13 Classic K-Pop MVs (2nd series)

Classics are outstanding examples of the highest quality, and these further masterworks of the Hallyu Wave stand in equal merit with the roster of our first glorious series.  Presented here in curated but nonhierarchical order are a second baker’s dozen of inimitable music videos showcasing the effulgence, wit, and creative drive of Korea’s master girl groups and the videographers they inspire.

  1. Red Velvet, “One Of These Nights”

2. April, “Dream Candy”

3. T-ara, “Roly Poly”


4. A Pink, “Mr. Chu”


5. Dal Shabet, “Pink Rocket”


6. Davichi, “Don’t Say Goodbye”


7. Ladies’ Code, “Galaxy”


8. 9Muses, “Sleepless Night”


9. SNSD, “Paparazzi”


10. Girl’s Day, “Something”


11. Oh My Girl, “Liar Liar”


12. GFriend, “Navillera”


13. Lovelyz, “Ah Choo”