13 Classic K-pop MVs (3rd Series)

The artistry of the Hallyu Wave is always fecund with new delights, even as our mining of its past treasures (especially in light of the one-entry-per-artist criteria for each installment of our survey) always leaves further jewels to uncover.

So here are, once more, a baker’s dozen of representative K-pop music videos of exemplary artistry and enduring excellence, presented in a non-hierarchical, but subjectively curated, order.  But mix things up and view them in whatever order you like: these thirteen videos, like the twenty-six preceeding picks, are beautiful additions to the canon of excellence Korea is bequeathing the world.

  1. (Ladies’ Code’s) Sojung, “Better Than Me” (starring Loona Hyunjin)


2.  Oh My Girl, “Windy Day”


3. A Pink, “Petal”


4.  Rainbow, “Black Swan”


5.  WJSN, “I Wish”


6.  Lovelyz, “Shooting Star”


7.  Dal Shabet, “Mr. Bang Bang”


8.  Red Velvet, “Dumb Dumb”


9.  T-ara, “Lovey Dovey” (좀비 version)


10.  April, “April Story”


11.  Laboum, “Shooting Love”


12.  LOOΠΔ 1/3, “Love & Live”


13.  SNSD, “Time Machine”