Daily Archives: 2012-02-10

Obama, Catholics, and Contraception

If you’re too poor to get contraception, you’re too poor to get laid. Harsh?  Well, I’m trying my hand at my own “Proverbs of Hell” a la William Blake.  “Purgatorial Proverbs” perhaps?  –And this protest shot below is from Britain, but it’s just too cute to pass up: ABC News’ Jake Tapper offers a he […]

Bikini bride

Obviously, no fashion High Concept sells itself like the fantasy image of a smutty bride: This is one Kate Upton, a 19 year-old from Michigan, and I assume, based upon the Daily Mail‘s extolling of her “voluptuous” frame, she’s being positioned as the next great whale wonder in “curvy” “real girl” modeling. You’ll have to forgive […]