The great Roger Moore, seven times James Bond, has died at the age of 89. Roger Moore was more than just James Bond– he did a couple of non-Bond pictures with the great On Her Majesty’s Secret Service director Peter Hunt, for example.  But it is his dapper tenure as 007 from 1973 to 1985 […]

I just found out that Soyeon and Boram declined to renew their contracts.  And for what it’s worth, the other members have only renewed until December, so I’m hard-pressed to think they’ll be recording new material past the mini-album due next month, the last recording of 6-ara. And since the past two mini-albums have essentially been “placeholders” (even […]

K-pop’s most underrated girl group returns  with the delightful “Hwi Hwi”! As the “Honorary Producers” ‘page’ indicates, Laboum still isn’t out of the commercial underwoods yet.  A year ago, the same crowdsourcing helped launch “Fresh Adventure”/”Journey to Atlantis”, a masterpiece single that won them some well-deserved plaudits (from Nation’s First Love Suzy included), and which […]

A Pink’s glorious Kim Namjoo turns twenty-two! Namjoo–my special love– and still so very young! Sigh.  We’ve been through so many great times together– but I still long for more.  What is a day without wallowing in A Pink?  Fortunately, I’ve just kicked off this calendar date by watching their Pink Summer concert in full! […]

Of this much we can be certain:  President Assad did not “gas his own people.” Whatever one’s ignorance of the Syrian conflict, even the least well-informed must understand that, at the present juncture, Pres. Assad’s government has all but won it.  With Pres. Putin’s assistance, and with a new, supposedly anti-interventionist President in Washington, Pres. […]

Christian Bodhisattva and Goddess, Oh My Girl’s Jiho, turns twenty! I always think of Jiho as “Goddess Jiho” to the point where I think it must be considered an official name for her.  Is there quite another K-pop idol quite as completely goddessy as Jiho?  K-pop is an elite institution, our present day’s Renaissance, rife […]

Celebrating the three-year anniversary of what is likely the most aesthetically perfect collection of pop songs in recorded music history. From the lambent “Sunday Monday” (No. 1 most played track in my iTunes library) to megahit “Mr Chu” to the heaven-storming “Crystal” and the shattering “Love Story” and wistful “So Long”– plus the still-mysterious […]

The latest A Pink Japanese single is less J-pop than straight-up pure retro K-pop recalling the dulcet musicbox funk of S.E.S. and Baby VOX, and to top off the confectionary sound A Pink has mounted a video that is a veritable orgy of Rococo hues and girlish opulence: Fans of Kara’s enormously successful Japanese run […]

From the opening of Homer’s Odyssey, in the Pope translation, melancholy Minerva– or Athena, if we’re nixing alliteration in favor of accuracy, proclaims the just punishment of Aegisthus for the murder of Agamemnon but protests the languishment of righteous Ulysses kept from his beloved home: Here paused the god; and pensive thus replies Minerva, graceful […]

Oh My Girl’s Pink Ocean/Windy Day  hyperventilating album track “I Found Love” is such a highlight, I determined I should provide a lyrical remix for the edification of the Alt Right! The first 7 days roll on, so let’s rock!!!   Last year, My spirits sank with great fear Media sneered it was so clear […]

It is done.  The “impossible” has been achieved. Not “impossible”, of course.  Fifth grade: I read in Time magazine about the swaggering billionaire from New York, who wants to build the world’s tallest building and might even run for President someday. Ninth grade: in my first competitive extemporaneous speech, I cite the possibility of billionaire […]

The sublimity of WJSN’s 3rd single, unleashed upon last weekend’s music shows! We’ve meant a million times to honor a hot new single in this fashion (alas, poor “Destiny”, dear “Only One”!), but superrookies WJSN richly deserve this with the utter loveability and insane infectiousness of their new masterwork. M! Countdown with hives of purple […]

A Pink’s special holiday single launches with an Easter Egg-hued video full of cute thrills: With a sound that makes it an appropriate companion piece to “Only One”, “Cause You’re My Star” doesn’t go for the soaring melodicism that typifies classic A Pink singles but nonetheless weaves a sweetly dulcet spell– with the glaring possible exception […]

Lovelyz’ glorious vocal and future producer Ryu Sujeong turns nineteen!  Happy birthday 류수정!   As the Trumpenreich spreads peace, plenty, and luminous Iceness across the globe, we wish Sujeong and all of Lovelyz a Happy Sujeong Birthday, a glorious approaching Holiday season (with another resplendent installment of the New Trilogy soon to drop?), and a […]

It’s not just about “greatness”–more importantly, it’s about goodness. Yes, there’s the hope of prosperity instead of poverty.  But we have dug ourselves so deeply inside a hole of fiat debt there may be no answer, at least over the next four or eight years.  Powerful forces may well be ready to “demolish” the awesome […]

Deflecting whatever slump might have been feared over the year’s hiatus since “Remember”, A Pink return with a gorgeously sophisticated new single and music video, giving a mature gloss to their autumn comeback while losing none of their exquisite girlish charm. The girls’ moody housesitting routines, eating pancakes alone on the stairs or dumping out […]

It’s still the 11th in the United States of Depravity, but already Sunday the 12th has begun in Korea and thus, we wish Lovelyz Jin her happy twentieth birthday! Ne! Since I have to travel, and since I stink at setting up correctly my posts to post at a set time (wordpress seems to have […]

Unlooked for, unexpected, and unspeakable: If you thought this surprise mv drop was going to be a lo-fi throwaway, think again! At first you think, “Wow, it’s kinda like ‘Me Gustas Tu’ with a bit of ‘Brand New Day’ thrown in–terrific!”  And then you get to the forest shots, and you think, “OMG! This is […]

Hosannah to the highest!  And on earth peace, through Presidents Trump, Putin, and Assad! Now is the time to consolidate the Midwest naïfs, the disaffected Sanders voters, all White people everywhere, as well as Persons of Color who wish to remain on agreeable terms with the rightful White majority in America, to unite behind the […]

We here at Chateau de Somesuch have been having an erratic couple of days on le computer:  just as strategic updates seemed finally to be breaking the molasses-slow browsing of late, I discovered Windows Media Player had vanished; and when, after a couple of increasingly distant-past system restores got that back, I discovered my poor […]

Irradiant and angelic, supernal A Pink soars to triumph on Saturday’s Show! Music Core with another win for “Luv”: –with perhaps their most lambent and lively stage yet.  Congratulations, A Pink!  God Bless A Pink, and God bless the Pink Pandas!

After seven years of chart-topping “sexy concept” domination in K-pop, legendary quartet Sistar has announced its disbandment– though on May 31st they will release a final “goodbye” comeback. Sistar’s early work, which I surveyed in my early months of K-pop fandom in 2012, didn’t suit me.  Brave Brothers, that wildly uneven producer, gave them a […]

Freakish coalburner “Ariana Grande” gets her concert in Manchester suicide-bombed. It’s a tragic but preventable commentary on our decayed and violated society. Grande may have had the makings of a harmlessly cute minx long ago– but given the Ill*m*n*t* realities of Jew-run Disneywood, it’s not unlikely she was violated and even “programmed” from an early […]

April’s doll girl turns seventeen! While April has had its share of adjustments over the past year and a half, Yena has been a constant presence with her poetic glamour and quiet mystery– occasionally shaken by fits of liveliness:   –and chipmunkesque aegyo plus career resolutions! Well, even in ten years time Yena will still […]

Please excuse the vulgarity of the expression “baby momma”, but Baby Soul (who always looks so warm and nurturing) looks especially maternal and buttery and glowing with her sweet hair up in a bun: [Ed.:  Baby rabies much, Mickey?]  Yes. . . . Admittedly, the swaying “Lovelyz” logo on the rear screen does kinda make this […]

God keep them away from any signs of “diversity”!  But judging from this teaser, they’ll be cooing over the cuteness of White babies like “GFriend Loves Europe” (which I’m still horribly stalled on watching all the way through–I’ve rewatched the first two and a half episodes like half a dozen times). Sigh.  It’s largely because […]

The squeakiest of livelyz turns twenty-four! Ne!  Her “Destiny” thus far has gloriously enriched us with aegyo and appeal!   And now “Now, We” continues Lovelyz’ starry trail of K-pop magnificence, tracing the heavens with an upward melodic curve as ingenuous and appealing as Jiae’s moistly imploring gaze. And, to paraphrase Jiae herself, “Don’t worry!  […]

Not long ago I was on a micromini AOA jag when suddenly, as if by malign synchronicity, came news that Choa was taking some sort of sabbatical.  This news, accompanied by cryptic social media remarks by some of her bandmates which suggested they knew she was unhappy and there was something missing in her life, […]

Laboum’s colorful minx Haein turns twenty-two!   From her days of feisty hair color and explaining her non-autotuned voice, to dragging her teddy bear across the stage and now dragging off a Music Bank trophy, the adorable Haein has already blazed a trail of K-pop effervescence across the musical heavens– and she’s barely a month […]

GFriend look so good in these cute tight paradeground military schoolgirl outfits! Especially Yuju, who is just so tall and noble in bearing here, with those tight sleeves and the pert fit of her jacket and her noble poise and high head and calm demeanor. As a huge Yerin fan, now that “Fingertip” promotions are […]

Since Laboum’s debut, their appearances on Pops in Seoul have been highlights of my entire K-pop experience.  Though many, including glorious Lovelyz and A Pink, have shown in Pops in Seoul’s formats, no single group is so consistently high-energy and full of improve fun during the Secret Box, interview game, or Pick and Tell formats.  […]

Lovelyz at last scores their first show trophy, on SBS’s The Show. Admittedly, it’s the least prestigious of the current roster, but a win nonetheless and a proud milestone in their career–a highly emotional one too. My beloved Jin is especially affected, as we should expect.  Yein yips with joy, then tosses her head in […]

–and they fit legos and Pac Man ghosts into the stagesavers too.  Plus, black skirts! which I think look especially flattering. Some fans have complained that some of the earlier, gaudier outfits for “Coloring Book” were not flattering, and I tend to agree.  But these dresses look classy.  Goddess Jiho, as you should expect, looks […]

With lighting to rival that for the Comeback Stage, plus some ravishing camerawork (the camera’s zoom in on Mijoo’s smiling face at 0:10ff is heartbreakingly beautiful!), this broadcast is another classic: And Jin gets a great shot starting at 1:29, as noticed in the comments by someone who uses Xuan Yi’s picture for an avatar. Sujeong gets […]

Certainly she writes it deplorably enough.  One must ask what motivation she ever had to slog her way through a Greek grammar or Latin lexicon:  certainly her “work” puts them to little enough use. In his capacity as Higher Ed Realist, Steve Sailer’s been busting the carb-enhanced balls of Donna Zuckerberg, sister of faceborg-famed Mark, […]

I’ll have to watch it through again to keep up with how many audience shots were her versus another prepossessing young lady, but this Mamamoo performance of their milestone “Um Oh Ah Yeah” certainly has the crowd engaged:

WJSN’s spacey minx turns sweet eighteen! Circa 2:05 to 3:02 Dayoung’s alarmingly original Engrish diction! Alas, history has left us no Less Dance broadcast for “I Wish”, which deserved one as much as the awesome “Secret” and perhaps even moreso for the cosmically iconic scissoring arms choreo! OMG heartquake! We pray WJSN’s next single will […]

While waiting for a big update to finish uploading, I was just reading the Outline of History’s account of the Tang Dynasty; and once I’ve restarted and opened the bing homepage, voila: the news crawl’s “today in history” indicates that today is the anniversary of the fall of Tang! Incidentally, The Oxford History of the […]

Against the understandable shrieks of our other idols (and poor Chorong really must’ve been quite devastated by the shock to hear of it), Eunji’s absolute indifference is– even to one who long has recognized her stern character–at once no surprise and yet unbelievable.   I would’ve crapped my pants, tbh.

Jiho flashing radiance in this purple-dressed “Coloring Book” from M! Countdown: –Yooa, whose been looking a bit boyish in this comeback, has frankly lost a tad of luster, and Mimi’s girlishness has shed, perhaps a touch of her puppyish charm, but Jiho’s power to ravish remains utterly undimmed.  (Hyojung too, who I think makes an […]

The second of two vintage “It Girl” (album mix) performances I just watched on Inkigayo’s youtube channel:   with farm-fresh costuming, including Namjoo in gingham (or are those squares too big to qualify as ‘gingham’?) plus Naeun in some dance school princess-glam garb. OMG Namjoo at 3:00 and following: super aegyo closeups, cut away, then […]

I wouldn’t have believed I would still laugh so hard over this: The original scene is arch enough, but this just takes the two actors’ effective mannerisms and compounds them into an unbelievable hilarity.

Comey is fired.  Will Hillary be indicted? The Syrian strike was a cause of grief–but Pres. Trump has made now a fresh positive move to drain the swamp, one he’s obviously been preparing for.  Hope rekindles with soaring ardor that this year will see bold new reforms, and a healing wind of justice.

This was recorded in March but just aired in Korea this week.  From this K-pop expo concert, A Pink perform a “Only One”/”Cause You’re My Star”/”Luv” set in full, with Eunji suffering from a back injury she had back then. I didn’t notice when I watched it, but scanning through the comments some viewers picked […]

Even at twenty-five years of age, Yujeong has such achingly sincere ‘I love you’ expressions:   Laboum still hwaiting!

The insane glory of Lovelyz’ starburst stage:   Rococo discodelia on petit macaroons!  Plus we get the “fancam” long shot take:    

Dancing in a soft pink light!

writes commenter grapesoda (lolz) at Steve Sailer’s current open thread on Pres. Trump: I think Trump is a good guy, but there is only so much he can do. And he has his own independent interests as well. We all watched as he gave the middle finger to the PC orthodoxy, and that was fun […]

The bing newscrawl tells us America is getting its first Satanic monument, and then when I head directly to koreaboo to check up on Choa I find instead some more disturbing news.  Here’s the relevant summation of netizen responses from a thread at onehallyu: 1. [+1,063, -41] Of all the concepts they decide to use, […]

I’m not even a sone but when Sica left SNSD   it’s like a spell was broken, kpop hasn’t been the same since –writes Vadleany at onehallyu. The OP is somewhat quirky and subjective.  I can’t consider 2016 a “bad year” considering it gave the world “Rough”, “Journey to Atlantis”, “One of these nights”, […]

asks a thread-starter, sadako, at onehallyu: I  feel like even 100 years down the road people will still remember T-ara and their legacy, their iconic scandal that shunned the olympics in 2012, and continues to be one of the biggest scandal in kpop history.    even in 2017 t-ara still tops news portals even wiith simple […]

For fans of AOA’s Jimin– and who isn’t?– this fun compilation rubs our kittie-lovin’ noses in Jimin’s career cavalcade of “Hey”s:  

This makes Airplane! look like a goddamn documentary. (commenter Shawn Watson)   I’d love to catch this on TCM sometime . . .

Blonde-era Bona (and while she is a goddess in brunette, perhaps the blonde Bona shall return?) and the other cosmic girls of WJSN on Music Bank with their glorious “Secret”:

Most of the time it’s fancams you find (and hey, some of them might have more robust audio), but this should be worth at least dipping into.  Alas, T-ara will never be able to give a superpower concert worthy of their Japanese efforts: but we must be grateful to China for giving T-ara a lot […]

Yein and the lovelies compete in the pool for cookout foodstuffs, back in Lovelyz Diary Season Three, ep 03:   Yein flips her wet hair like a mermaid, Sujeong uses logic, and other fun and frolics from the girls who this week have given us “Now, Us”!

Laboum’s Main Vocal turns 23! Alas, in further complications of Laboum’s tumultuous week, I find that Soyeon was recently rushed to the hospital.  Apparently she is okay but she suffered a profuse nose bleed and is now resting and won’t currently be joining Laboum on stage.   Soyeon, we hope you are safe and well, […]

Break those chains, GFriend! You know, it’s going to look to posterity as if I totally slept on this comeback, but just so you know, weeks ago I was immersed in writing a jammin’ homage to “Fingertip” (a la my “remix” of Oh My Girl’s “I Found Love” which I lyrically reworked into an homage […]