonder if she’d be interested in knowing what makes me tick? Muriel […]

Ho-lay poop!!

After School’s (and Orange Caramel’s) Nana: Dang.  And I thought they were done for after the legendary Kahi left.  Oy.  Well, it still ain’t the same After School without her, but, uhm, wow! Yeah, AS’s never really been able to live up to its full potential.  But what potential! [Ed.:  Maybe you should try listening to their […]

Happy birthday Seohyun!

The triumphal SNSD’s (and TaeTiSeo’s) darling maknae Seohyun turns 21! Good Lord, what she’s accomplished already! [Ed.:  Better put the Ticonderoga to the Ampad then, hadn’t we?  –Hey, I gotta go get new tires before I wreck.  Just as soon as I eat another biscuit and then watch birthday girl in the “Paparazzi” video, once more!  […]

Philosophy Spring 2012: Ferretti’s garden of Proserpines

The stills from Philosophy (di Alberta Ferretti)’s Spring 2012 line reveal the sweet difficulty of beauty:  the allure is self-evident, yet with a strangeness that summons the mind to puzzle over the riddles of womanhood.  These elegant, floral-feminine frocks, and the glossed and glazed and crimp-headed girls who don them, have a Pre-Raphaelite oddity, something […]

T-ara can’t win: the “Flowchart For Success!”

Allkpop’s comics section takes a stab at KKS’s management techniques: Sigh.  Too, too true . . . .  And they left off the hairdye part. Seriously:  I’ve always loved Manic Panic hair on some chicks, and there was even that infamous interlude when I tried to rock it myself; but please:  it’s the sort of eccentricity […]

Swedish fighters deal death for cheap

A William S. Lind piece at the (very attractively) redesigned website for The American Conservative lays out the case for cancelling the F-35 Joint Strike fighter program. One piece of his argument which agrees with some noise I’ve picked up in other forums is that having a smaller fighter plane is still of some importance.  […]

Happy Birthday Sohee!

Usually I wait till we’ve reached the birthday in the barbarian hinterlands, but why hold off? In Korea, it’s already– the future! And so, we wish a happy 20th birthday to Sohee, the funliest funny face of that most funny-faced of supergroups, the Wonder Girls! Or maybe Lim’s the funniest face?  Hard to decide . […]

Teen dramaz

Tiny things make me happy.  Like the fact that the Wonder Girls beat silly little f(x) for this week’s  Inkigayo mutizen price-thingie, and all the little f(x)ers are in shock shock in the comments, calling it fixed! Really, this is not my whole life at all.  But I have enough contempt for “Electric Shock” that I’m […]

Disappearing-pants making the internet more safe and beautiful

T-ara’s Mad Max-ish “Day by Day” comeback video looms, False-ara members and all.  And with it, the threatened horror of T-ara with evil dyed hair (which is good enough for other, lesser K-pop groups, but not for Divine-ara).  In happier news of days of heaven that perhaps may never be more,  kpopstarz reports: The ‘2012 Making a Beautiful […]

Children of a greater god

I don’t understand exactly what T-ara were being made ambassadors of, but what a beautiful ceremony. What absolute beauty! what loveliness, what grace, what sublimity!  Has our time on this Earth, in this galaxy of ours, this poor dim little universe, ever yielded anything more  exquisite or exemplary for us to regard and ponder?  Here, if anywhere, […]

“I celebrate even the most perverted of individual lifestyles, . . .”

“Now that I, as the reader, am inspired by Bell to toss away my insecurities just like he did, we move into the creative realm, where he is expert on coming up with ideas. These include scheduling a weekly “idea time” where we are urged to listen to different music styles (“classical, movie scores, rock, […]

“This is the girl”: Betty auditions in “Mulholland Drive”

[Spoiler Alert:  Another kick through the undergrowth of David Lynch’s auterist classic Mulholland Drive– and hopefully not one that calls Diane Selwyn “Diane Selway” (hope we’ve got that cleared up!).  The uninitiated should understand they’d be better off holding their noses and averting their eyes from any preemptive discussions, here or elsewhere, of the film […]

The body brought to the party: Diane Selwyn and the revivified “Mulholland Drive”

[SPOILER ALERT:  another discussion, rambling and disjointed, and perhaps not even the last, of David Lynch’s equivocal classic Mulholland Drive.  If you haven’t watched the movie, you won’t want to be glancing into this frank and bespoiling discussion.  Just watch the movie at your leisure instead, and then vehemently disagree with me] * * * * […]

“Mulholland Drive”: Who is Rita before she becomes “Rita”?

[SPOILER ALERT:  a discussion that presupposes viewers have seen David Lynch’s Mulholland Drive.  Those who have not watched the film will not want to read this, –instead preferring to preserve their innocence, as one should, from all  meddlesome forms of interpretation . . . ] Let’s assume– as I’m afraid I’m almost certain we all must– that the […]

Girls’ Generation contra Gaga: SNSD’s triumphal “Paparazzi” music(al) video

Does SNSD even have to do anything now except be epic?  I’m not even bothering to form an opinion of the song (it’s certainly not the best thing they’ve done; I doubt I’ll ever find it all that catchy, though likely it’s catchy enough)– and yes, there are a couple of impossible-to-miss nods towards the Babylon Whore enthroned […]

The most popular music video in the world at the moment

Can you believe this twaddle?  A year these derivative little goofs have been off the radar, and now their comeback is outperforming even the Wonder Girls? I grant that f(x)’s members (besides the excrutiatingly gender-ambiguous Amber:  I’m cool with some gender ambiguity, but some gender ambiguities are less equal than others) are kinda cute.  Sulli […]

T-ara’s most humiliating gig (“Gyeongno harin dwaeyo?”)

Nicely lit, nicely photographed– and T-ara look perfection.  Should be an honorable little lip-synching run-through for daytime television of the millennium’s greatest pop anthem. Except:  the tv set looks like the reception area in a nursing home (good lord, there’s even a glass coffee table waiting for Hwayoung to nick her shins on).  A live […]

And now, a scary story from Dal Shabet’s Subin

While the signs and seals of T-ara/bulation are breaking and peeling (False-ara Member No. 1 Ahreum has been “confirmed”, and now photographed in choreography rehearsal with the One True Band), I might as well take a moment to share tidings of God’s own second best instruments of Grace and Beauty, Dal Shabet. Dal Shabet are […]

Fifty Shades of Pale

I took a midday disco nap and dreamed that my old lawyer and BFF, now across the Pond, was showing me her Christmas holiday reading, a series of volumes entitled Changes. Changes, I came to understand, was a Twilight knockoff whose heroine, Luna, fails to succumb to the lures of werewolves and vampires because she’s […]

I don’t think women really talk like this

I was researching something else, but I came across this little slideshow on Marie Claire’s website that makes me think I should spend more time visiting Marie Claire’s website, though perhaps not for reasons that would edify them. This little NYC streetstyle slideshow really pinged my BS detector, even by the standards of fashion-poop.  Here’s […]

I love you like a big boobs, baby

Alright, “big” is subjective.  But hey, boobs are boobs . . . . . . .  and these are looking sweet. –Alright, this is a very naughty way to be talking about America’s pop sweetheart Selena Gomez.  And I’ve been meaning to drop a nice word about her, here or there, for a while now. But […]

Boram is in hospital

Beloved Boram-ssi has acute gastritis. Boram, we love you! Be well.

Happy Birthday Jiyeon!

T-ara’s Jiyeon, the eternal true maknae, turns 19 today! Short though her time on earth has been, her road to fame and greatness has been long and estimable.  And though my time with her has been brief, she and her sisters have touched me deepest. And if the path ahead for the beloved band is only brief and […]

This beachhead, or the next

Forty summers have passed since the battle that you fought here. You were young the day you took these cliffs; some of you were hardly more than boys, with the deepest joys of life before you. Yet you risked everything here. Why? Why did you do it? What impelled you to put aside the instinct […]

Happy Birthday HyunA!

The famously fierce (but secretly shy and reserved) 4minute member and sometime soloist HyunA turns 20! They grow up so slow!  May the celebratory bubbles pop, and may she never see a “Bitter Day”!

A minute for Jihyun

There are other developments in the K-pop sphere as well, but I was charmed to see an item for the underappreciated 4minute leader Jihyun in today’s kpopstarz: 4minute member Nam Jihyun posted a realistic bare face photo of herself. Nam Jihyun posted on her Twitter on June 5 “You are supposed to take self-camera if […]

Diamonds are forever– but not all Jubilees are the same

I dunno:  shouldn’t we feel a tad sorry for the Queen?  for England? I like Kylie and all, but: is there some law that says the Queen has to indulge all this demotic pop razmatazz as though she actually gave a damn for it?  I mean, isn’t it enough if she knights the likes of […]

The Great Old Man

When he met with Gorbachev and Kohl the other year, he was the one still looking hale, even if he’s the eldest.  Too, there was that scene when him and Jeb came to the White House to case the joint pay respects to President Obama. [NB: but now I find there’s been more than one […]

Genius is born (or at least made by middle school)

In the wake of the abolition of the Encyclopedia Britannica in print (Satan boasts this his third greatest trick ever, behind his disappearing act and the Apostate 9-ara), what have we to cling to now for authoritative insight and information if not kpopstarz?: Which currently reveals: Girl group miss A youngest member Suzy dancing in middle school was revealed through […]