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Le Sacre du T-ara: “Yayaya”

Cross a nine year-old’s birthday party, Lord of the Flies, and– I dunno, electro-house night at G-A-Y, and what would you get?  Maybe something near the manic meltdown of T-ara’s techno-pop musique concrete, “Yayaya”. I hate to lead off with the Japanese remake (that just doesn’t seem right), but the image is crisper and, though […]

T-ara’s Wardrobe Malfunction

K-Netizens’ hearts aflutter, and not for voyeuristic pleasure:  T-ara’s  “triple crown”  in frenzied K-pop tv video competition (okay, I haven’t figured out what it means yet, but I see it comes up; I’ll get back to that) has been tarred by the painful spectacle of Hwayoung suffering an inadvertent ni**le-flash on television during a performance of […]

T-ara’s Fairytale Schemes and Schoolgirl Daydreams: “Apple is ‘A'” and “I Go Crazy Because of You”

For a group publicly active only since the middle of 2009, K-pop deities T-ara have produced a remarkably versatile and fecund body of work.  From their earlier period as a sextet (Hwayoung joined the group in July 2010) here are two chestnuts, presented back to back for maximum glee. First, our heroes in a musical tie-in advert campaign.  […]

A moment for mere mortal folly

Lest I be accused of becoming some sort of K-pop monomaniac (and we’ll get today’s T-ara two-fer up later, not to worry!), I’ve taken a gander at today’s Daily Mail.  Yes, one does have to make an effort to stay well-rounded, much as I despise to begrudge even a moment’s mental effort to anything anymore […]

“Genie” Double-dip

Girls’ Generation descend from blue heavens, dance across the sky, rock your world with brightness. Mission Accomplished.

Blood on the Dancefloor: T-ara’s Disco of the Dead

For a song called “Lovey Dovey”, this has an unexpectedly brooding tone.  Like one of t.A.T.u.’s hard, glittering tracks of doom, it’s somehow almost– menacing.  Danceable, oh yes, but– But then, we should always expect surprises from the world’s most elite pop act, T-ara.  And surely nothing adds that little extra frisson of edge to your […]

Tunnel of Love: Girls’ Generation’s “Genie” Epiphany

The Birth of Venus, thirteen feet wide, is a pagan altarpiece. . . .  In this cultic epiphany, Venus dominates the eye, as she dominates the picture plane.  She rises from the starbust shell (a trumpeting petrifaction of her splashing foam) to stand in Apollonian sunlight.  She is sex and love washed clean of mystery and […]

If you’re a six year-old boy

and you watch this video– you will grow up to be gay. But then, they didn’t have this when I was growing up.  Whew– dodged a bullet there! [Ed.:  Funny thing I noticed in your bathroom, Lucius.  Why does your sink appear to have half a dozen pair of pastel g-strings soaking in it?  Isn’t […]

T-ara’s Ghost World: “Why Are You Being Like This?”

K-pop powerhouses T-ara, with one of their best songs.  In other words, just another day for  T-ara: I just love this.  The retro flourishes are sophisticated, but what’s really terrific is how the whole effect dovetails with the song’s offkilter, high-energy melancholy.  That remarkable bridge– the way it evokes the excitement and danger of attraction, love, trouble— it […]

Things that go “Bang!”

“T-R-Y!!  Do it now!!!” “T-R-Y!!  Pick it up!!” “You’ll never catch me!!  O–oh no!!!”

Our week in search terms (ending Jan. 18th)

     I took the cullings last Wednesday, but I’ve been behind.  No time like the present to unload these, since I’ll take a fresh batch tomorrow.  –With apologies to the anonymous netizen throngs, here is the weekly Top Ten of searching formulations that have led you, Gentle Readers, to these shores: 10.  threesome experience Now how […]

It’s not April Fool’s– Right?

     This is news to me, and quite hard to wrap my head around:  a Frank Gehry DC monument to Dwight Eisenhower?: Plans for the memorial, designed by architect Frank Gehry, call for a  life-size statue of a barefoot, seven-year-old Ike surrounded by  eight-story-tall pillars. The pillars hold up basketball court-sized steel mesh  tapestries that […]

Bo Peep Bo Peep Bo Peep Bo Peep Bo Peep Bo Peep Bo Peep Oh!!!

         This: is the grooviest thing– you’re ever gonna hear– in your entire life.  I’m ashamed to admit this but, I watched this the other night amid a bunch of other Northeast Asian and East European music videos, and I liked it– I even mentioned it (or rather T-ara, because I forgot the song’s […]

K-pop’s “Gone With the Wind”

When you’re rapping under the cherry blossoms, that’s when you know, you’re in K-pop Nirvana: One of the most staggering pop artefacts I’ve ever seen.

Doda, Bird

     This is Doda, a Polish pop singer, and according to wikipedia she’s been voted one of the ten most famous Poles in history.      She joined a band called Virgin when she was sixteen, and they released an eponymous album which has so far sold 13,700 copies.  Wait, she’s one of the ten most famous Poles […]

Hispander fodder

      Matthew Jaffe writes for ABC’s The Note, reporting from South Carolina in advance of the GOP primary there: With the state’s Republican primary set for Saturday, the immigration issue is once again on people’s minds here. South Carolina was the state with the biggest Hispanic population growth in the past decade, a jump of […]

The view from the back?

Okay . . . . But where’s the view from the back?!?  We NEED to see the Kaviar Gauche g-string bridal gown from the back!!!      More sleazy than the g-string aspect is the fact that the outfit’s made like a “body harness,” but oh well.  Frolics, frolics, ja? Here’s some of their fun non-bridal stuff backstage, […]

Thursday Night Fanmail Club (bottoms up ed.)

Ed.:  Hi Mickey! Me:  Hey Bob! Ed.:  How does life treat you? Me:  Swell actually, for the most part. Ed.:  That sounds like an inapt qualification,  “for the most part”? Me:  Well, I consider it a good day; only, I took a little nap which perhaps wasn’t the wisest choice. Ed.:  Your naps usually turn […]

Armani Exchange Winter 2011

     Speaking of fag hags and good girls with bad habits, can somebody find me an English major who’s not too immodest (nor too brazenly good-hearted, for that matter) who wears Armani Exchange?      Maybe one who looks more like the blonde but wears the shiny gray pants?  Though I love brunettes– actually I love […]

Romney IS like Poppy Bush

And I like that.      It’s fine of her to notice, except I notice her sarcasm– but what am I saying?  It’s Dowd!      I would affix an NB:  Willie Horton was a resentment that deserved stoking.  His heirs in crime leave me plenty stoked, in the ill way.  Kids pretending to be “gangstas”, jeez.  […]

That the author describes herself as

a feisty, sassy girl-woman trying to have it all probably says it all.  Or at least, says too much. And as a recovering effeminate four year-old, I should have plenty to say about that at some point.

English Rose

Does anybody have something to say?  I thought there was a critic in the house.     But who can argue with God? [NB:  Yes, I know she’s from Australia.]


For as regards nature, experience presents us with rules and is the source of truth, but in relation to ethical laws experience is the parent of illusion, and it is in the highest degree reprehensible to limit or to deduce the laws which dictate what I ought to do, from what is done.                              –Immanuel […]

Cheeky girl

     No, not her— not for the moment.      Who’s this adorable peach on the right?  One Shailene Woodley, as it happens, star of “The Secret Life of the American Teenager”, a show about a preggers teen that’s apparently been on the air long enough now to get the little bastard off to State Tech.  […]


in the moment Man has come closest to the face of God.

A Pink Train

Not that I can pretend to take something called a “People’s Choice Award” seriously, but: Demi Lovato did, bless her pink train. And all her pinkness.  Take another picture . . . . My Beloved Ex had the most varied and lovely repertoire of noises to indicate moods of triumph and extreme appetition.  In my […]


Pleasure for the beautiful body, but Pain for the beautiful Soul.           –Oscar Wilde

Our week in search terms

     Really I do feel a bit Orwellian about this, but– wordpress features a list of search terms by which the eager mobs find their way over here.  As a sort of mirror-image of the blog, it’s not always flattering, though sometimes amusing and, occasionally, inspiring.  As a reader of Leibniz, I do believe even […]

“Cute but kinky”?

. . . says the Daily Mail?  Oh, we’ll bite, we’ll bite! Cute but kinky: Jessica Alba livened up her demure LBD with a sexy PVC fabric as she attended a Golden Globes party last night As a mother of two young children, Jessica Alba has drastically toned down her sexy outfit choices since having […]

Take her for all in all

     Kelly Brook is a dame: And you won’t see her like, likely.

Happier then

My mother, aged ninety, assures me that the breakdown of family life began on the first occasion a person declared guilty in a divorce case was asked to dinner.  Forget when they got allowed into the Royal Enclosure at Ascot.  Yes, folks, there was a time when moral blame was levelled at those who erred […]


Irina Shayk has her principles: Just last week the model posed topless on the front cover of Esquire magazine, and in an interview inside revealed that she had been offered ‘so much money’ to pose naked for Playboy magazine. But despite feeling more than comfortable stripped down to skimpy briefs, Ms Shayk said that baring […]

Leather, now and then

     Building on the last couple of ruminations here (and, ah, being directed from the right-side ad screen in my inbox–thanks, O mindreading Internet!), I find more evidence of this rubbed-raw look in current leatherwear: I don’t want to fret this issue to death, but– why should a pair of brandnew pants look so freakin’ […]

Diesel Black Gold Fall/Winter 2011

     From the folks who bring us Stupid Island— or whatever the hell it’s called– some maximalism to street-luxe your balmy winter nights:      So you’re telling me you don’t want to look like a Heinz ketchup bottle that auditioned for Almost Famous?  Jeez, whaddaI have to do to meet some fun people?  Yes, maybe […]

California lawmaker shoplifts leather pants, blames brain tumor

     If it weren’t for the Daily Mail, whatever would I do with my time?  I’d have to join a convent, or finish my novel. A judge sentenced a California lawmaker to three years of probation after she pleaded no contest to stealing leather pants and other merchandise, thefts that her attorney blamed on a […]

Who’s that girl?

     Teen stardom’s most provocatively playful  siren gave her tweeps something to savor at the twilight of 0h-eleven: Apparently that means twitter gets the photo credit too, even though Demi did the hard arting around and the Daily Mail passed it on to all the world.  Yep, ’tis Demi wigging around in the privacy of her brassieres! Alas, her […]

Cake, McCloud

. . . . –why do you think wives and fiances go clubbin’? 2 dance? If they wanted to dance, why wouldn’t they just put a boom box in the middle of their living room, and dance, dance, dance?          I’ve often wondered the same thing myself–  not to mention my little fantasies […]

Punkass Kids

     Was it Madonna who first pointed out, Life’s a stage? Do a quick search on YouTube and find dozens of videos of teachers “flipping out” to the jeering laughter of students — a music teacher smashes a violin, another spits on a student in full classroom meltdown. In this form of bullying, known as […]

About the sum of it . . . .

     Don’t laugh; it could happen.  [Ed.:  So you think Romney might win, then?]  –Smartass, who’s the guy in the background? . . .      [Update]  Okay, I’ll double-dip.  For our 2nd feature:      It’s funny because it’s true.