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Mormon Disco Queen

     Becky Jean Williams, baby. Granted, I don’t know for a fact that she’s a Mormon, so:  apologies in advance if I misreport.  But she collaborates with Mormons, lives in Salt Lake City, and is tagged with “mormons” on last fm.  Anyway, feel free to call me a Confucian or a Platonist or whatever you […]

Cold comfort: “Flower-Gathering” by Robert Frost

     I left you in the morning,      And in the morning glow,      You walked a way beside me      To make me sad to go.      Do you know me in the gloaming,      Gaunt and dusty grey with roaming?      Are you dumb because you know me not,      Or dumb because […]

“Your mother’s a Romanian go-go dancer!!”

     “Now stop grousing and finish your homework!!”      I like Inna– a couple of years ago she was an eccentric youtube ‘discovery’ of mine.  Now this has garnered almost 49 million hits?!  I see she’s had some big exposure in Western Europe and Russia, and I guess those audiences add up.      Still: almost 49 million?  That’s like […]


     I live to learn.      And I learn something new every day.  –Honestly, this thing is calling to me.  And you?

VMA Rococo Rave: Right and Wrong

     You’ve been wondering: Lucius, now how on earth is it you love saucy good girls in shiny disco hairdos and flowers and latex and all this technofied  crap, mixing up every crazy contrast imaginable, and yet you don’t LOVE Katy Perry?!?  You’d think you’d be all over that!      It’s a puzzle, yes.  But consider:  she’s […]

Glitterati: Saying ‘no’ to the glitter bombers

     I quite like glitter.      Whether as body glitter, glittery eye-makeup, or just glittered-up whatever, glitter should always be a pop culture current event.  Don’t dare tell me it died out after Britney’s third album or something.      But then there’s the “glittering” or “glitter bombing” trend, where LGBT activists toss glitter onto public […]

It doesn’t get cornier

Mom:  Hello? Me:  ‘Knock-knock.’ Mom:  Well how are you? Me: Ugh, you’re supposed to say ‘who’s there?’ Mom:  Well, ‘who’s there?’ Me:  ‘Irene.’ Mom:  Yeah, where is Irene? I went out in the yard today, and I had to pick up these two branches that fell, right where you know we used to park the […]

Runway Versailles: Anna Sui Spring ’07

     Conceived under the long shadow Sofia Coppola’s emerging Marie Antoinette cast over the fashion world in 2006, Anna Sui’s Spring ’07 collection is a riot of riches that evokes not only aristocrats in peasantwear but a Byronic Orient, Victorian Tsaristas, sailors, hints of Alice in Wonderland, and of course the world of 70s NYC […]

Going to Aspie

     I’m a Tourette’s case.  That’s a self-diagnosis, but I’m pretty confident about that.      Now, my mother thinks I have Asperger’s.  Or at least, she floated that diagnosis one time.  Some acquaintance had a first grader who’d been ‘diagnosed’ with Asperger’s, and had been given a little book to explain to him how it […]

Heaven Days: Anna Sui Spring ’11

     I don’t love everything Anna Sui does: for one thing, like many designers, and most American designers in particular, she comes with a genuflecting attitude towards something called “rock and roll” which, for the purpose of elucidation, I may have to compose an analytic essay about sometime.       But when she’s on, she’s on: gorgeous, whimsical, […]

Milton’s Proserpine

     Nietzsche says somewhere that Wagner’s true masterpieces are often only a measure long.  This may be a sincere compliment in its way, but it’s also a lampoon of “Decadence”: Wagner, whom Nietzsche associates with the Decadent Delacroix and Baudelaire, is thus atomized into a creator of perfect, sorrowful moments lurking forlorn in  sprawling failed masterworks.      […]

Argentine dreaming

     I have an odd notion I would enjoy Argentina.  A propos of nothing besides surfing Reuters for doomsday predictions about Comet Hurricane Irene (are we talking New York City?!), I came across a snippet promoting the Buenos Aires Fashion week.      No offense to Argentine designers, but I suppose there’s a strong predisposition in […]

Schemes and the lousy schemers who scheme them

     A couple of cullings from Walter Russell Mead’s “Via Meadia” blog of late.  First, a paragraph from a quick rumination on the fallout for Western elites from regime-change in Libya: If those who do lucrative business with murdering thugs know that they risk devastating  public exposure that turns them into staples of comedy routines, subjects […]

Alien vs. The Thing

     Hmm, that’d be messed up, wouldn’t it?  I mean if you’re dealing with an alien– and then it turns out it’s really a Thing!– crap . . . .      But that wasn’t what I meant.  No, I’m talking about the two films: Ridley Scott’s classic 1979 Freudian tone poem and John Carpenter’s taut […]

Expressionless Self: “Born This Way”

     My chief correspondent among the tribe of music critics hasn’t said anything for a while about Lady Gaga, so I’m not altogether sure whether she’s even a relevant ‘topic’ any longer.      When my idol Camille Paglia took down Gaga I was delighted.  Back in the days of Sex, Art, and American Culture Paglia […]

No exit? “Macbeth”s Gothic nightmare

     In the first Act of Macbeth, we hear some surprisingly cheerful tidings of Inverness, the pleasant seat Macbeth’s treason will shortly turn into a living hell:   Duncan.  This castle hath a pleasant seat; the air   Nimbly and sweetly recommends itself   Unto our gentle senses. Banquo.                                  This guest of summer,   The […]

“Yes Virginia, you felt the ground just move”

     True fact:  I sleep on the floor.      It started over two years when I moved, and sheepishly decided my cot from my in-transition apartment was too skanky from guilt-by-association with that place (there’d been a leak-from-the-ceiling episode, though thankfully not over my head) so I left it on the curb.      Being awful-slow […]

“It isn’t Fuchs”

     While giving my usual every-third-waking-thought to John Carpenter’s The Thing over a mug-full of Life cereal this a.m., I pulled myself up short while pondering the mystery of Fuchs.      Well, first I decided: “you know, when you boil it all down, it has to be  —— that was the Thingie that passed outside.”  […]

Carpe diem

     What’s the best way to “seize the day”?      Well instead of cracking your poor hipster head trying to fix up something outrageous to do, why not ponder for a moment what to do with Horace’s famous tag?      The expression comes from his Odes, Bk I no 11 (“Tu ne quaesieris”), only one […]

Warming to Autumn

I end not far from my going forth           By picking the faded blue Of the last remaining aster flower           To carry again to you.                                                    –Robert Frost, from  “A Late Walk”      I’m anticipating the pleasures of autumn by dipping into the autumnal portions of the Frost oeuvre, rich as they are with ambivalent […]

Why is Obama reading “Brave New World”?

     It’s not bracingly cynical to point out that, when a President makes his very rare swipes of the plastic in public, it’s a ‘for the cameras’ sort of moment.  And, just like his illustrious predecessor, President Obama surely has his people whispering in his ear sweet words of guidance about the sort of things he should […]

“If you need more glitter

in your life, there is something wrong with you.”      Damnit!  

Spring 2011 Collections: Veronique Leroy

          Veronique Leroy is sort of a pet cause of mine.  I’ve loved her ever since an Elle from the 90s introduced me to her work (I must still have it around somewhere).  The designer was just back from a wedding in Belgium, of which, the interviewer noted approvingly, the only thing Veronique thought […]


     And heartbreaking.  The scandal-plagued MLK memorial project on the Washington Mall nears its unveiling.  How many cheers would the Mars Attacks! crew get for demolishing this?      Classicism endures for a reason.  It appeals to a core of human sensibility that survives the vagaries of fashion, of individual age and experience.  But Classicism is not easy.      Already […]

Revival of the Youth of Nain

     This Veronese brings to mind somehow a passage from Muriel Spark:           Miss Brodie had shown them a picture of Cologne Cathedral, like a wedding cake, which looked as if it had been built for pleasure and festivities, and parties given by the Prodigal Son in his early career.        That sentence is […]


     An anonymous commenter speculates (at the 8/16/11 12:57PM mark), among other things, about how  According to the left, the dichotomy is black-culture-as-liberation vs white-power-as-nazi. Even if libs may not like certain aspects of black culture, they’d rather have white kids look up to Flavor Flav than Enoch Powell. They’d rather have white girls shaking […]

Random House thoughts

     Here’s another fond tidbit I was inspired to leave on Althouse’s doormat once.  The topic was really Vonnegut, but a quote was supplied from his review of the first edition of the Random House Webster’s Dictionary, which set me going: OMG, I *love* the Random House Webster’s Dictionary!!!   Seriously– they have the most beautiful […]

Doing the megrim limbo

     In the 18th Century they called a migraine the “megrim.”  And cultural relativist fools deny that language can ever decay . . . .      You find the megrim in Pope’s The Rape of the Lock, in the fourth canto’s journey into the “dismal dome,” the Cave of Spleen.      Pope was a very […]

Sweet sweet fantasy

     A little reminiscence I left on althouse today: I’ve always thought superrich people should just be allowed to buy their own countries. Is that such a nonstarter? Why can’t Bill Gates just buy Africa if he wants to fix it? [psst: Bill . . . you know you want to!!] When I was a […]

I woke from a dream

     That I was fighting Dracula in a pitch-dark room in a highrise hotel somewhere in the deep debauched heart of Europe.      I have to say ‘debauched’ because frankly, the dream began with me as a blonde female, alone in this very dark and quite scary hotel, with a door that mysteriously would not […]