In what already is a significant showing for a seven year-old band, A Pink’s “I’m So Sick” has claimed the trophies for The Show and Show Champion!  A Pink enters the history books yet again with another solid summer hit!   Equaling or surpassing the feats of splendid Youngji-era KARA, to put that in perspective. […]

Pinkhaired JooE Antoinette, Nancy green Queen of de Nile, and the gang rev up the engines for “Bhoom Bhoom” 2.0 and it delivers in a glorious burst of exuberance.  As if the “Bhoom Bhoom” promotions never ended, and what better definition of Heaven on Earth could we hope for than that? Momoland may not currently […]

  “Britain is now a totalitarian state.”

–writes onehallyu commenter Ian in praise of A Pink’s musical diversity. And, with all the Comeback/not comeback and other drama, the schedule is finally comfirmed:  after our 7th Anniversary Special Album tomorrow, the on-stage Comeback comes in May! And, with God’s blessing, our six angels will appear on stage all healthy and well and all […]

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da GBFM needs no introduction, but does need a Pulzlolzllolzzlitzer. Reprinted in full: ****** TO EE HOW WELL ALL OF YOU BEETATTZ BUNGHOELRZ HAVE BEEN STSUDYDYTING lzozlzozlzlzz lzozozlzozo da gbfm quiz: 1. The best way to bernankify a woman is through her: a) nose hole b) ear hole c) mouth…

I’m ashamed to admit that I slept the first few days on WJSN’s awesome “Dreams Come True”, an anthem that will be hard to unseat as the best song of the year.  Fortunately, their Inkigayo Comeback stage–the first of four awesome Inkigayo set-pieces from the Sino-Korean thirteentet– shook me out of my tone-deaf complacency in […]

A Pink’s Park Leader turns twenty-seven! The bandmates took her out for celebratory dinner and drinks! Eunji shared the picture above, to which Chorong replied: Yeah it’s already our 7th year spending my birthday together. Time sure flies fast doesn’t it? Thank you for wishing me happy birthday again this year. I hope you send […]

Over the past couple of months, starting about a week or so before Christmas, I actually managed to watch ten or a dozen movies–most of them films I’d never watched before.  I should be ashamed to admit certain masterpieces that I’d never seen (or at least watched all the way through) before.  While there are […]

WJSN Goddess and Uncle Lucius’ Waifu Xuan Yi turns twenty-three! Needless to say, we wish this charismatic deity a Happy Birthday!   We want all her days to be happy, forever! God bless you, priceless pearl Xuan Yi, and may all your days–and WJSN’s days– be filled with song and beauty and love and health […]

We the People have spoken:  we want the borders closed. We want the 22 million illegal alien infiltrators to pack up and return to their beloved homes.  Our demands are peaceable and fair.  These criminal trespassers have been treated with extraordinary leniency thus far.  We should not have to resort to stiff-armed measures to be […]

After I penned my absentminded notice on yesterday and earlier today activities, I was angry with myself for declining to give notice that I also watched the “Hwi Hwi” and “Journey to Atlantis” and “Shooting Love” MVs on Laboum’s official channel, and determined to add a comment later filling those pleasurable activities in.  And they […]

Whatever else you may think of the new Lovelyz MV, I’ve never seen so much Christmas imagery displayed in what is still the golden warmth of Autumn.  And that’s gotta be something pretty important in itself: With obvious throwbacks to “Shooting Star”, this video is also suggestive of SNSD’s “All My Love Is For You” […]

I. Truth. The Alt-Right believes in objective truth. Man surveys the myriad phenomena of the human, living, and physical worlds and beholds sequence and symmetry. We notice patterns and test predictions. Humans exist not apart from the natural order, but occupy a remarkable place within in as rational animals. The search for truth is what […]

In one of my life’s most shocking instances of synchronicity, I enjoyed this morning a very long and detailed dream in which I was flirting over breakfast with Laboum’s Solbin and Yulhee, only to discover a little after awaking (after first mini-marathoning some Laboum videos) that in real life Yulhee has, this very morning, left […]

If you were left forever wondering just what was beyond that door inside the old tree trunk in 2016’s “Brand New Days” video, we may finally have the answer: Not only does the “Orion” MV provide us a fresh set of magical portals, a la the door in the woods in C. S. Lewis’ The […]

GFriend’s achingly melancholy ballad “Summer Rain” and April’s high-flying “Take My Hand” lift K-pop this Autumn to stirring heights of romanticism. And Music Bank has given each of these lofty songs their most perfectly radiant presentations.     Let us savor this exhilarating excess of beauty September has finally delivered, through this promising October that […]

A Pink’s maknae turns 21! –in the midst of a happy and glorious season of A Pink triumph!   –and while this post is prescheduled (and the last time I had to do this for Hayoung it didn’t post!), wherever I may be there will be happy wishes in my heart for Hayoung. Happy birthday […]

Red Velvet’s “One of These Nights” MV has been, from the moment it was released, a personal favorite and a conspicuous example of an “instant classic.” Awash from beginning to end with spellbinding imagery, captured with peak technical fluency, “One of These Nights” would be, even without any search for hidden meaning, a work of […]

Truly, we have been blessed with this resurgence of legendary A Pink to the pinnacle of triumph with “Five”! I went to bed early, in part due to real fatigue but also, alas, deterred from imagining there was much of a shot thanks to a quick perusal of a onehallyu poster’s breakdown of next week’s […]

It sounds as though A Pink is indeed going to tap into some of their “old school” high energy dance-pop for their Summer Comeback! Regardless of what the charts will say, I expect this is going to be an immensely enjoyable addition to the A Pink canon.  But we pray it also sweeps Korea by […]

The great Roger Moore, seven times James Bond, has died at the age of 89. Roger Moore was more than just James Bond– he did a couple of non-Bond pictures with the great On Her Majesty’s Secret Service director Peter Hunt, for example.  But it is his dapper tenure as 007 from 1973 to 1985 […]

The April 19th special single:   The world’s greatest group turns six today.  From “Mollayo” and “Wishlist” to “Hush” and “Boy”, “My My” and “Prince” to “Secret Garden” and “Lovely Day”, “Sunday Monday” and “Crystal” to “Petal” and “Deja Vu” and “Fairy” and “Bye Bye”– how can we count the blessings they have bestowed upon […]

The latest A Pink Japanese single is less J-pop than straight-up pure retro K-pop recalling the dulcet musicbox funk of S.E.S. and Baby VOX, and to top off the confectionary sound A Pink has mounted a video that is a veritable orgy of Rococo hues and girlish opulence: Fans of Kara’s enormously successful Japanese run […]

The sublimity of WJSN’s 3rd single, unleashed upon last weekend’s music shows! We’ve meant a million times to honor a hot new single in this fashion (alas, poor “Destiny”, dear “Only One”!), but superrookies WJSN richly deserve this with the utter loveability and insane infectiousness of their new masterwork. M! Countdown with hives of purple […]

A Pink’s special holiday single launches with an Easter Egg-hued video full of cute thrills: With a sound that makes it an appropriate companion piece to “Only One”, “Cause You’re My Star” doesn’t go for the soaring melodicism that typifies classic A Pink singles but nonetheless weaves a sweetly dulcet spell– with the glaring possible exception […]

Deflecting whatever slump might have been feared over the year’s hiatus since “Remember”, A Pink return with a gorgeously sophisticated new single and music video, giving a mature gloss to their autumn comeback while losing none of their exquisite girlish charm. The girls’ moody housesitting routines, eating pancakes alone on the stairs or dumping out […]

GFriend’s most manic single yet storms through the headphones and into our hearts with this retro-hyper music video: Thin on narrative and high on life, “Navillera” boldly (and correctly) decides not to deviate from the “School Trilogy” theme which has helped GFriend’s meteoric rise.  With over 60,000 physical pre-release orders for their new album, GFriend at […]

Unlooked for, unexpected, and unspeakable: If you thought this surprise mv drop was going to be a lo-fi throwaway, think again! At first you think, “Wow, it’s kinda like ‘Me Gustas Tu’ with a bit of ‘Brand New Day’ thrown in–terrific!”  And then you get to the forest shots, and you think, “OMG! This is […]

Irradiant and angelic, supernal A Pink soars to triumph on Saturday’s Show! Music Core with another win for “Luv”: –with perhaps their most lambent and lively stage yet.  Congratulations, A Pink!  God Bless A Pink, and God bless the Pink Pandas!

Because everyone seems to be in love with her Yuju: Is that Hyeri among the judges/coaches?

Wonder Twins: activate! The two great free men leading an unfree world out of darkness and deceit into the light of concord and sweet reason have finally sat down for an awesome summit.  Soros wept!  And may the noble Heartistzs have lots of fun analyzing their alpha body language!

Imagine if you started every day by listening to April’s “April Story” and “Take My Hand” and “The Blue Bird”.  Wouldn’t that be a lovely way of life?   And just look at Yena beaming at you.  Are you even worthy to live in a world with a smile like Yena’s? Or Chaewon’s at 3:09?

For the first time in–forever–I stayed up to watch Show! Music Core live and while of course we are disappointed that A Pink lost, the whole viewing experience brought back such sweet feelings that I hope I will renew myself to make watching it every weekend more of a habit again.  A Pink came in […]

In a stunning display of reasserted cultural and commercial supremacy, A Pink for the first time since “Remember” win KBS Music Bank! A serious question: has any post-seven year anniversary girl group besides SNSD exercised this kind of clout so late into their career?  I have no idea about the groups from the Baby V.O.X. […]

A Pink’s luminous b-side in one of its several performances this past week.

The white costumes and metallic boxes make this an abstract stage, but Naeun joins Bomi in the thigh high boots.  Overall it’s a classy and effective performance–and some Pandas are calculating A Pink has a shot at next week’s Inkigayo trophy!  It would be epic to win past the 7th anniversary in A Pink’s glorious […]

Because it’s 07 07, in honor of Red Velvet–and all lost loves.

Faultlessly vivid costume colors and a shimmering stage of “ice” make A Pink’s latest comeback stage a sleek marvel of sophisticated disco melancholy:

For whatever reason, this song has been whistling through my head a lot the past week or so.  It wasn’t a huge favorite at the time, but of course any sort of Red Velvet performance is usually worth checking out–though I had to cut off the K Con New York version of “Bad Boy” after […]

Rob Ager has made public on youtube a pair of videos on Cameron films–a Paglia-esque critique of the Rousseauist nature-worship and technophobia of Avatar, and a Paglia-esque appraisal of Ripley’s leadership qualities in Aliens. If like me you haven’t watched Aliens in a number of years but have certainly watched it enough times to have […]

A Pink’s offbeat new single begins its promotions, which we can enjoy courtesy of SBS’s new official channel for The Show and assorted K-pop: “I’m So Sick” is slowly growing on me past my initial bored-bordering-on-ick response.  If this had been a T-ara comeback three years ago it wouldn’t be quite as shockingly out of […]

It may be the least brilliant of their comebacks, but keeping in mind that “Secret”, “I Wish”, and “Dreams Come True” are among the greatest pop songs of all time (and “Happy” quite ingenious in its own right), it’s no shame to say that “Mo Mo Mo” is merely bright and infectious and oh so […]

It’s not much of a secret that WJSN’s “Dreams Come True” looks to be the best song of the year, but Oh My Girl’s “Secret Garden”, gorgeous in sound and on stage, is way up there too.  This isn’t the first stage mix I’ve watched for it, but it’s great to take another set of […]

Imagine that I’m sitting here, stewing in self-recrimination for being too harsh on Lovelyz over these past two comebacks, and asking myself why I’ve let my thoughts drift so far from them?  Sure, post-OnePiece their music is a pale imitation of its old self–they’ve gone from 2016’s A New Trilogy, one of the greatest pop […]

The fashionable, ingenuous, and gorgeously pale girls gander about at the mall.  Pastries!  Plush animals!  Eunseo has gothy red hair!  I’m only ten minutes in! I’ll probably have to watch the rest later–God keep me safe for this dreamy endeavor. –Wait, why did I think this was 30 mins. long?  It’s only got one minute […]

Red Velvet could easily have rested on their “Red Flavor” Queens of Summer laurels to this hour without releasing another comeback, but they were right back on it with “Peek-A-Boo”: And my pallid cheeky queen Wendy was there with that wan smile and those refulgent eyes that tell me, more surely than I’ve ever seen […]

So let’s take a step back and bask in the pink luminescence of their best bop:

Damn right, Mr. President!

In some Awakening-era behind-the-scenes footage used for this FMV for “Ave Maria”.

Laboum (and Uni.T)’s chic goddess turns twenty-four! This piece of fanmade art showcases ZN in a moment of such New Waved chic that she seems at first almost unrecognizable.  But ZN’s chic can be more of the rarefied elegant variety. But perhaps most often tres sportif. But whatever her moods–or bands– we wish Goddess ZN a happy birthday […]

Mega camera-tilts, cute sailor outfits, and some keen Jinsol passion.  While Music Bank’s suite of “Take My Hand” stages are the most famous ones here, this Inkigayo stage brings its own autumnal-fresh energy!  

There’s more than one contender of course, but this stage from Fukuoka reminds us why 2015 is a strong entry.   Plus the Japanese fangirls look so cute!

WJSN and their choreo, pre “Dreams Come True”:

In this famous “Only One” stage had I ever noticed, till now, how sublimely lustrous is the moment Hayoung flits across the stage in an elysian halo of light circa 2:42? It’s truly angelic! Her hair fans out, and it’s as if just as she spins on her tippy-toes her hair eclipses the stage lights […]

All day and every day, always!

And somebody should have stood up long ago and told her to get her monkey paws off the United States government. But then, that would’ve required somebody saying the same thing to the cokehead mulatto criminal.

Such as this one from Music Bank:  

Ban Islam in Europe.  Shoot the immivaders.  Forcibly deport all non-Whites from all White homelands.  Hang the traitors who let the rapes happen.  Burn the paki, arab, and African rapists.

While I pray A Pink will renew their Indian Summer this summer, if not then let us bask in the fact that GFriend will be there to carry the torch of Innocence and spread the magic of love:   And on this stage, none carries off her outfit better than “World’s Most Cutest” Yerin!

Cruel and degrading to America.  Even moreso than your wearing wetlook leggings when you were eight months pregnant.  Maybe we can lock the both of you up. Free Tommy Robinson.  Death to Pakis.

–And Kei too, for that matter, but let’s be honest that this song and performance is very Sujeongcentric.  That’s not a complaint of course . . . . But the song is still pretty lame.  Sigh.

It feels like a predebut, but already WJSN was bouncing along happily, full of the energy of great things in the making.   Plus I love the cut to that shot of Yeoreum at 0:52.  Cinematic!

The now-nineteen pop princess was still eighteen when she delivered this pose, but she’s welcome to do it again!  

Playing arbitrary stages of “Bboom Bboom”, it seems like all the ones I’ve heard lately were JooE taking it easy on her GREAAAAT!s.  But oh well.  Here in these pale blue outfits and Nancy as almost always in her trim hat and JooE sporting her blonde tresses, the song still entertains:

With repeat wins on Show Champion, Music Bank, and Show! Music Core, 2018 GFriend’s return to undisputed preeminence is guaranteed. Whether or not an Inkigayo Triple Crown awaits, it is indisputable now that all early talk of GFriend’s obsolescence is now burned to the ground.  The group never really left–but now, it is as if their […]

This and, probably, the fact they did that whole “Pink Space” concert– but I swear I had forgot about that, and anyway I haven’t seen any clips from it yet.  But earlier this week I had been rewatching this one night and then I dreamed of A Pink singing “My My” while somehow floating above […]