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3 cupcakes, 1 poem, 1 dinner out, 1 Mozart Symphony, 3 Romney wins, 3 viewings of “Genie”, and then

some eleventh hour goofing around with my goddessy friends, T-ara: “whose purity is beautiful”!  Ah, another day in the life . . . . Advertisements

The Admiral Kuznetsov was in Syria

In addition to upgrading a military radar installation on Syrian soil, used to provide intelligence to Assad and early-warning to Iran of an air attack, Russia provided this cover for Iran’s nuclear program: While the upgrade of Jabal Al Harrah was under way from January through mid-February, the Russian aircraft carrier Kuznetsov was in the Syrian […]

They call it “self cam” in Korea

Well, maybe they call it that everywhere.  But in Korean, verbs come at the end of the sentence, so there may be something hardwired into the grammar about self + camera that lets the verb fly into the ether:  “I’m self camera!” sounds so much more densely emphatic than “I’m filming myself,” don’t you think? In […]

Miranda Kerr keeps up tradition

Now what do you suppose Miranda Kerr was wearing when she got off the plane?  Miranda was again wearing the extremely-tight black leather trousers she had on as she left Australia, along with a striped long-sleeved T-shirt and gold high heels. God be praised.  He still has at least one Western woman on his side. […]

“Barbie Dolls for ruining everything”: Althouse linguistics

Ann Althouse formulates a new law of  journalism.  Or at least, female linguistics: Whenever researchers find something to be true of females, they will interpret and report it as evidence of female superiority. As I’ve pointed out many times, this rush to patronize women reveals an underlying fear that women actually are inferior. Althouse actually […]

Would you let this woman serve you a drink?

In the insignificant Western peninsula known as Italy, ladyfolks are in a roar over this local’s entrepreneureal tactics.  The Daily Mail says: After eight years running a bar, Laura Maggi suddenly found men beating a path to her door. Not for the quality of her coffee  and aperitifs, but because she had started appearing for […]

Congratulations Woody!

The awesomely gifted writer-director of Anything Else, Match Point, Scoop, and You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger has truly arrived– though really Best Picture and Director awards would’ve been justly bestowed too. What the hell was the rest of that all about though? Scorsese’s Hugo has been a complete mystery from the start.  I […]

The Platonic Form of 9th Grade

When I was a child, before I ever boarded a schoolbus for the first, terrible time, I had this rather wild notion of what it was like on the inside. I must’ve derived my ideas from watching “Solid Gold” with my cousins, because I figured the inside of the schoolbus would be a lot like the stage sets on that […]

Eunjung wears spectacles

I wear spectacles too, Eunjung!!

Every day of my life (Jiyeon interpretation)

Dawn of the Idols: T-ara’s determinations, doodlings, and fun daily doings

T-ara, the world’s most idolizable pop group.  What’s Life like inside the bubble of the most awesome music act to bestride the narrow earth?  As these K-pop goddesses continue their tireless efforts to fill our world with Beauty and Cuteness and Cool, I’m sure even the most carping, haggard, aged anti-fans will feel a bit brighter to behold so […]

The Ninth Takeaway: or, How to browbeat the GOP candidates

Carl M. Cannon’s “Nine Takeaways from the Arizona Debate” isn’t a bad sort of– er, takeaway– from the Arizona debate, but I was intrigued by the ninth point Cannon finds to takeaway: 9. The GOP has a diversity problem. The four candidates and their questioner were white men, as were all of the questioners in […]

Revenge of the Earworms: T-ara vs. their Doubters

We here at Lucius Somesuch welcome readers to disgrace themselves with a free display of their tone-deafness, but for some people such shows are a paying (??) gig. Just to be evenhanded– and don’t I love a fight?– here’s some of what allkpop’s critics (a notoriously anti–T-ara bunch, for reasons which might elude us) have said about […]

Six Times Wrong: T-ara’s “Lies”

Yes, it may sound a bit like it came from the mid-90s instead of 2009, but indulge us.  A fun slice of melodrama all round: “Lies” is something of a fan favorite, and it’s not hard to understand why.  The artful simplicity of its roundelay is the frosted shell icing  a river of hurt,  spouting from Hyomin and Soyeon or purling […]

Just enjoy: miss A’s “Breathe”

I mostly despise minimalism in everything, and especially where it comes to shuffling, minimally-thumping dance-pop.  But this is a very happy exception. Pictorially as well as musically, this is a bit like a Cosmo Girl take on Bjork, if those two institutions were both: A) not moribund; and B) duh, Korean. So this is a bit […]

Korean Cupcake: Orange Caramel’s “Magic Girl”

Orange Caramel is the first of three splinter-projects derived from K-pop girl group After School, which already enjoys in “Bang!” and “Shampoo” two of the great chestnuts in contemporary pop.  Yet After School’s output has been oddly hampered by unevenness, including definite lapses in quality control where the videos are concerned as well as some […]

Puppyrush: 4minute’s “First”

I think I’m gonna start tapping my butt like this when I’m waiting in line for lunch at K&W. This is 4minute, K-pop’s most elite purveyors of electro-hop-nurave dance music [NB: this song is in Japanese, though].  That particular matrix of styles is not my first cup of choice, but they do make it briskly entertaining. In […]

These cute outfits may have cost something in mobility

but how can I complain when they’re so goshdarn cute?  Options for “Bo Peep Bo Peep” are never exhausted: And here, by the by, is an apparently “full” version of the Japanese edit with surrounding “story”: “Story” is an everpresent hazard when you’re a favorite of the gods.  As I too well know (meow).

Something like ABBA, but . . . Davichi’s “Don’t Say Goodbye”

Proof that Korean riches never cease, here is vocal duo and sometime T-ara collaborators Davichi with “Don’t Say Goodbye.” Besides my dropped chin, I offer no further comment . . . . Just these poor, confused tears. And an encore. Tremendous!

Hwayoung’s twin sister’s gig: 5Dolls’ “Like This Like That”

T-ara’s youngest member and lead rapper Hwayoung has an older twin Hyoyoung in labelmate group 5Dolls. Which–especially considering Hwayoung is a leading contender even among her elite peers as my fantasy T-ara bride, is plenty good enough to recommend 5Dolls to my attention. Which good expectations are more than validated by this frothy slice of […]

Ann Coulter on Obamaception

It’s not that I’m against contraception.  Or even the Morning After Pill.  A cosmic economy of soul-formation whereby every single time a sperm cracks an egg we get Immortal Human Life boggles my imagination, as apparently (but don’t make me cite chapter and verse) it did for at least some of the early Church Fathers.  Anyway, I take […]

Diversity Perversity

The elite Daily Mail of the United Kingdom lifts the Sayers-scented veils at Scotland Yard to reveal the hijinks within.  Poirot yourself a cuppa and enjoy: Scotland Yard officers have been asked to enter a poetry competition on the theme of ‘gender equality’. The prize is a chance to have ‘elevenses’ with the Met’s head […]

“This is the essence . . . . “

While I keep putting off my coverage of Antonio Berardi’s Fall/Winter 2011 collection, which I’d really like to pay homage to while it’s still, technically, some sort of “Fall/Winter 2011”, I have to put in a picture for Fall 2012’s Marchesa, brought to us from that aesthete and pessimist’s Book of Common Prayer, the Daily […]

“It could even be Santorum, weak and pathetic as that is”

Mickey Kaus is my idol, but even so, it’s only happenstance that I went back and re-caught this New Year’s Eve discussion in which he foresees the layout of the campaign.

A Camille Paglia coinage

I resumed a long-delayed rereading of Sexual Personae before inexplicably dozing off after a rousing cup of Nescafe’s Mountain Blend and two (count ’em, two) glazed donuts with her account of the Venus of Willendorf.  In one especially memorable formulation she whips off a paragraph with the concluding fragment:  “Mind under matter.” I laughed with […]

Our week in search terms (Feb 8th ed)

Overdue, and better never than late, our latest top ten in weekly search terms: 10.  italian porno star milly Well, look what you made me look up:  if it isn’t another porn star in Italian politics! If elected, D’Abbraccio wants to create a red light area with strip clubs, erotic discos and sex shops called “Love […]

K-pop Gaga

It could be worse.  I mean hey, they didn’t kill anyone.  Though it’s a bit disconcerting when they start shooting up the place. They are a lot easier on the eyes– and ears too– than Lady Gaga.  OMG, that pink pleather jacket and the black latex pants!!!  She looks so fabby.  I almost want to […]

Toward the Nature of Evil

In the interstices of my comfortable life of virtuous T-ara listening, smoothroast coffee-drinking, and talking on the phone with my mother for a solid fifty-seven minutes, I’ve been thinking about the nature of evil.  Contemplating the career of K*t* P*rr* who, despite some readers continued disbelief, truly is a unique perversion and outrage in the history of […]

T-ara sells cosmetics

A making-of and then the advert.  Charming, sparkling, highbrow.  No dumb sluts could ever promote makeup so effortlessly and engagingly.

Crown of Tears: T-ara’s “Good Person”

The earliest of early T-ara:  so early that the official video includes the two pre-debut members who left, to be replaced by Soyeon and Boram.  So let’s experience it first with a canonical T-ara lineup, even though Qri, let alone Hwayoung, had not yet joined: This probably could’ve fit comfortably on country music radio in the […]

How hideous is ‘hideous’?

That hideous.

Obama, Catholics, and Contraception

If you’re too poor to get contraception, you’re too poor to get laid. Harsh?  Well, I’m trying my hand at my own “Proverbs of Hell” a la William Blake.  “Purgatorial Proverbs” perhaps?  –And this protest shot below is from Britain, but it’s just too cute to pass up: ABC News’ Jake Tapper offers a he […]

Bikini bride

Obviously, no fashion High Concept sells itself like the fantasy image of a smutty bride: This is one Kate Upton, a 19 year-old from Michigan, and I assume, based upon the Daily Mail‘s extolling of her “voluptuous” frame, she’s being positioned as the next great whale wonder in “curvy” “real girl” modeling. You’ll have to forgive […]

Liberal Catholics are weird

I read a fair number of conservative (“traditionalist”) Catholic intellectuals.  In large part this is because, as an adherent of Classical philosophy (in a nutshell, Plato and Aristotle, plus certain popularizers like Seneca; but I do enjoy Augustine and Aquinas too) there’s a certain complementariety of world view, in spite of my non-Catholic, indeed secular and […]

“A Sacred Thing”

I’ll buy that.  Anyway, she has her hobbies too.  And a Kohl’s campaign coming up.  Still, still, if I were her, I might miss the Vicki’s catwalk. When I was a kid, I was obsessed already with fashion images.  This was the android 80s with the wide-eyed blank dollface look.  “Why is she looking at me like […]

Where’s that blasted Martial?

I’ve got a bit of a migraine and so, not so much to say for myself today, but:  where the bloody devil has my Michie Martial gotten off to? Whatever’s the one book I want, it’s the one book I can’t find.  Anywhere.

Who let M.I.A. into the country anyhow?

I always have heated debates about M.I.A. with my hipster-y female friends who adore her.  To tell the truth, musically I suppose she could be worse, but I don’t find her highly listenable.  More to the point, what bugs me about her is that basically she’s a sempiternal Art School Brat whose whole fame is built around […]

You can’t throw the ball and catch it too. . .

Everybody likes a bit of an underdog, but I harbor no gratuitious contempt for unbridled, crushing success and so, I really wouldn’t have minded if the New England Patriots had won the Superbowl.  Especially since, in the last such match-up, the Giants won. Now, you can’t really take away from the Patriots their long run […]

Russian Eyes

The Daily Mail rounds up a Russian photo competition. (above)  A beggar and his dog wrap up against the cold in Novosibirsk.  Below, Airborne Assault forces on the move.  Also included are some striking cityscapes, a bit or two more of Russian military might, and a nubile hottie dancing in a St. Petersburg fountain with a […]

Take a Bow: T-ara Kneels to the Fans

Alert poster SayakaAndo notes the moment at 1:35 where “T-ARA leader Soyeon tells the members that they will kneel & bow”. Of course, she’s just making sure they regard their duty as the world’s most elite pop act, just as Eunjung, Boram, or Hyomin would’ve done when they served their terms as Leader before her.  […]