Romney IS like Poppy Bush

And I like that.

     It’s fine of her to notice, except I notice her sarcasm– but what am I saying?  It’s Dowd!

     I would affix an NB:  Willie Horton was a resentment that deserved stoking.  His heirs in crime leave me plenty stoked, in the ill way.  Kids pretending to be “gangstas”, jeez.  Do Dowd and Lee Siegel think they’re supposed to get wise Latinas, hypenated foreigners, and an in vitro Sudanese gay kid for president from now on? 

     Siegel’s bizarre MLK Day editorial has been well dispensed with already by sharper wits than mine.  It goes a ways towards establishing multicultural orthodoxy as, among other things, a vehicle of paranoia.  How many turns is Barack Obama supposed to be entitled to at the wheel on account of The Historical Legacy Of Racism?  Worse still, how much Jergens self-tanner is Romney, or any other highly qualified candidate, supposed to slather on in order to mitigate his unutterable whiteness– that Hawthornian birthmark of supposed illegitimacy in the nation that Plymouth Rock “landed on”?  Or is Bill Richardson 2016 the “way forward” in this sockpuppeteering doofus’ lexicon?

     If my theory is correct, he’ll have even fewer spectres to cry wolf about, since Romney will put Rice on the ticket and we can finally have a clean, articulate woman in national elected office.  All the same, I’m not in favor of willfully remaking all three branches over in the image of the current Supreme Court, just to satisfy the NYT’s subjective preferences.


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