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T-ara makes the coolest commercial ever

Now why couldn’t the Japanese-language “Lovey Dovey” music video be this cool?  Sigh . . . . This is just perfection.  I’ve watched this ten times in a row.  I could just loop it.  How can the powers of Core Contents Media work to destroy this perfect balance? This is the Citizen Kane of outdoorswear.  […]

One picture of a solitary funky gothster chick looking pensive on chictopia

Chictopia’s a resource I underutilize.  I like this girl– who goes by POSITIVELYMELANCHOLY–‘s style.  And I haven’t finished transcribing Bob and me, with the necessary visuals.  Otherwise, just a lazy Sunday, with T-ara, 4minute, and the contemplation of movies to view that I haven’t watched.  And Mom and Dad on the horn. Lazy Sunday.  Not […]

“No matter where or when, the classics always work”

says Jean-Luc Godard in his dazzling Prenom: Carmen. And, as proof, that epic reader of the great epics, Great Books For Men,  is moving on the blogospheric flanks. Their commenter Emily writes: I don’t know why I find GBFM so funny.  I literally squealed with excitement when I saw his first post over here. You know, […]

Soyeon selca: a new look?

Has Soyeon lost weight?  Not that this picture is unattractive, but– . . . .  T-ARA’s Soyeon became as pretty as a doll and shows off her improved beauty. Soyeon posted on her twitter on April 26, “Unusual Soyani,” along with a self-camera photo of herself. Soyeon’s improved beauty has caught the attention of many […]

Happy Birthday Fei!

K-pop’s innovative and illustrious miss A’s own Fei turns 25  today!  Which is no cause for mourning, though even melancholy becomes the lady in question: I often think of what miss A does as a kind of more accessible version of mid-90s Bjork: conceptually bold, aesthetically playful pop that’s intriguingly freaky yet always classy.  It should […]

It’s not the girls’ fault

if the video cobbled together for the Japanese-language version of “Lovey Dovey” kinda sucks. I appreciate the Japanese video for “Lies”, even after many a netizen helpfully pointed out that Boram flubbed her choreography, and then everyone noticed Eunjung flubbed her choreography too, and the video sometimes had one member lip-synching to another’s lines.  Yes, it […]

Yoona in the Snow, with “Regreat”: Girls’ Generation’s “Time Machine”

Of all untimely things, what more than SNSD in the snow when it’s– that cruelest month, April?  But all of a sudden:  April produces snow— somewhere?  –Far away from me, sure; and yet, the nights have been chilly . . . . Oh, needs must we fish for excuses?  Let’s have this every day of […]

The 1,000 Day Reign

Well, of all the things: On T-ara‘s 1,000th day anniversary, fans surprised the group with a bus advertisement. The bus advertisement will appear for one month starting April 23rd and can be seen on bus lines #262 (Yeouido – Jongno – Myeonmok-dong) and #721 (Bukgajwa-dong – Jongno – Konkuk University Station). T-ara made their debut […]

Happy Birthday Hwayoung! –and Hyoyoung!

T-ara’s seventh (and, still we pray, last new) member, Main Rapper and runner-up maknae Hwayoung celebrates her Sweet Nineteenth today! And so for our beloved tomboy  of T-ara, we send our happy wishes! Of course “tomboy” is a relative notion here:  this is T-ara, not f(x)!  Our Hwayoung is quite the lady, and always she brings the […]

Because Winter is so far off . . . .

and I’d hate to have to wait– plus it’s raining and overcast, and I even turned the heat on during the night– and it’s somebody’s birthday!–

Why is God a “Father”?

As a freshman in college I cultivated the friendship of a dear old lady in her eighties, who was attending my campus for some sort of enrichment or other.  How she got there at all was a tale of happenstance clouded in mystery;  I suppose she would shrug it off as a lark, though one got the […]

“Freedom”: what’d we miss?

It would seem that somewhere along the way, the great day-by-day “Freedom” videography of the T-ara/Mystery7 Cisalpine tour plan got derailed.  Besides some scattered selcas, we never saw Switzerland at all (and wasn’t Austria on the itinerary too?).  What happened?  Did Eunjung’s stolen purse mean there wasn’t money to upload footage?  We did at least […]

Louring for Love: the moody slink of miss A’s “Touch”

“Touch” is like something off the eponymous Portishead remixed for Bjork’s Post (or Telegram).  It’s the kind of slinky-sinister disco that’s too chilled and intimate for the club:  the mood is in the groove, an elusive quality of being perhaps no more to be articulated in dance than in words (though miss A give it an excellent […]

Liberty vs. the Green Menace

It should come as no surprise that the Progressive Left believes in Rousseau’s dictum that people can be “forced to be free.”  Or rather, since Rousseau (despite his many problems, mental or philosophical) is often abused or misunderstood, let us be precise and say that Obamacare’s architects have no philosophical problem with forcing Americans to “live […]

The Times

T-ara is home in Korea, but imagery from their European jaunt continues to pour in: The London Times!  Iris Murdoch wrote something about the London Times in her novel The Book and the Brotherhood; I won’t hunt the quote now, but it’s a testament to a certain resilience in the civilized world that Eunjung is […]

Happy Birthday to SNSD’s Jessica

And in the Brontean calendar of the gods, it is time now to salute Jessica (American born, bless her heart), who today turns 23, and long may she shine for us, along with her entire constellation!

Life in Venice: T-ara’s Photo Shoot

Hardworking kpopstarz commentator and T-ara fan “BoPeep” has posted the released b&w hotel room photo shoot from T-ara, these the ones seen (and then unseen, when Loen Entertainment’s youtube channel inexplicably removed the video) being taken before the girls embark out into Venice.  Since these are being individually released and annotated for each bandmember, I’ll just link […]

“So shows a snowy dove”: Eunjung in Switzerland

But Kpopstarz headline reads:  “EunJung In Snow, ‘Beauty That Kills Swiss’”: EunJung revealed a beauty that shines even in the cold. On the 17th, T-ara’s EunJung posted on her twitter, “Standing in the snow” along with pictures. In the revealed pictures, EunJung is making a cold face and looking at the camera. Her pale face […]

“Else would a maiden blush bepaint my cheek”: Boram in Verona

It is the East, and Boram is the sun: Boram posted on her twitter on the 16th, “In Verona. Posing is hard” along with pictures of herself from the photo shoot.  In the pictures, Boram is wearing a pink mini dress, and her poses are as perfect as those of models.  Netizens who saw this […]

Freedom in Venice: Hyomin

I’m aghast that my fave clip from the “Freedom” cycle has been pulled, perhaps never to return, but meanwhile Hyomin has tweeted from T-ara’s day in Venice, recording for posterity some hint of glory fled: On the 16th, Hyomin posted on her twitter, “Welcome to Venice” along with a few pictures.  In the pictures, Hyomin […]

Soyeon’s reindeer Elysium

Good God, what happened to the T-ara in Venice clip?  They took it down?  Why, Lord, why?  Someone get their mug caught on camera sans approval?  Thank heavens I watched four times or more . . .  but a horrible shame if it is not restored. Meanwhile, the girls have moved on to Switzerland.  Soyeon […]

Heavenly Creatures

Everything is what it is and not something else. Good and Evil.  Light and Darkness.  Beauty and Ugliness.  Grace and Depravity. No two things in the universe are truly equal.  In the Great Chain of Being there is a sphere of the blessed and a kingdom of corruption.  Some beings emit celestial effulgence, while others cavort […]

Like the cast of a Fellini movie

Loud.  Vulgar.  Tittering.  Slovenly.  Ugly. I officially do not like these girls.  This, this– anti-T-ara.

How to tell when your indignation isn’t wearing off

The great and good Mickey Kaus blogs, using the word “s-t-eating” [his orthography] in the main entry, later updates and deploys a good hard “fuck”. It may have something to do with the fact that in the first instance he’s dealing with David Carr of The NYT, who may be nothing much to Kaus (though calling Carr “master of the […]

T-ara’s freezing (“Freedom”) photoshoot

More T-ara in Italia, from KKS’s “all publicity is good publicity” Slavery “Freedom” project: In Milan, or some such slightly gothic place.  The video has almost a Jean Rollin feel:  beautiful girls doing nothing, under a louring sky in antique, vaguely forbidding surroundings.  It’s all quite glamorous.  And is Eunjung wearing Versace? (are they all?  I […]

T-ara Milan March

They’re looking pretty fierce beneath castle walls, once you get past the part where they have to pair off with the motley-headed goobers from CCM’s new group: Generally I like blue-tinged tips just fine, but not on bitches for whom the greatest band in history has to perform menial labor.  [NB:  I’d really rather T-ara […]

B&N’s Euclid is back in print!

OMG!!!  I so wanted a copy and I even held one in my hand once and it was so big and–and– geometric, and O, how I wanted it but then it went out of print but now it’s back–!!! [Ed.:  Fool! What in the name of God would you be doing, wasting your money on […]

Forced to be “Freedom”: T-ara’s departure

A bit Antonioniesque: How best to capitalize on having the biggest Korean single of the year or debuting at No. 1 in Japan?  Why not make T-ara lackey around for a bunch of scraggly, motley-headed ModelActressWhatevers forming some new, anonymous band?  Ah, the genius of KKS . . . . Hyomin and Soyeon bear themselves […]

Eunjung robbed!!!

As if things couldn’t get worse for T-ara (but I suspect they are, after the break): T-ara‘s Eunjung has been robbed of a staggering, 23,000 Euros (~ $30,078 USD) while in Italy. During T-ara’s stay in Italy, Eunjung was put in charge of managing the budget for T-ara and Core Content Media‘s new seven-member girl group. […]

The Right Man: Mitt Romney as hero

Courtesy of a commenter at Althouse (Matthew Sablan), here’s a dusty old item from the archives of local news history [July 6, 2003]: Waltham — Gov. Mitt Romney rode to the rescue over the weekend during a vacation trip — using his Jet Ski to help pluck a New Jersey family and their dog out of Lake  […]

So T-ara needs 9 members to compete with SNSD? and yet . . .

According to several industry insiders, Girls’ Generation may launch a unit of 3-4 members around May. According to a music representative, “It is a high possibility that the album may be one showcasing the vocals of the vocally talented members…It is expected that there will be a unit of 3-4 members from Girls’ Generation. There […]

Tweetings from Soyeon

In the midst of the ongoing mayhem, controversy, and damage done to T-ara, the girls are obviously trying to press forward dutifully, while catching hold of as much fun and normality as their demanding lives allow.  Also, I hope they are plotting revolution.  But in the meantime, Soyeon shares with us her portrait by Boram: In the […]

Gothic refulgence: 4minute’s “Volume Up”

Lush, decadent, even a trifle Visconti-like at times (Coppola’s Dracula would be an obvious touchstone too), 4minute’s elegantly sinful video for “Volume Up”: Certainly one of the classier pop takes on Late Romantic imagery:  vampires, androgyny, and aristocrats without any despicable lapses in taste.  The sinuous choreography is most gratifying, but the regal bearing in […]

Systematic thought

In all systematic thought, there is a tinge of pedantry.  There is a putting  aside of notions, of experiences, and of suggestions, with the prim excuse that of course we are not thinking of such things.  System is important.  It is necessary for the handling, for the utilization, and for the criticism of the thoughts […]

“[I]n some ways, the soul of the heterosexual white man is at stake . . . .”

— claims Pulitzer winning journalist Jose Antonio Vargas, who’s not complaining: “For everybody in this country in which America’s always been a fight,” he said, “They’re looking at him [Mitt Romney], in which everything’s been given, and  we’re going, ‘OK, do you see yourself? Do you fully and comprehensively see  yourself and how you fit […]

“The concept of privacy is inherently flexible,”

and the less we value it, the less our judicial institutions will protect it for us. Prison inmates, who have less control over their daily lives than anyone, are the most vulnerable to the sacrificing of privacy interests. But here they are really just guinea pigs for the rest of us. The next time airport […]

The Greatest DC Councilman since Charlemagne?

Which historical figure had the following to say about him/herself? “I’m a big thinker. I’m bright,” [????]  said. “I’m probably one of the most courageous, committed, get-things-done people … I’m always fighting.” Peter the Great?  Napoleon?  Cal Coolidge? Pffft!  As if!  Why, it’s Marion Barry: Marion Barry says he isn’t a political survivor. Through the convictions, […]

Happy Birthday to Uee

If it’s the 9th, then it’s a happy 24th b-day for After School (and After School Red)’s own Uee: Uee, by the way, was this blog’s first furtive connection to the glittering artifice of K-pop.  So, extra cheers for that!

“The purpose of analysis”

The purpose of analysis is not simply to know the individual parts that make up a thing but to know how they relate to one another– to know how, taken together, they constitute a whole.  Regarded in purely quantitative terms, a whole is no more than the sum of its parts.  But if that view […]

Get Well, Narsha L!

Achoo? Sniff sniff.  Stuck in a rut?  Here dear . . . . And I fully expect to hear this sampled in AlaskaCadaver: The Cleansing Mix.  So put it to good use!