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Sharon in the UK tells the “Daily Mail” . . .

boring news…she has worn skinny black jeans, shiny leggings, whatever skinny trousers, since she has given birth to Lourdes…it’s all for the paps so they think she is so skinny ….yawn…        Yes we know!  And we’re happy to invite “waxed trousers” into the genus of Tight Shine we’re so happy to assist the […]

Yeah, baby!

     Irreconcilable differences? My guess:  she does drugs, he put his foot down.  Way to go, man.  Cheers!

At the end of Saul Bellow’s “Mr. Sammler’s Planet”

     Am I right in thinking that Mr. Sammler is telling his wayward niece, in so many words, to go give her dying father a blowjob on his deathbed?      Because I am completely convinced of this but I can’t find anybody to back me up.  Has noone ever suspected?  I read an old hardcover, […]

Ann Coulter for Romney: choosing priorities

     Conservative chat’s uber-blondeazon (and Mickey Kaus pal) Ann Coulter gives a barebones summation on why the Republican field yields only one reasonable pick:      Taxes can be raised and lowered. Regulations can be removed (though they rarely are). Attorneys general and Cabinet members can be fired. Laws can be repealed. Even Supreme Court justices […]

Riches . . .

Riches are for spending, and spending for honor and good actions.  –Francis Bacon


     Miranda Kerr comes up roses: and has a new ad campaign for Bally, featuring among other goodies some sort of leather skirt– but the Daily Mail‘s photos are a bit faded (are they leaked, or is the scanner just off this morning?) so I’ll wait for better pics.      Speaking of roses:  The Daily […]

Small classics: Robert Benton’s “Still of the Night”

     Reflecting on what I do or (mostly) don’t like about J. Lee Thompson’s Happy Birthday to Me, I found the film of comparison I thought would be most helpful as a pointer to “what might’ve been” in terms of what would be needed to elevate Thompson’s little slasher to the status of genre classic– […]

Fiat Filmmaking: J. Lee’s little giallo

     If ever a script could’ve used a good call to order, it’s the one for J. Lee Thompson’s 1981 slasher/giallo thriller Happy Birthday to Me.      Though I can’t say for sure, it’s certainly plausible that I caught sight of this poster art as a vhs cover as a kid.  It’s the kind of […]

The God of This World

     Some say that ever ‘gainst that season comes      Wherein our Saviour’s birth is celebrated,      This bird of dawning singeth all night long;      And then, they say, no spirit dare stir abroad,      The nights are wholesome, then no planets strike,      No fairy takes, nor witch hath power to charm,      […]

Happy Holidays

Miranda Kerr puts on lingerie, saves Christmas

           Because if we don’t have Miranda Kerr to look forward to, what have we got?  Sure, sure, God is on his throne and everything, but I need Diotima to throw me a bone.  And my goodness, the Daily Mail would be an applied lesson in Schopenhauereanism if it weren’t for leggy, busty, dewy Miranda […]

Is Hungary Fascist?

     A rather shocking read from Mead: If the current Hungarian government gets its way, maybe so. The government of Hungary, led by Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and his Fidesz Party, is pushing the country away from democracy and toward authoritarian nationalist rule with anti-Semitic undertones. A draconian media law severely restricts free speech, cultural […]

Late Night Reading

     Last night I picked up Muriel Spark’s The Comforters for the first time in almost three years, and started idly reading.  I’d read the book already, so I assumed the moral right to pick up just anywhere, for a little refresher.      Then I realized, with some horror but also a thrill of delight, […]

Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) raps

     The satiric genius (and crypto-evangelist?)  known only as Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) offers some lyrical reflections.  In part (scroll at the link to comments): one cock rule one cock rule i ain’t no beats fool i ain’t no beta tool over vampires and werewolfe you ginas all […]

Talkin’ ’bout my mass delusion

      Real Clear Politics links to this editorial from The Nation magazine: Some may worry that Obama is trying to co-opt Occupy in an election year. We say—let him try. The fact that the president’s speechwriters are cribbing from Occupy’s handmade posters is just one more indication of the movement’s major victory so far: it […]

Miranda Kerr vs. Rachel Bilson?

No contest:

Brave New World

     Kids today, they got nothing but problems: A few of the bad actors facing sentencing in Milwaukee County Children’s Court may soon have a chance to rectify their attitudes as well as their acting skills. A Milwaukee County Board committee on Thursday endorsed spending $65,000 for a local version of Shakespeare in the Courts, […]

The worst you can do

     Kelly Brook, stepping off a plane and into the harsh glare of the Daily Mail:      To think poor Kelly is thirty-two!  Wasn’t she only twenty-nine when I fell in love? (but maybe thirty).  And if I’d been British and in-the-loop, think of the years of prime pulchritude I could have followed in the […]

Toys for People’s Republic of China Boys

     This thing kinda freaks me out:      I mean, I know it’s not gonna start moving its arms and attack, but– Should we be building some kinda roborocket mechanogodzilla thing in response?      Note to my French Empire:  build lots of landing craft for the assault on China.  –Ooo, and marry a hot Indian […]

Happy Birthday, South Pole

     Oh, it’s a hundred years today since humankind first reached the South Pole?  Congratulations!      How’s that working out?

Toys for Boys

     This is the AMX-40, a prototype main battle tank France created in the early 1980s and never mass-produced.  They tried to make buyers out of Spain and Saudi Arabia, but there were no bids.      I’m obsessed with the AMX-40, and I’m not sure why.  Perhaps for the same reason I fantasize about driving a […]

Decline of the West

     Or something like that.  The inestimable Trooper York’s blog directs my attention to this:      Full disclosure:  if this chick were Somali, I wouldn’t be paying attention.  And yeah, David Bowie’s woman looks alright, but most of them not so much.  Not that you could tell with the burkhas and stuff.  Anyway, I like […]

Welcome to the jungle

     Demi Lovato can’t get enough of her giraffe-print tights:      And neither can the Daily Mail:      So, neither can I. Singer Demi Lovato was starting to become the enfant terrible of the teen world, but thankfully those wild times are behind her.      Blasphemy!

When in London . . . or in Lewiston

The Daily Telegraph reports: Shops were attacked, passers-by threatened and car windows smashed during a demonstration in central London against the election result in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Curious!  Is the “Democratic Republic of Congo” still part of the British Empire?  Was it ever? The carol concert was raising money for MacMillan Cancer Support. […]

With a name like Jessie J

you’d hope she wouldn’t be such a drip.  From what I can tell, she’s like a minxier-looking version of Natasha Bedingfield (good god! I’d hoped to have forgotten the name, but there it is, lurking amid the mental furniture.  There’s raindamp on that damn ledge, too).      Still– she is kinda minxy lookin’. . . […]

Francis Coppola’s “Tetro”: two tiny thoughts

     I.  Surely Coppola means it as the companion-piece to Rumble Fish?  Of course initially Rumble Fish was the companion-piece to The Outsiders, the Expressionistic art house chaser for the neo-Kazan teensqueak romanticism of its mainstream rival.  Coppla called Rumble Fish “an art film for kids”, and Tetro, with its total immersion in Oedipal family […]

Everything I know about Goa . . .

I learned from reading a smut novel: ‘Then what are you doing for Christmas? Going away?’  ‘No. Oliver likes a traditional Christmas at home. Why?’  ‘Well, Sarah and I thought of going to India for a month. Goa, to be exact. We wouldn’t leave till Christmas Eve, and the shop will be closed until the […]

Double-billing Coppola

     Returning to One from the heart after fifteen years:  it’s a masterpiece.  How could this deeply felt and recklessly ambitious tour de force be so hated?  Coppola birthed a Hollywood Godard movie– perhaps that’s the cause.  I cried amid chills at the end.  Coppola’s Cymbeline— I wonder if Robin Wood ever saw it?  Probably […]

A bit of cling?

     No, that’s not Kelly Brook, that’s, erm, Irina Shayk, giving us a litmus test over when too tight is Too Tight:      How do we feel about this?  Still collating data? . . . .      She’s a sexy girl, has the kind of look most straight men covet, as models go (i.e. more biker […]

A little bit of Miranda Kerr

     Courtesy of My Stylistic Life, my attention was directed to another bit of Miranda goodness, flouncing about the streets in yet another leathery concoction:      The Daily Mail gives us another gander at yet another leatherific outtie:      And, speaking of ganders, should I pass over this?:      Duh, not!!  [Ed.:  A bit skinny, isn’t she?  […]

Ann Coulter contra Gingrich

     Not a bad little hit job.  Gosh, these anti-Romney bubbles are a trip.  Is it about the Mormonism, really?  Maybe so.  Mormonism is kinda–  well, maybe Romney should drop some quiet hints he’s a closet deist?  But I’m distracting you from Ann Coulter’s sensible blonde sheen of takedown.  Money quote: The Tofflers’ recommendation that […]

Karlie Kloss is thin (i.e. TOO thin)

Rising supermodel Karlie Kloss has suffered a yanked Vogue Italia photo after– unforeseen complications!– her uberskinny frame appeared on pro-anorexia websites as an inspirational and aspirational, erm, model. Whereas if we just coveted Kloss’s frame for non-starving reasons . . . ?  Oh, why bother?  Vogue Italia waves its moral crusader credentials: Its appearance on so-called ‘pro-ana’ sites is […]

Quotable Quotes: Hipster Musings

 I have abandoned my former dreams of ‘Arctic Princess‘ and replaced them with the more sophisticated ‘Arctic Disco Queen’. The sweater and Cougar boots are super cozy, but I’m ready to jive with the penguins and polar bears in my navy disco pants. This winter is going to be the best.      Hopeful sentiments– from […]

Quotable Quotes: Lorena Cupcake

I wear kid’s clothes, vintage, fluo, secondhand, hand-me-downs, kitschy plastic jewelry, short skirts, knee high socks, stripes and rainbows, crayola colors, designer shoes, neon, children’s sizes, tiny toys, glow sticks, stripper heels, and anything that makes me smile even if I know it’s a terrible idea.      Style icon Lorena Cupcake on her wardrobe eclectica, […]

So-called 21st Century

These images of alien gas giant planets are an artist’s rendition of what they might look like. The images scientists gleaned were not this specific.      You don’t say!  –What the devil is the point of racking up lists of hundreds of alien planets if we can’t go there and blow shit up?      Just […]

I’m no fan of Bloomberg, but–

Speaking on Tuesday to students at M.I.T., the mayor said that in his ideal world he would fire half the city’s teachers and pay those remaining twice as much to teach classes double the current size. “If I had the ability, which nobody does really, to just design the system and say, ex cathedra, this […]

Demi Lovato on the prowl

     The sensuous and emotive teen diva explains what she’s looking for to (the UK’s?) Glamour.  The Daily Mail parrots: But now she is recovering from her woes she also revealed she is looking for a lover who can help her with her issues. She said: ‘Someone who’s not only supportive in my career but […]

When your coochie has its own country

My prediction for the 21st Century is that all hot women will be separatists. Also, they’ll make a lot of weird hand signs all the time.  They’re doing that already, in fact.  As with Miss Elsa Hosk, above.  “Elsa Hosk”– did a horse just neigh? I don’t know.  Maybe it was somebody’s penis.  They do […]

Dancing with a Mormon Sexbot

     I’ve never watched “Dancing With the Stars” in my life  [Ed.:  Hey, high-five, bro!].  But back in the day, I used to watch So You Think You Can Dance?  like, all the time  [Ed.:  (sigh)  F*gg*t.  — What?].   So that would be the memory-pool from whence I should draw up a groan of pained, frighted, desouling […]