13 Classic K-pop MVs

Presented in curated, but non-hierarchical, order, here are thirteen of the most elite music videos from the girl groups (and one soloist) of the Hallyu wave.  For equity’s sake, only one video per group.  There are a number of other videos of equal brilliance, but these below are offered as a sample of the most polished, inventive, and exhilarating offerings in K-pop, showcasing the genre at its most playful, provocative, and sublime.

1. Dal Shabet, “Have, Don’t Have” (“Don’t Have” ver.)

2. SNSD, “Genie”

3. Ladies’ Code, “Pretty Pretty”

4. T-ara, “Do You Know Me?”

5. Lovelyz, “Candy Jelly Love”

6. miss A, “Breathe”

7. Red Velvet, “Automatic”

8. 4minute, “Volume Up”

9. FIESTAR, “One More”

10. Crayon Pop, “Lonely Christmas”

11. Laboum, “What About You?”

12. Baek A Yeon, “A Good Boy”

13. A Pink, “Secret Garden”


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