The magic of the Christmas season dawns, as we bask in the triumph of Trump, the reversal of the threatened shadow of darkness and war, and the hope of redemption and healing for our tattered polity in the New Year. And in Korea too, snow falls, a compromised leadership crumbles, and the lasses of Laboum […]


Lovelyz’ glorious vocal and future producer Ryu Sujeong turns nineteen!  Happy birthday 류수정!   As the Trumpenreich spreads peace, plenty, and luminous Iceness across the globe, we wish Sujeong and all of Lovelyz a Happy Sujeong Birthday, a glorious approaching Holiday season (with another resplendent installment of the New Trilogy soon to drop?), and a […]

RICHMOND, VA - OCTOBER 14:  Presidential candidate and Republican front-runner Donald Trump shakes hands and gives autographs during a campaign rally at the Richmond International Raceway October 14, 2015 in Richmond, Virginia. A New York real estate mogul and reality television star, Trump is now in a statistical tie with retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson in a Fox News survey of likely Republican voters released Tuesday.  (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

It’s not just about “greatness”–more importantly, it’s about goodness. Yes, there’s the hope of prosperity instead of poverty.  But we have dug ourselves so deeply inside a hole of fiat debt there may be no answer, at least over the next four or eight years.  Powerful forces may well be ready to “demolish” the awesome […]


Deflecting whatever slump might have been feared over the year’s hiatus since “Remember”, A Pink return with a gorgeously sophisticated new single and music video, giving a mature gloss to their autumn comeback while losing none of their exquisite girlish charm. The girls’ moody housesitting routines, eating pancakes alone on the stairs or dumping out […]


Every time there’s some epic new K-pop girl group album release approaching, I try to steal my will and spend that first glorious month of its existence listening to the whole thing twice a day.  But “real life” (lolz) always gets in the way of my grand intentions. But GFriend’s approaching summer album and first full-lengther […]


Hail Brittania! To hell with Brussels, to hell with Antichrist “elites”.  To hell with White Replacement. Britain chooses independence.  Britain chooses to keep the n*gg*as of Calais, the Turkish hordes, the Arab and Somali and Afghan rapefugees out.  Run that crap off the road of our history! Deislamify.  Kick out all “refugees”, all “migrants”, all […]

Lovelyz Jin prcm dot jp

It’s still the 11th in the United States of Depravity, but already Sunday the 12th has begun in Korea and thus, we wish Lovelyz Jin her happy twentieth birthday! Ne! Since I have to travel, and since I stink at setting up correctly my posts to post at a set time (wordpress seems to have […]

Windy Day title

Unlooked for, unexpected, and unspeakable: If you thought this surprise mv drop was going to be a lo-fi throwaway, think again! At first you think, “Wow, it’s kinda like ‘Me Gustas Tu’ with a bit of ‘Brand New Day’ thrown in–terrific!”  And then you get to the forest shots, and you think, “OMG! This is […]

HARTFORD, CT - APRIL 15: Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump greets supporters after speaking at a rally at the Connecticut Convention Center on April 15, 2016 in Hartford, Connecticut. The 2016 Connecticut Republican Primary is scheduled for April 26, 2016. (Photo by Matthew Cavanaugh/Getty Images)

Hosannah to the highest!  And on earth peace, through Presidents Trump, Putin, and Assad! Now is the time to consolidate the Midwest naïfs, the disaffected Sanders voters, all White people everywhere, as well as Persons of Color who wish to remain on agreeable terms with the rightful White majority in America, to unite behind the […]


We here at Chateau de Somesuch have been having an erratic couple of days on le computer:  just as strategic updates seemed finally to be breaking the molasses-slow browsing of late, I discovered Windows Media Player had vanished; and when, after a couple of increasingly distant-past system restores got that back, I discovered my poor […]

apink-music-core Luv wins 20141206

Irradiant and angelic, supernal A Pink soars to triumph on Saturday’s Show! Music Core with another win for “Luv”: –with perhaps their most lambent and lively stage yet.  Congratulations, A Pink!  God Bless A Pink, and God bless the Pink Pandas!

–says an “anon” commenter at Steve Sailer’s who doubtless is the inestimable Andrea Ostrov Letania. But let us hope with the Trumpenreich all this is about to change. It’s time to clear all the goddamned Somalians out of our nation, and our of Europe.  Disgusting maniacal retarded wretches.  Out with them!

I believe I’ve encountered this gentleman’s observations on his days working on tech infrastructure in DC’s havens of power, but if I hadn’t encountered him afresh I might’ve forgotten about it all.  He makes some interesting observations in the comments at the latest Fred Reed essay at The Unz Review: You don’t move that culture […]

Sake-she Hayoungi, Bomi rocking those boots, and all in all a lot of lustrous melancholy not unworthy to follow in the sonic shadow of the incomparable “Luv”, whose Inkigayo Comeback stage I re-viewed just before clicking on this: Plus the purple photon cannons of a galactic Merrimack for background.  Cosmic Girls indeed! [Ed.:  You forgot to […]

One-half of Oh My Girl sets up shop under the Christmas tree to ring in the Yuletide Season with the holiday single “White”: Arin, as we saw with the “A-ing” video, is becoming quite the mascot in her own right, once again getting to mug the camera through a screen-within-the-screen setup.  But not to worry!  […]

This is some nugu video I clicked on just for curiosity’s sake.  This happens sometimes and I won’t even remember the name of the band and I can’t find it, so I’ll just put it here in case I get curious to revisit. I was kinda enjoying it in a very low-budget way until they […]


Happy Yulhee Day cont.!  Yesterday soompi reports: On November 26, LABOUM was excited to finally see snow for the first time this season, like many in Korea. They posted pictures of themselves enjoying the snow on their Twitter, along with a message that hinted at a comeback in the near future. “Wow, the first snow is […]

–notes Mr.MantraMan in the comments at Vox Popoli, on the WaPo’s The Russians Stole the Election! paranoia. Like the folks at Murdoch Murdoch, I’d be proud to take Pres. Putin’s money, since until the election of Donald Trump he was the only White man (along with Prime Minister Orban, but Hungary can’t help Americans […]


Laboum’s baby maknae turns nineteen! Wake up, sleepyhead!  It’s your birthday!   Babyfaced Yulhee and all Laboum have come a long way in the past two years: from the iconic mechanical dolls melancholy of “What About You?” through last year’s retro “Aalow Aalow” (still in circulation!) to this year’s anthemic “Journey to Atlantis” and the bopping […]

Splendorous WJSN on a stage full of portals to outer worlds, as they spin their way through a galaxy of’s stellar synth plings and strings upon this outrageously enchanting set.   And as XuanYi is the Sun, it’s no surprise she’s brought the planets in her tow!  Magnificent!


I cannot believe this.  I mean, I know we had an Election and all, I’ve been out in the woods a lot, but I do check Soompi almost every day and HOW IN THE HELL CAN AN APOCALYPSE LIKE THIS NOT MAKE THE HOME PAGE?!?!? I mean I swear K-pop webnews is so freakin’ worthless […]


On Election Night, Philadelphia, Milwaukee, and Detroit were the last to give their returns in their states, and CNN’s coverage kept telling us “Hillary’s camp believes they have the votes.”  Wink wink.  Wonder how many thousands of votes “cast” for Clinton on Election Night in those states were fraudulent to begin with? Since the election, […]

This certainly is not, contra MBCkpop’s billing, the “Comeback Stage” so it must be the Goodbye Stage (and this wouldn’t be the first time lately MBC’s made this mistake), but Laboum is feisty and full of zest as ever in this pumped-up rendention of “Shooting Love”: And my my, they’ve pushed sake-she Soyeon’s charms with […]

Finally it has happened: the Left’s brazen totem, their favorite vitalist “sex symbol” has perished. Castro was not the worst tyrant in human history.  Probably it’s true that, in person and when he wished to make an impression, he was “interesting.”  But so too is Satan– at least in Milton’s portrayal.  Castro was a demagogue […]

A fortuitous discovery on TCM of the young Michael Caine playing Harry Palmer in The Ipcress File taught me that I have a more apt role model for my own supersleuth derring-do (or at least the insubordination and cynical one-liner business) than Timothy Dalton in The Living Daylights.  Funeral in Berlin is perhaps even better– helmed […]

A fly-by-night JIDF troll (and we’ll be spamming any more such) writes this idiocy, while I’ll briefly dissect since it’s rather funny in an unintentional way: Okay, it’s nice and all that you think Jews should stay out of your business. –Doesn’t sound like she thinks it’s “nice and all.”  Sounds pretty hostile actually– as […]

The Holiday Season begins in the Trumpenreich, and on Earth peace to men of good will!

Lawrence Auster’s eerie words on Roberts after the 2009 Inaugural: Correspondent Sam H. wrote: Good stuff. You write: “I wonder if Roberts has a neurological disorder or is on drugs or something,” Remember this? This was in 2007, the second time he, supposedly a healthy man, suffered a so-called “benign, idiopathic seizure” I always […]

Delusional and dumb Louise Mensch tweets: “#JewsArePeople and they are the sexiest people too” Jews are the most sex-obsessed people (and the kinkier the better, as far as they are concerned), but they are physically and spiritually about the least sexy beings imaginable. The solipsistic conceit and racist bigotry of Jews is mindscrambling.  And they […]


Dal Shabet’s last-hired never-fired member turns twenty-five!   And though it’s neither Friday nor Saturday nor Sunday, and though we probably won’t see the festivities on the lost and lamented “Shabet On Air” either, we wish the dark-haired sultry popstress a Trumpenreich 2016 happy birthday!   “Move your body like! . . .”

Doesn’t it feel like Christmas has already begun?  

The new T-ara single is a very holiday-themed exercise, perhaps sonically closer to their 2014 Japanese single “Lead the Way” than to the mellow Christmas single “Hide and Seek” of 2013–but all the same a curious choice of comeback.  After getting teased for a fullscale album, we get an EP of three songs.  Will there […]

Good Lord, the God-Emperor Apparent already works wonders! Thank you, Jesus, for protecting the sovereign peoples of East Asia, as well as our own. The election of President Trump is not only a triumph for American liberty, but a triumph for liberty all over the world. Suck it, globalist pigs.

From the comments at Vox Popoli: It just occurred to me: these people don’t understand anger. They get peevish, spiteful, bitchy, hateful, and violent, but they don’t really do cold, implacable, anger. Their version flips on and off on impulse, maybe many times a day, so while they can’t control it, they think of it […]


        BREAKING: From the anon who brought you the Laura Silsby connection: I have uncovered a pedophile with links to Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, David Brock, George Soros, Marina Abramovic and the Podestas from The_Donald [UPDATE 11/26/2016] Hat-tip to BGKB:

But meanwhile, US “cyber security” is working overtime to bring down wikileaks– I mean, er, “protect the U.S. election from cyber interference from Russia! lozlz”. Yes, wikileaks is frozen up, and the Hillary campaign is terrified about the next shoe to drop on them. And the latest MSM briefings about alleged threatened “Russian” hacking […]


I mean, just because Nosferatu here is another hack on the anti-Putin gravy train express, waxing hysterical about how The Russians are coming and talking psycho black-is-white insanity? As SemiSpook37 writes at Vox Popoli: If any idiot out there is voting for that hag, WILLINGLY, you do not have a fucking soul. There’s no explanation. […]

“People.”  It was there all along. And originally I never got to Thread Two, where the sex trafficking becomes more more explicit.  Read it:

According to some guy in the comments for this “Russian Roulette” performance. And how did I not know Yeri was bruised in the face from a car accident?  Get well Yeri! There’s another amusing remark in the comments about the spastic camera action at 2:29: the camera man had a heart attack when wendy looked […]

Addicting viewings of The Cinema Snob have cut into my K-pop time this past week, so that apart from A Pink’s “Only One” and WJSN’s “Secret” plus some old Rainbow (curiously, I was kinda minimarathoning a lot of Rainbow before the disbandment announcement) I haven’t been keeping up with my other artists on a religious […]


True Pundit reports all FBI agents in DC area are on call to make arrests this morning from “the top down”: BREAKING: Comey Mandates All FBI Agents Report to D.C. Offices; Prep for Raids, Possible Arrests in Clinton Probes NYPD sources, as we’ve already heard, claim child sex trafficking is in the new emails.  Vox […]


GFriend’s SinB collapses on stage and is carried away.  Please be well, my fairy angel.  SinB hwaiting!

Needless to say, we are painfully anxious to consummate the Trumpening and, by the carrying of Ohio, Florida, Pennsylvania, Colorado, and possibly New Hampshire and even New York, to prove at last the more-than-Reagan Revolutionary desire of the people for change, manliness, and a closed border. Lord knows, it’s theoretically possible some idiot manboobs out […]

No Naeun in this, but it’s very aegyo and amusing:


The new T-ara record (a new full album, do we hear this correct?) will debut– or at least the Comeback Showcase will– on November 9th, featuring new single “TIAMO”: Can this be: T-ara and the United States of America both returning to their glorious roots at the exact same freaking point in human history?!? I […]


Jiyoon, the most talented member of the lamented 4Minute and one of the most striking of K-pop idols, finally makes her solo debut with the surprisingly introspective rock-ballad “I Do”, under the new stage name “Jenyer”–except not quite, since the end of the video expressly identifies her as “Jiyoon”.  But never mind that: It looks […]


I noted Irene’s absence of headphones-on-her-head, of course, but it wasn’t until I scanned the comments that I took notice of her general air of not-with-thisness:   In the comments, a number of people think she’s in bad health, or outright pissed off. —Is irene okay? She was barely moving, she looked so serious, the […]

An engaging Molyneux workout on female deficiencies in statecraft and the art of civilization-saving: