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Althouse watches Sunday chat

     Althouse watches the Sunday morning political shows so we don’t have to.  Here’s her coverage of Tom Brokaw making a blowhard ass of himself, and then there’s gay hobbit Bob Schieffer trying to put a smackdown on Herman Cain.  On the latter comment thread I said:  Bob Schieffer is the George Hamilton of news. But […]

“Thankfully the other female guests of the night weren’t so revealing in their attire

      “but looked glamorous as they posed by giant bottles of Grey Goose vodka.”      For shame, Jaime Winstone, in your purple lipstick, platform heels, and your bare, bare bosoms!     Ah yes.  Because nothing screams class like covering up your boobs as you pose beside giant bottles of Grey Goose Vodka:

Rococo hearts on ice

     I’ve long admired Anne Rice’s passionately engaged amazon reviews, so I’ve been meaning to get started with my own series of effusive encomia.  I finally decided to get started with this: Barry Wordsworth’s five-disc cycle of Mozart Symphonies with the Capella Istropolitana splits the last five major compositions over as many discs, billing each with […]

That was fast (another “Arab Spring” bites the dust)

     Welcome to the jungle, Western well-wishers hailing the thousand desert blooms of Jeffersonian democracy. reports:  Days after Muammar Qadhafi’s capture and death, Libya’s interim  leader Mustafa Abdel Jalil, head of the Transitional National Council, announced  that the new country would be ruled in accordance to Sharia law, the Muslim  legal code found in […]

Narsha Narsha Narsha!!! (an interview)

     I’d been trying for weeks now to get in touch with my fabulous friend Narsha L.  Since we had such a fine time transcribing dialogue last Thursday here at Lucius Somesuch (and my apologies to the mailers– next Thursday we’ll get to some of you, I’m sure I promise!), we thought it’d be a lovely idea […]

Parisian sense

     While I’m debating whether I want to go out for a jar of coffee and some bar soap, or else just wing it on Red Rose tea and the last lovely piece of Pear’s, I’ll share a couple of pretty pictures from a recent roundup on BeLighter:       That’s rather G.V.G.V.esque with the socks and loafers […]

Thursday Night Fanmail Club (diavlog edition)

Ed:  Hey Mickey! Me:  Hey Bob! Ed:  How’s it going? Me:  Aaahm, it’s pretty good.  I had a nice late dinner, I– Ed:  You ate out? Me:  No, I– I had a burger in the microwave, I had  one of these Campbell’s soups, it’s like tomato and basil.  It’s supposed to be the low-sodium soup but they’ve […]

Good Girls in leather skirts

     Yes, well, I’m a sucker for anything. . . .      So if Teen Vogue is going to blog on stylistas flaunting leather skirts, sign me up, please!      This actually reminds me of the time I caught this rather, erm, plain-faced English major in the cafeteria, wearing some kind of blue p/leather skirt.  I handled […]

Cosi fan Tutte (“I don’t know who to trust!”)

     I have misgivings about glamour.  Hard lesson in life.  As a wee lad, I saw glamorous women up close.      Would I trust a glamorous woman today?  Hell no.   I want reliable girls.  Stable girls.  Sweetness and light, awww!!  See, just look at this bewitching bundle of sunshine!:      And, as The Onion likes to say,  . […]

The time is out of joint (so put on a swimsuit)

     Always and always, that same simple problem:  the incapacity to just Be Here Now.      Buddhists and Stoics, monastics and dropouts, have always complained of this.  If only we could get past this little common failure of ours– we’d have Paradise!      Oh, must we always sing that same old song?  You know, I’ve just heard […]

Thursday Night Fanmail Club (“O medicina gravis” edition)

     Good evening, Gentle Readers!  We at Lucius Somesuch have had a busy time of it lately– well, some critics might roll their eyes, but really it doesn’t take much to wear out those of us blessed with nervous constitutions, chronic migraines, dim eyesight, unemployable yet prodigious talents, and a lack of solicitude from wealthy patrons; […]

First, they came for your pacifier . . . . (California’s AB 74)

     “We found out later on that, Constitutionally, you can not ban a type of music. . . .”      That’s the money quote from California Assemblywoman Fiona Ma, who has just seen passed into law a bill targeting raves by banning the wearing of pacifiers and carrying stuffed toys at (large scale, overground) music events.      […]

Autumn comes to Urban Outfitters

       I’m slumming, I’m sure; but since I’m chasing around fashion imagery like the falling leaves, I’ll toss on a few hipsters from the new season’s offerings at Urban Outfitters [–Hand sanitizer, please?]      Hmm, maybe these looks are a bit undercooked?  The girls on the left do feel a bit like leftovers from […]

L’apres ski, le deluge: Barbara Bui’s icy patent princesses

     Though my ultimate allegiance is toward a kind of breezy, natural look that exudes emotional warmth even when using ‘hard’ elements like leather and skyscraping heels– as in the glorious G.V.G.V. Fall/Winter 2011 collection— I’m well able to appreciate a chillier, more futuristic use of techno fabrics and stark palettes.  Barbara Bui’s tough-as-nails winter warriors look like […]

Play your game (you know I wanna)

     I’ve been revisiting an old haunt of mine, a little “family restaurant” I used to go to alot whenever I was in the Big City to kill a pleasant day.  When My Brother From Another Mother and I discovered Pope Julius II was in the hospital and started paying him courtesy calls, I decided to take him […]

Yes, Mom, I was reading your Talbot’s catalog

     Hell, yeah!!      Like I said, just hold on to it for me cause I might, ah, need it for my blog?      Damn right, I want three eggs from the cafe.

Fall into Watteau: Jigsaw’s Autumn 2011 lookbook

      One major complaint in life:  everyone gives such short shrift to Mozart’s Piano Sonatas.  Why?  Because, of course, they’re not Beethoven’s sonatas!  Oh the temerity of not trying to revolutionize the form every single time you pick up the pen!  The result, unsurprisingly, is that so many works of delicacy and charm– truly, of […]

Bold New World (Agatha Ruiz de la Prada Spring/Summer 2011)

     If I could show you a world of impossible brightness, what would it seem like to your eyes?  Something unreal, a convocation of spirits, signifying nothing?  What!  Can Beauty ever only signify nothing?!  Oh ye of little faith!  Yes yes, into every life rain must fall, and dusty death must close behind us the door.  […]

“Chiced up”: All last Autumn’s boots, today

     Photographed by Miles Aldridge, brought to you by the color-crazed geniuses of– you becha!– Teen Vogue, here is last autumn’s “Country Living” spread,–  autumn boots in Technidigital-age splendor.  It’s like watching Suspiria, only nobody’s running away from anything!      If I had to choose, I’d splurge for the two central sets of booties:  I’m a […]

Crimp my punk

     From The Sartorialist via Miss Tallulah Porkchop,  comes this Swedish young lady waiting on a friend– or perhaps only just interested in her– what is that?  soup?  yoguhrt yogurht yoghurt/yogurt?  My spelling is as diffident as her appetite– perhaps we are both waiting on someone?      Does fashion reveal, or conceal?  Well, what does […]

Oxbridge dreams: G.V.G.V.’s magic “Youth Cult” collection

           Thanks to the fine blogger-aesthetes at fashionartisan, I’ve discovered the thrilling Fall/Winter 2011 collection (titled “Youth Cult”) from Japan’s G.V.G.V.  Take a look at fashionartisan’s review, and you can click for the full collection courtesy of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tokyo’s website.  From their gallery I cull just a few delightful morsels:      Brave a […]

Thursday Night Fanmail Club (10-06-11 edition)

     My Brother From Another Mother’s been hanging out with me a lot lately.  He sees pretty girls all the time, I see pretty girls none of the time, and we see each other seldom.  This is a volatile mix.  He had the idea we should start scoping out around the hospital because there’s a weird […]

Sombre Secretaries (sexy style): Veronique Leroy Fall 2011

     Veronique Leroy is one of my pet designers, though she seldom manages to set off the radar of the likes of Harper’s Bazaar or the most namedroppingly conscious of fashion consumers.  This almost certainly helps endear her to me; but much more important is her adventurous sense of style.  She makes the kind of clothes […]

Coronate this

     Britain may keep shrinking its navy, but we did something far worse and deep-sixed Guiding Light, whereas it looks as if the Brits have had, and will have, forever, something called Coronation Street about which I know nothing.      But then the Daily Mail comes charging in to waft breezes from some remote spicy […]

Don’t knock the secret code

until you’ve tried it. I was so tempted, just at the last second, to say– “Valkyrie!” Now how cool would that be? “And do you have the secret code?” “Operation Valkyrie is in effect.” “One moment please . . . .” ******* Update (overheard at the Lucius Somesuch offices): Ed.:  So here you post all […]

Elinor Dashwood: crossed swords in the sitting-room

          “What a sweet woman Lady Middleton is!” said Lucy Steele.           Marianne was silent; it was impossible for her to say what she did not feel, however trivial the reason; and upon Elinor therefore the whole task of telling lies when politeness required it, always fell.  She did her best when thus called on, […]