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“So so nice”: Qri’s selca

Awaiting “Freedom” and the T-ara/pocalypse (or is it the T-ara/pture?!), Qri does the sort of thing a calm, collected T-ara goddess does, and takes a picture of herself for twitter: On Wednesday she posted on her Twitter, “Today is the last day of filming for ‘T-ARA and Flower Boys’. The weather is so nice nice.” […]

In the olden times of K-pop (Baby V.O.X.’s “Woo Yun”

Yes, even before T-ara, 4Minute, and SNSD, there was K-pop: Legendary girl group Baby V.O.X. were the reigning queens in the first half of the “Naughts” [hate that expression].  I wasn’t watching enough music videos in that time to say whether VH-1 had already moved on from this template, but to me, the lighting and […]

Bite your shirt

I saw this photo yesterday doing my Femen-studies and meant to use it.  It’s just a fetching little thing I liked, so I’ll catalog it here: This bite-your-shirt idea is quite amusing.  I should make this a habit of any future domestic partners at Chateau de Somesuch. Is there really a “top” here at all?  […]

Humanitarian cougar cubs

Our own honest Ovid, GBFM,’s noted peer heartiste, links to this female journalizer’s cri de coeur after some unsatisfying experiences with professional matchmaking: I do understand where his clients are coming from. They may want twenty-somethings for superficial reasons, or perhaps these men already have spawn from previous relationships and are in no mood to reproduce in the […]

Hyomin: Smell the Spring

But enough of decadent Western girls and all their problems:  soon T-ara themselves will be alighting upon the West, trekking across Europe for a documentary/publicity stunt/Bataan Alpine Death March full of Lord knows what surprises short of the mortar range.  To wit: As reported prevoiusly, the girls will be visiting Italy, Switzerland, and Austria. Joining […]

The Opposite of Slut Walk

So what would Slut Walk be like, you wonder, if it involved hot Ukrainian chicks instead of celibate-by-necessity Studies majors? Well actually . . .  maybe these are not the most gorgeous of Ukrainian chicks, but– we’re not that picky.  If I see any girls who look like they’re plowing their daddy’s grainfields behind the […]

I was willing to bite, but

the Daily Mail article never gets around to explaining–at all– about the headline’s alleged revelations of  “secrets of dolphins’ bisexual society“. I know dolphins are cute, and smart, and possibly even eligible for citizenship; but if the Gramsci Project wants to use them to convince me to become a polyamorist, they need to show me […]

Ann Althouse’s “conspiracy theory” last October

that she didn’t want to reveal for fear of jinxing it has, she believes, come true, and so now she’s revealed it. And I know I called it, somewhere.  I really did figure out what she was getting at: Obama wants to throw away Obamacare (or part of it at least) to energize his reelection. I’m searching […]

Ratbait, my friend

I don’t even know who this Rob Gronkowski dude is, but somehow the internet wafted me here: According to the filthy minds at Busted Coverage, a young woman from Scituate, Mass. recently tweeted thusly about a Gronkquest: I just hooked up with gronks brother and [my friend] hookedup with gronk ….. life complete [@an incredulous […]

Sofia Vergara admonishes moms to teach their daughters about dental-floss

“There’s nothing slutty about a dental-floss bikini,” the outspoken actress told [Esquire] magazine. “You don’t even think about it. The first bathing suit your mother buys you is in the shape of a triangle.” I don’t doubt Sofia’s veracity– or that she’s a babe– but somehow photos of her in a “dental-floss bikini” seem a bit […]

Kelly Brook’s bum

Yeah, I like it: Comfortable and breathable clothes are always recommended for a cardio workout, especially on a gloriously sunny day like today. So let’s just hope Kelly Brook had room to move as she left her home today in a very tight pair of leggings to go for a run. And they left little […]

Silly Western girls could do worse

I suppose, than emulate Little Mix: Their urban style may divide fashion experts but teenage girls want to look  like Perrie Edwards, Leigh-Anne Pinnock, Jesy Nelson and Jade Thirlwall. Here we give 17-year-old dance student Sara Akata, of Barking, Essex, four  Little Mix makeovers and Sun fashion writer MELISSA SHEDDEN explains how YOU  can get […]

James Pinkerton reviews “The Hunger Games”

I follow certain trends in YA fiction, but I never get around to reading the sci-fi dystopian stuff so The Hunger Games adaptation isn’t a biggie for me.  I doubt it’s anything so spectacular (and I need Woody Allen to drag me into an actual theatre), but James Pinkerton, with whom I feel an affinity, […]

T-ara’s “Freedom” (let’s hope so)

As if T-ara’s affairs weren’t confused and stressful enough right now, this odd and intriguing development: T-ARA will bring their fans along on a backpack trip through Europe through an exclusive channel on YouTube. T-ARA’s agency representative said on March 24, “In April, T-ARA is going on a Europe backpack trip for 8nights 9days. The T-ARA […]

Let no cliche go to waste

Nobel literateur Barack Obama unleashes founts of stirring and original praise: Our strongest speaker since Lincoln, I’ve gathered.

What Suzy and I have in common

Not to deflect attention from Boram’s first day of twenty-six-dom or T-ara’s ongoing existential crisis (April 7th is the day we’ll know, but in the meantime I’m all a-panic), but I will note in passing this news item concerning esteemed K-pop titans miss A: Girl group miss A’s Suzy shared about her first kiss experience. In ‘Entertainment in […]

Happy Birthday Boram!

Whew! almost missed this. Well, I suppose it’s already the 23rd in Korea, but here we can still celebrate. Our beloveable Boram who today turns 26 oft considered the most glorious year in a woman’s life but may this and every year be a long and happy one for our Boram along with all her […]

BFFs 4evar!!!

Probably– probably– even the people who come up with this stuff know they’re full of crap.  Well, one could hope . . . . Teachers are banning schoolkids from having best pals — so they don’t get  upset by fall-outs. Instead, the primary pupils are being encouraged to play in large groups. Educational psychologist Gaynor Sbuttoni said […]

Too mean to Malia?

After Maliascrubgate became an issue– and then the Mexican earthquake compounded things and suddenly it became ‘alright’, vis-a-vis wholesome worries for the First Daughter’s safety, to acknowledge her trip– somehow there dropped into the spotty national discourse that this was all a school trip— you know, educational. Well, maybe . . . . It is curious though, why […]

Yay, freedom!

Mitt Romney handles a whiny heckler.

Maliascrubgate: why is this child on “Spring Break” to begin with?

I actually have a T-ara conspiracy meme freaking me out that I’ll have to write about later, but I’ve just encountered this: Have you heard that Malia Obama, the president’s daughter, is reportedly spending her spring break in Oaxaca, Mexico? Allegedly, she’s jetting off with some of her classmates and 25 Secret Service agents to […]

Never Let Her Go: our beloved “Fake maknae”

(and unnie) is Boram! Always beloved.  T-ara Hwaiting!!

K-pop Ragnarok: The Looming Doom of T-ara

After some post-burrito nose-tweaking of anonybot Boole-Russell Sprouts, I went to immerse myself in the purifying ablutions of T-ara’s “Cry Cry” on youtube.  And, basking in the post-musical glow, I turned to read the latest effusions from fellow devotees in the comments and I find– Some unspeakeable horror alluded to.  Bing, what can you find out? […]

Remarkable dependence: the cant of feminist ambition

One of Lawrence Auster’s alert readers directs his attention to this commentary from Margaret Talbot in The New Yorker: It would be hard to imagine a more unlikely historical moment than this one for birth control to become a matter of outraged political controversy. For starters, there is the statistic that ninety-nine per cent of […]

Bulgarian Communism’s Mountain Monument Hideaway

Buzludzha.  Admittedly too cool to be kitsch. At least as long as it’s buried in Tarkovskiesque snow. Have you ever been to a place where Blofeld might feel at home?

Photo I.D.

Oh come now!  they don’t really make you show ID to get in an R-rated movie, do they? That’s probably jus raciss . . . . Update:  A vigorous thread today at Althouse.  Hoosier Daddy writes in the comments: It’s not that insomuch as it is one more hurdle they need to overcome to commit […]

The Gloss of Perfection

Gratia with her Nymphs and twin sisters dares, naked, to lead the dance. The year and the hour that snatch our day warn us not to hope for eternal life.   Horace is such a heathen– wouldn’t Vergil have us hope, at least, for eternal life?  But then, Horace is hailing the return of Spring, […]

Like a feral doll: the androgyny of Kara’s Park Gyuri

K-pop juggernaut Kara’s Park Gyuri: Is her androgyny stealthy? Her’s is not a butch image at all, but do you see what I mean if I say, there’s an ambiguity?  A hardness somehow, something at least equivocally masculine about her.  Something tigerish, fierce in her features– to say nothing, obviously, of that tawny mane.  Regal, but subsuming almost an ugliness; […]

“Random? That sounds like hippie talk to me”

Hello? Have you ever listened to the lyrics on “Born to Run”?! Yes, movement is involved in running, but it was scarcely an optimistic attitude. Springsteen had us running from the “death trap,” the “suicide rap” that was the “runaway American Dream.” That home town of yours supposedly “rips the bones from your back.” Yeah, […]

“The mother-of-one dressed comfortably . . . giving her skin-tight leather trousers a rest”

“in favour of some waxed jeans, which she paired with a denim shirt and casual knit.”  –Who else?!

Justice Department says to the state of Texas:

“I cannot conclude that the state has sustained its burden” of showing that the newly enacted [voter ID] law has neither a discriminatory purpose nor effect, Thomas E. Perez, the head of the Justice Department’s civil rights division, said in a letter to the Texas secretary of state. Lucius to the Department of Justice:  I […]

Good reply

I enjoy this exchange between Lesley Stahl and former Mossad chief Meir Dagan: Stahl: Here are some of the things that have been said and written about you. “Hard charging.” “Stop at nothing.” Somebody who, quote, “eats Arabs for breakfast.”  Dagan: I am not responsible for what you are describing. I want to try this […]

Introducing Mrs. Somesuch

In my dreams . . . .  ah, Hyomin. Or Eunjung?  Or Qri or Boram or Soyeon . . . ?  Ah . . . . Wait, here’s more: If you’re asking why T-ara, one of the biggest pop groups in Asia, is engaged in this bizarre reality tv charade of interviewing with an airline […]

“Be tempted by teal”

I love the literalism of Express, always right up front with the inseam.  That’s some slutty marketing. And I’m a slutty blogger.

“Those girls . . .” T-ara pranks and giggles

Well, I was amused. Though I feel for Eunjung.  Is ‘1 minute 45 sec’ a mistranslation?  Isn’t that a long time? I just held mine for 45 seconds, but then, I’m not a demigod. Poor thing.

Brave New World: Anna Smajdor’s exopregnant feminist nightmare

Brave New World is afoot: I would like to close with an imaginary scenario: You, the reader, from behind the veil of ignorance, are asked whether you would prefer to be born into society A, where women bear all the risks and burdens of gestation and childbirth, as they do now, or society B, where […]

“Young Slutwalker!”

The Dated Side of the Farce: “It is your destiny!” He’s not even thinking about hitting that.  Hell, no!

T-ara has entered the building/ Pop playdate

Teenyboppers in the morning: In other, probably unrelated footage, T-ara play at domesticity, the world’s most charming and necessary (besides pop goddessdom, which is only for the very elect few) work: Life as it should be lived.  Archetypes are activated!

Slut Power! (not so much)

Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit: The political reaction to “slut” was opportunistic, of course, but it worked with a lot of women because — apparently, even in this age of sexual liberation and “slut pride” — women are still somehow deeply affected by charges of wanton and undiscriminating sexual behavior.  This might even account for the […]

A day without T-ara “self cam”

is plain without sunshine.  From right to left, Eunjung, Hwayoung, Qri, and a mostly indifferent Boram (except when she’s slapping Qri): I still, still have barely begun to annotate the chestfuls of T-ara televised performances, but I just came across this (barely noticed) one, a February “Lovey Dovey” in fine mettle, minus Eunjung (still out […]