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An Haiku (in name only)

     I am a poet       But I wish I were a whore       Then I’d make some dough Advertisements

Thursday Night Fanmail Club (09-29-11 edition)

     Greetings!  Well, we’ve had a busy week in Lucius land, between, ah, reading Sense and Sensibility and those granola yogurt things and, ah,– stuff, stuff.  It happens around here.  Anyway, the Gentle Readers have been busy as well, and now it’s time to kick open the mailbox and reply to all our eager correspondents.      […]

Lucius avec Althouse contra Obama: Woman’s Man edition

          Earlier today on Althouse, I wrote (vis-a-vis Ann’s diavlog with Amy Sullivan on Obama’s, uhm, gender issues):            Certainly Robert Gibbs is no man’s man.  He looks like Karl Rove’s sweaty, sex criminal lost twin.           And Axelrod?  I can see why the women chose to bitch about Larry & Rahm instead:  less shame […]

Booblie Goethe

     What’s up with these weird big bare tittie covers Penguin souped up for Goethe’s Faust?      Part I is simply credited to “Photonica”.  I assume this is supposed to be Walpurgis Night, which may be allowed, I suppose, to encompass some Teutonic tittiedom.  But then here’s Part II’s cover: credited to Dominic Davies/Millenium Images.  I suppose […]

Convent clash: teen witches at Meadham Kirchhoff Fall 2011

     The folks at Bust magazine have posted their own rave review for the Meadham Kirchhoff Spring 2012 collection.  I have kinduva love/loathe thing with Bust, which I’ve read on and off for many a year and, rather sinfully, actually introduced to a couple of female crushes [Ed:  And how did that work out for […]

Child of nature: Marianne in “Sense and Sensibility”

     Elinor could not be surprised at their attachment.  She only wished that it were less openly shewn; and once or twice did venture to suggest the propriety of some self-command to Marianne.  But Marianne abhorred all concealment where no real disgrace could attend unreserve; and to aim at the restraint of sentiments which were […]

Do Meadham Kirchhoff understand girls? (do I?)

     I ask the question in an open-ended, non-judgmental sort of way.      The correlate: do riot grrl/3rd wave feminist/empowerment types understand girls?  After all, Meadham Kirchhoff are the anti-fashion fashion designers, much as many icons of grunge are, say, anti-pop pop stars (Courtney Love, PJ  Harvey) or otherwise perceived as swimming against some kind […]

Meet cute: quiet admiration at first sight in “Sense and Sensibility”

     Marianne’s performance was highly applauded.  Sir John was loud in his admiration at the end of every song, and as loud in his conversation with the others while every song lasted.  Lady Middleton frequently called him to order, wondered how any one’s attention could be diverted from music for a moment, and asked Marianne […]

Teen Vogue’s idea of “good girls”

     I’ve started rereading Sense and Sensibility— and rereading Austen, and if it’s autumn, then especially Sense and Sensibility or Persuasion— is about the best damn thing you can do with yourself; and that brought to mind about the second best thing you can do with yourself, which is peruse Teen Vogue and model your wardrobe, dormroom, […]

Blogorrhea (Sunday’s original verse)

Say, if you know, what do we owe To readers and their chatter– It’s not as though they’ll hand their dough (or kisses, for that matter!)   Just because I might arouse For a stolen online instant (when I apply to the weary eye A wit so slightly puissant)   Some bracing goad from the […]

Our Daily Aristotle: Prodigals

     But most prodigal people, as has been said, also take from the wrong sources, and are in this respect mean.  They become apt to take because they wish to spend and cannot do this easily; for their possessions soon run short.  Thus they are forced to provide means from some other source.  At the […]

Thursday Night Fanmail Club

     Well, Gentle Readers, we here at “Lucius Somesuch” (yeah, I don’t know what’s up with that either) have collected quite the generous mailbag from our fans over the internetz, and we thought it time to answer some of the fine members of our approving chorus.      Alert reader Deuce-C writes, “I don’t mean like in a bad […]

I show you a new heaven

     OMG these things are like crack!!      ‘Crack’ as in a drug, kids.  Is ‘crack’ still a drug?  Not as in ‘bum’, not something naughty.      Well, but, I do like bum.  I don’t do drugs.  So maybe it is ‘crack’ like someone’s ass.      Idk, these things are incredible though.  I’m out already.  I just tried them […]

Shake the piggy bank (what falls out?)

     Courtesy of althouse, here is The Atlantic’s infochart on the possibilities of the “Buffett Rule.”  So how much extra dough can this One Weird Old Tip really cull from society’s top tier of belly fat?      Not so much.   But let’s be fair: if we go to 100%  I’d say that’s  making more than a mere ‘dint’ in the deficit.  What if we went to […]

A Democratic primary after all?

     Suicidal egghead Progressives Idealistic liberals are agitating to recruit a roster of Democratic presidential contenders to challenge President Obama for the nomination.  Thoughts?      Okay, here’s one:  are they even serious— even by their own standards?  Ralph Nader and Cornel West and confreres are talking about getting a half-dozen people to run against Obama– […]

Bitchin’: I got an awesome new toothbrush, and you don’t!!

     One tends to forget how awesomely fresh and invigorating a new toothbrush can be until one finally buckles in and buys a new toothbrush.      Not that I hold onto the same old toothbrush forever— but let’s face it, time goes by and you can always rationalize that it’s doing you good service:  hey, […]

Godspeed, Arab Bikini Models

     So this is the first Arab-language print swimsuit cover model:      Mind you, this is an Israeli-based publication, and she’s an Arab Israeli citizen, which probably means this isn’t quite the breakthrough it would represent if, say,  Saudi Arabia were allowing this kind of thing.  Oh, I can hear the cries of Zionist conspiracy […]

Dumb advice

     I just hate people like this:      What’s his beef?  Well, basically Donna Tartt and Jeffrey Eugenides need to be more like John Updike or Gore Vidal– pump out a new novel every other month, keep “engaged with the culture” or some such horse manure.   It’s worth suggesting, though, that something more meaningful may be […]

Something to get off your chest

     Fashion Week(s) are not really my thing:  too, too much of a muchness.  Too many deities to follow, so many bubbling  talents at the margins to discover or reappraise.  I’ll never really get around to taking it all in, let alone penning any thoughts about it.  The Fall 2011 Antonio Berardi, for example: love […]

Wall Street: Focus Against the Family

     Joel Kotkin contributes a fine opinion piece on politico (which I’ve long since given up flocking to daily ever since they decided upon the ideological niche they were going to squat in) about the Obama Administration’s electoral woes in the greater context of the harm Obama’s brand of liberalism has been inflicting upon middle and working […]

Too Pretty: Feminism vs. the Stupid Baby Tee

     I somehow made my way over to the Time magazine website (good god, what am I coming to?) and chanced upon this stroll through controversy nostalgia lane.      Seeing that dear old, bad old David & Goliath lays claim to more than one of these offending items on display, I visited their website and discoverd […]

Like a Lady: Tory Burch Spring 2012

     There’s a wonderful footnote in one of historian John Lukacs’ books about how today, a nasty young thug will accept and even be pleased to be called a ‘gentleman’, but absolutely no young woman, however strict her rectitude, wishes to be addressed as a ‘lady.’      That strikes me as keenly perceptive, deeply telling about […]

“Realize you’re your breasts”: Cancer kitsch and the “I love boobies” controversy

     Ah, the Gramsci Project marches on!: Keep A Breast’s “I Love Boobies” Campaign is a unique national campaign that develops a new approach and positive style of communication about breast cancer. The campaign is meant to encourage young people to target their breast health. The t-shirts and bracelets act as an awareness-raising tool, allowing […]

“I’m almost not crazy” Olsen stylin’!

Like a total goober, I had to take the style test over at Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s new clothing site: Which has been beckoning me everywhere with this vision of my anima: So I took my little test (and yes, I’ll consider my anima a “small” who shops Chanel) and my results were: Duh, fabulous! Can […]

Round round: plastic princesses of British pop

     The Sugababes still exist?      In principle, I always want to cast a friendly eye on British girl groups– to say nothing of hotties in skintight vinyl (latex? –and they really are delivering on the ‘skintight’ part), but isn’t it about time for this revolving-door outfit to sunset itself out of existence?  This glorious spread of exuberant […]

Speak Power to False

     Mayor Rahm Emanuel earns his keep with this one:      Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis says Mayor Rahm Emanuel “exploded” at her during a conversation in his office about his signature longer-school-day effort, pointing his finger at her, yelling and telling her, “F— you, Lewis.” “I just want to call it immense disrespect for […]

My Pet Conspiracy Theory about President Obama

     He flunked the Core Curriculum at Columbia University.      That’s why his Columbia transcripts are still so mysteriously unseen.  For a would-be literati, it’d be pretty embarrassing to admit he couldn’t cope with Dante.      He’s just not that good with words.  He’s not literary.  This is an agonizingly poor reading.  Didn’t he ever attend a […]

Idling by

     It’s been a day of (partial) Autumn cleaning:  making those wee-bit improvements on the margins, if you count shuffling lamps around from  location to location ‘improvement’, at least, and since I’m happy enough with the changes so far, yes, I will call it improvement.      I know I cleaned something too– what was it?  […]

Reading Elizabeth Barrett Browning

     I just read Sonnets from the Portuguese— should we be nicer about Elizabeth Barrett Browning?       It seems the lady doth protest too much:  she lays on the invalid schtick real thick, and so her possessive fervor– the triumphalism of her love, a great distraction from Death, she insistently claims– starts to cloy, or […]

Rick Perry, father-figure

     Althouse directs us to this creepy interlude (not her characterization!) from a commercial break during last night’s Republican debate:      Apparently there’s some bad blood between these two.  Riled by hard attacks from Congressman Paul, Gov. Perry put this move on him during a commercial interlude.      Now, I believe Paul is a political quack.  To […]

Nightmares: when bad movies feast on your dreams

     Alien 3 and Alien Resurrection are horrible films, but they prove fertile fodder for yucky nightmares.      I think it’s the angle of corporatized cruelty that does it.  I had a nightmare this morning that involved a couple of jerky young ‘scientists’ goading some third schmuck to go inside some airlock and make sure the alien […]

Loathing: Catty Maddie

      Althouse and commenters have some fun with this lovely Madonna Antoinette moment:      I think I rather like hydrangeas, and yet, this gives me a boost of confidence in poor old Maddie.      It’s been clear for a while that dear Madge has really gone off the deep end a bit, finally.  There’s this whole […]

Bundled Up: Anna Sui Fall 2007

     Anna Sui’s Fall 2007 collection may not be as sharply distinct an affair as the previous spring set a la Marie Antoinette, but it’s still a lavish affair with not only lots of pleasure for the eye, but astute and wearable hints for the present season.  As usual there’s a strong sense of pre-Bolshevik […]

Pitter patter

      One lives and lives, and never learns to reckon how the seasons manage to steal their way in.  I’m sure there will be many days, later in September, that feel like dreadful old Summer again.  But for now– Autumn leaves her calling card with days and days of pattering rain.  Listen to it crinkling […]

Mengin’s Sappho

     This is something I’ve just come across by chance:      You’ll be thinking:  Rossetti? Burne-Jones? One of those lesser cats English majors gravitate to?  But no, this is Charles Mengin, a French disciple of Cabanel.  Considering this, I rather think those poor Academic painters in France got the rough end of the stick from […]

Amazilia tzacatl

     Or so bing deigns to call it, and their science geek friends:      But I’ll call you, Madame or Monsieur Hummingbird . . . .      This was bing’s homepage image a week ago:      I’d appreciate bing more if they dropped the 8th grade Social Studies citiscapes from around the world.  Plus a lot […]

Classroom idiots and “As You Like It”

     Steve Sailer posts today about a New York Times education piece, on a school in Arizona that’s trying for “utopia” thanks to plenty of tech in the classroom.  From the article: Amy Furman, a seventh-grade English teacher here, roams among 31 students sitting at their desks or in clumps on the floor. They’re studying […]

Mel B had another baby

     Auuwww!!  — these things used to be so important.  Even Emma and Mel C are ‘mums’ now.  I have to give ‘mum’ the British quotation mark(s) because it’s a damned silly way to say “mom” and the English should certainly learn how to speak English by now.  Anyway I hope Mel B’s settled down nicely […]

So, this is September

           And, as per usual, I’m blowing it.–      The very name ‘September’ is magic, a holy month in my book of days.  The litle glitch is that September is usually a pretty late guest to the party that I wish to be “September.”  Right now, it’s just August in name-drag.  Even if, astonishingly, […]

A girl’s world is full of pretty things

       Pretty bows and lace and pink and pastels  . . .  sweet shiny pretty things . . . .          And always, always, with your ass hanging out.  Why is that, people?      What would Elizabeth Bennett say about this? — Or what if I just wore it around Pemberley?