13 Classic K-pop MVs (4th Series)

No sooner is one collection of classic K-pop videos posted before we are dying to unveil another, so many treasures are yet to be presented while new classics are brought into the world.  Here are thirteen “old” and new K-pop videos of enduring value and glorious repeat-watchability, modern masterworks that set the creative standard of excellence today, presented as ever in nonhierarchical but curated (albeit whimsical) fashion.

  1. Lee Jung Hyun, “V”

2.  GFriend, “Love Whisper”

3.  Oh My Girl, “Closer”

4.  A Pink, “Wishlist”

5.  Fiestar, “Mirror”

6.  SNSD, “Galaxy Supernova”

7.  Red Velvet, “Happiness”

8.  miss A, “Hush”

9.  T-ara, “Cry Cry”

10.  WJSN, “Happy”

11.  Girl’s Day, “Female President”

12. Choerry, “Love Cherry Motion”

13.  Lovelyz, “Now, We”