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Hyomin after all

I wanted to get in a formal notice of Hyomin’s birthday last night, while the Korean people were ringing in their new day, but now let us bask in the leisured warmth of a stroll through the great and good devotion known as Hyominism. Here’s one entry from the great Hyomin rehearsal video subgenre, in which she […]

Happy Birthday Yoona!

Yes, May 30th is an epic K-pop b-day day, which I have anxiously eyed across the calendar all month; for Providence has seen fit to bestow upon the world on this same gracious date (though a year apart) both T-ara’s Hyomin and SNSD Lead Visual Yoona! Yoona today turns twenty-two; and may all her subsequent days be as blessed as […]

Happy Birthday Hyomin

A happy 23rd birthday to goddess Hyomin, possibly the most talented and charismatic idol in pop history: And KKS has seen fit to mark this blessed day by officially destroying T-ara.

“It is our obligation to our dead”

It is our obligation to our dead–it is our sacred obligation to their children and to our children– that we must never forget what we have learned. And what we all have learned is this: There is no such thing as security for any nation– or any individual– in a world ruled by the principles […]

T-ara’s “Round and Round” cover, video version 2

Old school T-ara!  Yes, they shot this months ago, when Hwayoung still had her long hair.  Hwayoung’s old hair, by the way, is some of my favorite hair in human history. Sigh.  It’s as if somebody out there knows just how great 7-ara is, and how desperately we wish to hold on to them. Here, […]

Happy Birthday Ahyoung!

Dal Shabet’s Ahyoung (or Ah Young, depending on how you romanize) today turns 21!: Even allkpop has used both forms, so we won’t quibble.  What’s important is, she’s adorable and indispensable.  Here she is with departed leader Viki.  I wish Viki well, and she’ll always have a place in my heart for the four terrific […]

Ice ice baby

My groundfloor pen– er, apartment– keeps pretty cool in summertime.  I’d been priding myself all month on my energy-efficient regimen of just leaving the air off.  Ha! keepin’ it green, and I’m a damn Romneyac! Occasionally I’d hear something rattling to life air-wise and figured it was the neighbours upstairs.  I mean, even if it […]

T-ara’s lastest newest member?

NOT!!  It’s just adorable goddess Hyomin, tweeting some of her childhood photos.  Kpopstarz writes: T-ARA’s Hyomin past photos are becoming an issue. On May 22, she posted on her Twitter “You used to say all the time ‘I want to be an adult!’ are you happy now that you’re an adult! Ah, I want to […]

The End of the World As I Know It

The Apocalypse is nigh: T-ara will be destroyed welcoming two new members to their group. One will be revealed on the 31st, while the other will be revealed this coming June. Core Contents Media confirmed on the 23rd, “The newly added 8th member of T-ara is 18 years old and possesses a great visual and talent. […]

Like economics: the facebook peril

What’s going on? Facebook’s in trouble, that’s what. Now in the crosshairs of public scrutiny, everybody’s taking potshots. And the warnings are just beginning: Everything from Facebook  being “too big to fail or succeed” to a Chicago attorney warning that the stock could “crater” if Facebook can’t grow revenues 41% annually for five years to […]

I was just about to shut the computer off, when–

my final destination this morn, theprophetblog, tells me this: What a glorious surprise! Seemingly out of nowhere, T-ara have gone and dropped an ultra-cheap music video for their ultra-cheap cover of the classic eighties’ K-Pop hit “Round & Round”. NEWT-ARAVIDEONEWT-ARAVIDEONEWT-ARAVIDEONE– Yes, it’s a cheap throwaway– though if it had a HD release it’d look better.  […]

Pink Terror

Or not.  Make of it what you will.  This is just the teaser [Ed.: Oh, that’s what all the boys call gay offense!]. Good for a giddy laugh.  The song itself is actually kinda jammin’, in f(x)’s silly sort of way.  The bridge in particular, of which no sample is here given. The translated lyrics […]

Hyomin edits film, Hwayoung promotes democracy

Our heroes labor in the shadows . . . T-ara’s Hyomin has been reported to have worked on editing Gang Kiz‘s second music video for “Honey Honey” with director Cha Eun Taek for three days straight. Hyomin’s manager revealed photos of the star diligently working on the music video inside the editing room. In the […]

Damn me to hell, I missed Gayoon’s birthday

My little K-pop birthdays linked-to site has expired, and meanwhile I’ve missed Gayoon’s birthday which, if I’m going to maintain some sort of saints’ calendar here in good order, is a major major foul-up because she’s a serious crush of mine in what is assuredly my No. 2 band, 4minute. I’m deeply sorry Gayoon. Oh […]

The Crown of Life: T-ara grace their CD’s face

The public’s already been treated to the album covers for T-ara’s forthcoming Japanese-language compilation Jewelry box, but now we have the unlooked-for treat of a preview of the discs with randomly-assigned images of the bandmembers (minus Jiyeon, who isn’t covered, poor thing, in this kpopstarz gallery). Long live the CD.  Damn mp3s to hell, with […]

“Julia” from “Cow Town” writes . . .

This article will scare the bejesus out of the Tea Party. The old, white, Republican party members look at Obama and see a possible future… without them, and it drives them to insanity. It seems unlikely they hate him because of his fiscal policies, or his health reform, or his energy/oil policies– they were, after […]

Happy birthday IU!

The artsy-twee solo songstress turns 19 today: though in Korean they call that “twenty”, which explains why her new record is called Spring of a Twenty Year-Old. I need to explore her catalog further, but “Every End of the Day” is lovely, in a 70s-fied style that reminds me of BEG’s “Sixth Sense.”  I’ll have […]

Shakespeare says: “Be strong in whore”

[Timon:]                             Hold up, you sluts, Your aprons mountant:  you are not oathable,– Although, I know, you’ll swear, terribly swear, Into strong shudders and to heavenly agues, Th’immortal gods that hear you,– spare your oaths, I’ll trust to your conditions: be whores still; And he whose pious breath seeks to convert you, Be strong in whore, […]

Happy Birthday Sunny!

SNSD’s Lead Vocal Sunny turns 23! Our best wishes to her and all her happy crew: [Update:] Covering 4minute’s “Hot Issue”, no less:  


Giving up one of those nuclear cards must be hard as hell: What next for our scheming heroes?  More Woody Allen films? Menages a quatre? Coups d’etat? –I can’t help but like that little rascal.  Bad judgment, I know . . . .

MEOW!!: Goldberg/Althouse “nuanced” catfight

“I’m bored with this conversation” says Michelle, getting the “EvilBloggerLady” full-on smackdown.  Watch a grown liberal woman (almost) cry. She is kinda cute, though.

English roses

What British residents can call “entertainment”: They may be on the quiz!  Study up!

Korean stars

Korean hard power: Korean soft power: Meow!!  Sooo soft . . .  Yes, late night listening to Boram’s solo records– those obscure treasures, my secret aural blanket, to keep me warm and agreeably melancholy in the dark of any given night; for in whatever hour I find her, there she is, pure and beaming like a starburst in […]

Quotable Quotes: Kaus costs, Obama’s sentences on race, Britain’s sex crime sentences

Mickey Kaus asks:  Why do today’s do-gooding liberal doctors have such a zeal for cost-cutting  (something do-gooding liberals don’t seem to have in any other sphere of  domestic government activity)? I suspect it’s because they believe in a Fixed  Pie theory of medical expenses–the assumption that if less is spent on the “worried well,” more […]

A moment for 4minute

4minute’s “Volume Up” continues to exert such an awesome pull that even now, a month since its release, it’s still a daily ritual:  not just something I return to every day, but something I anticipate every hour with a mix of inchoate, uncanny dread and delighted anticipation of  unbridled bliss. Understand, then, that I have continued to put off […]

A week in culture

can feel like a lifetime.  Has it been only a week since we posted T-ara’s Wildroses advert? Well, we can play slow catch-up by posting an individual spot from that campaign.  Here’s Hyomin: This is so . . . fashionie! 

France is f**ked

I take no pleasure in saying it.  I esteem French history, French cinema, the French language; even, sometimes, its literature and philosophy (though let’s be honest– both of these are overrated). French painting is extraordinary:  I don’t care that much about Impressionism (though Monet and Renoir are more than nice enough); but from the Classicism […]

Boram being womanly

with Soyeon.  Not showing a bias, it’s just that Boram owns this clip. Besides Boram being her goddessy, Boram-self, there’s just something archetypal about her here.  She reminds me a bit of Anna Karina, and maybe also of this one chick I knew.  But all in all it’s that she’s so luminous:  it’s something that […]

T-ara’s “uncivilized” and “disgusting” scandal

The Japanese division of Korean Food Manufacturer Group Nongshim selected the lovely ladies of T-ara to be their advertisement models last year, and recently released videos of the members personally cooking their own bowl of ramen through their homepage.. The videos were meant to be a fun way for the fans to see how each […]

Take that, SISTAR!

4minute’s vampiric “Volume Up”,  briefly noted here at its debut, has since become a consuming passion.  Both song and video grow and grow through subsequent repeats, until I’m convinced the whole thing is a masterpiece– an audacious, crowning glory in 4minute’s  outstanding oeuvre. Alas, even in Korea, crowning glory may not be so fully appreciated as it should.  The […]

A premature debate: Intern Kerishma, Sen. Rev. Diaz, and the reductio ad Hitlerum that maybe isn’t

“If there’s one thing I’ve ever learned from watching The Daily Show (or just being a decent human being with some form of common sense) is that you never, ever compare anything to Hitler, the Nazis, or the Holocaust. Ever. I didn’t realize The Daily Show was so informational about the Holocaust.  Is Jon Stewart […]

A May Day’s Feminist Lament: Serve Us the Crimson Wave!!!

On the main display there was a shiny, silver Charlie’s Angels-esque silhouette outfitted in a micromini, next to the words “invisible protection, invisible fit, radiant you” splashed across the top. By now, I was deep in conversation with my daughter about this glitzy advertising tactic. She said it made her radiate annoyance and anger, but […]

Hipster Musings: Spice Up Her Life ed.

Isabel Slone scores a Spice Girls top and considers: If only I had discovered this t-shirt around 1998, my world would have been complete. The Spice Girls were the first band I was ever totally obsessed with. [. . . ]  It may be slightly embarrassing for my 22 year old self to be repping […]

“Straight-faced” Romney

Romney is a maddening opponent because he hits hard, stays religiously on  message and never, ever winks. While other candidates let reporters and  political operatives in on the joke – that they don’t really believe the attacks  they are launching – Romney stays straight-faced the whole time. It makes people  crazy. Chris Stirewalt might be […]

Camille Paglia is going to argue that George Lucas

is the world’s greatest living artist? That’s in her long-awaited new book on visuals, due in October, entitled “Glittering Images.” I figured Bergman’s Persona would be the big wrap-up, but apparently it’s gonna be Star Wars. –Well, in college I used to argue that Bernardo Bertolucci is the world’s greatest living artist.  The gorgeously risible […]