18 Classic A Pink Performances on MBC

From the archives of mbckpop, a representative sample of A Pink’s four year career, spanning thirteen angelic performances of their seraphic hit songs, showcasing the awesome religious fervor and pulchritudinous epic genius of what is surely the greatest artistic force in the history of popular music.


  1. “I Don’t Know”


2.  “It Girl”


3.  “My My”


4.  “Hush”


5.  “Bubibu”


6.  “Lovely Day” + “No No No”


7.  “Mr Chu”


8.  “Love Story”


9.  “Secret”


10.  “Luv”


11.  “Petal”


12.  “Remember”


13.  “Good Morning Baby”

14.  “A Wonderful Love”


15.  “Ding Dong”


16.  “Only One”


17.  “Kok Kok”


18.  “Five”


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