Deflecting whatever slump might have been feared over the year’s hiatus since “Remember”, A Pink return with a gorgeously sophisticated new single and music video, giving a mature gloss to their autumn comeback while losing none of their exquisite girlish charm. The girls’ moody housesitting routines, eating pancakes alone on the stairs or dumping out […]

Donald_Trump_declares_massive_victory-finance yahoo

After Reuters decided to “correct” away Trump’s last massive lead in their national poll, Trump has retaken the lead anyway.  Remember kids, this is the last thing they’d want to be true! Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has pulled into an effective tie with Democratic rival Hillary Clinton, erasing a substantial deficit as he consolidated support among […]

LABOUM-800x450 Love Sign soompi

There’s hardly a happier phrase in this blog’s lexicon than the words “Laboum Comeback”, and now, after having graced our springtime with the official anthem of the Trumpenreich, “Journey to Atlantis”/”Imagine More”/”Fresh Adventure”, they will grace late August with new single “Love Sign”. And, OMG, Soyeon’s gone blonde! AND Yulhee’s got a new hue too: […]


The barbarous jealousy of the intractably stupid, ethnocentric, and fanatical Muslims will never be placated– and it is indecent even to try. They have no right to White lands or White lives. They have their own vast regions to call home.  They have their own gazillionaire leaders from whom, if so inclined, they can demand […]


Every time there’s some epic new K-pop girl group album release approaching, I try to steal my will and spend that first glorious month of its existence listening to the whole thing twice a day.  But “real life” (lolz) always gets in the way of my grand intentions. But GFriend’s approaching summer album and first full-lengther […]


Legendary auteur and enfante terrible Michael Cimino has died.  He was seventy-seven. Starting as a screenwriter, Cimino swiftly made his way up the ladder to Hollywood ascendance after his co-writing (with John Milius) of the Dirty Harry sequel Magnum Force led to his feature directorial debut, Thunderbolt & Lightfoot, starring Clint Eastwood and Jeff Bridges.  His second […]


Hail Brittania! To hell with Brussels, to hell with Antichrist “elites”.  To hell with White Replacement. Britain chooses independence.  Britain chooses to keep the n*gg*as of Calais, the Turkish hordes, the Arab and Somali and Afghan rapefugees out.  Run that crap off the road of our history! Deislamify.  Kick out all “refugees”, all “migrants”, all […]

Lovelyz Jin prcm dot jp

It’s still the 11th in the United States of Depravity, but already Sunday the 12th has begun in Korea and thus, we wish Lovelyz Jin her happy twentieth birthday! Ne! Since I have to travel, and since I stink at setting up correctly my posts to post at a set time (wordpress seems to have […]

Windy Day title

Unlooked for, unexpected, and unspeakable: If you thought this surprise mv drop was going to be a lo-fi throwaway, think again! At first you think, “Wow, it’s kinda like ‘Me Gustas Tu’ with a bit of ‘Brand New Day’ thrown in–terrific!”  And then you get to the forest shots, and you think, “OMG! This is […]

HARTFORD, CT - APRIL 15: Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump greets supporters after speaking at a rally at the Connecticut Convention Center on April 15, 2016 in Hartford, Connecticut. The 2016 Connecticut Republican Primary is scheduled for April 26, 2016. (Photo by Matthew Cavanaugh/Getty Images)

Hosannah to the highest!  And on earth peace, through Presidents Trump, Putin, and Assad! Now is the time to consolidate the Midwest naïfs, the disaffected Sanders voters, all White people everywhere, as well as Persons of Color who wish to remain on agreeable terms with the rightful White majority in America, to unite behind the […]


We here at Chateau de Somesuch have been having an erratic couple of days on le computer:  just as strategic updates seemed finally to be breaking the molasses-slow browsing of late, I discovered Windows Media Player had vanished; and when, after a couple of increasingly distant-past system restores got that back, I discovered my poor […]

apink-music-core Luv wins 20141206

Irradiant and angelic, supernal A Pink soars to triumph on Saturday’s Show! Music Core with another win for “Luv”: –with perhaps their most lambent and lively stage yet.  Congratulations, A Pink!  God Bless A Pink, and God bless the Pink Pandas!

I wouldn’t have known this happened, so thank God it slipped into my lap: the eight members took to the stage of Show! Music Core to return to their debut ballad “Good Night Like Yesterday” for an emotional performance with Jisoo, who of course wasn’t there to be with them when they debuted this. And […]

JinE and the girls with “Windy Day”! And Windy October is on its way!

It’s a small thing: but having filled up the September calendar with at least one entry per day (however slight) it started to mean something to fill out the calendar entirely.  But now it’s past midnight and I’ve failed– but, it seems like mine may somehow be an hour off, so in the interests of […]

The first debate was an unpleasant-to-watch exercise in attempted “disqualification”, putting Donald Trump under cross-inspection for the minutiae of his life: his IRS audit, a casual affair that carries no implication of guilt, was subjected to scrutiny as though it were a scandal of national importance, while Hillary Clinton’s felonious, possibly treasonous, deletion of tens […]


Even though it’s only Kyunghee University, but if you want to pretend it’s Paris that’s fine by me. And if this is what “Only One” really sounds like then the new producer gambit has actually paid off!  A Pink hwaiting!


Lovelyz’ mood-maker turns twenty-two! Sigh.  They get old so fast. BUT:  in some ways Mijoo is so ladylike, one would hardly have thought she’s been only twenty-one this past year.  And to think, back in the days of “Hi” she was only twenty! But to brood upon all that would only incline one to melancholy […]


Retired A Pink member Yookyung turns 22! Although she left the group over three years ago, before they had seriously entered my radar, I am grateful to remember finally to celebrate her birthday.  As an integral part of the ensemble behind the first three classic A Pink albums, she will forever be a part of […]

More delights with Cosmic Girls, courtesy of their Inkigayo “Secret” Comeback Stage!

Producer e.one, who provided Kara’s (thus far) swansong “Cupid” is the talent behind this bop, which I haven’t yet given the full attention it deserves– but I do come back to it now and again.  My girl group saturation notwithstanding, the sweet and oddly time-traveling charm of WJSN (this song makes me feel somehow some […]


So we have our first audio glimpse of the new single.  After about a half dozen playthroughs (boy they really hid Bomi didn’t they?), I’m going to make the following guesses: On the optimistic side:  “Only One” may be like a more uptempo version of “Sunday Monday”, in which case the final product may be […]

Islam has no place in Europe, North American, or the Commonwealth. Let’s outlaw any and all Muslim immigration.  Let’s begin repatriating all Muslims in our midst to their ancestral homelands.  And let’s have summary executions for all Muslim rapists, sex traffickers, extortionists, plotters, stabbers, “nuisance” bombers, and of course terrorists. I also advocate the death […]


–says Dr. Anthony Napoleon today, on twitter.  An essential truth!


I’ve been sitting on the worrisome news that the forthcoming A Pink comeback is produced by the guy who did miss A’s “Only You” and Twice’s “Cheer Up”, both distinctly underwhelming tracks, but I’ll try and hold fire on my worries until we hear an audio teaser. But meanwhile, the Dal Shabet comeback we’ve known […]


Oh My Girl goddess Yooa turns twenty-one!   And we wish the “space alien” beauty a beautiful autumn day, the long rest that OMG has earned, and further miracles of music video and dance to come!  Bless you, oh fascinated Yooa!  

This performance of the lead single from T-ara’s 2014 3rd Japanese album Gossip Girls was posted only last month, meaning that here, gracing the stage in her schoolgirl outfit, we behold luminous Boram in the 30 years of age. Wow.  This goes a long ways to assuage my moral panic about A Pink getting too […]

Let me to the marriage of true Ice Admit impediment. Love is not love Which dilutes kin with a roll of the dice, Or bends with the mixer his race to remove. No! Let the Han and Aryan be ever-fixed marks, That look on Jew porn and are ever disgusted: Let them abolish Jew media […]

Beneath the platitutes of the upper pundits, Far beneath the web of soft-swollen repute Uprears, restless, resenting elitest surfeits, Wondrous KEK: woke to revenge, refute Those shadowy sponges who soak the light Of life from millennials left to blight, Who condemned ‘em to weed-fumed healthless cells, Broke-backed with debt, left friendless incels. These have lied […]

Dear Chinese fathers, please lock up your daughters and keep the damned Jews out of your noble nation. Courtesy of twitterer siesta_mindset, this vision of the Stupid Slutty Ugly wrought by inflicting Semite seed upon the noble Han breed. Disgusting whorish slags.  Monstrous!

Let me not to the malformation of minds Admit impediments. “Right” is not right Which alters not when it alteration finds. A true conservative bends to each new blight: Oh yay! He is an ever-moving mark That looks on teapots and is always shaken; He is a cur groveling ‘fore its (((master’s))) bark, Whose worth’s undone, […]

Solbin continues to show off her accessories while the outfits themselves are, I think, basically what they wore for their M! Countdown comeback.  But it’s all grand fun as Laboum rocks the summer concert show!

Woe to thee, O land, when thy king is a child, and when the princes eat in the morning.  Blessed is the land, whose king is noble, and whose princes eat in due season for refreshment, and not for riotousness.  By slothfulness a building shall be brought down, and through the weakness of hands, the […]


And lastly our maknae Hayoung’s teasers: I think the style of the last three teasers (Naeun, Namjoo, Hayoung) shows an improvement over the first three.  Maybe there’s a design at work here, starting off with a style that seems a bit more unexpected before moving to something closer to the actual concept for the album? […]

Catching up with so many of these old performances, I’ll lose them if I don’t post a few (I’ve got another “Bad Man Crying” in a new draft).  Here the girls sing their glorious ballad in this funkily cramped studio wearing mismatched headphones, and of course lovely Noeul and Goddess Yoonhye at what I look […]

http://www.businessinsider.com/there-4-giraffe-species-2016-9 Every time I try to cut/paste I get frozen out, but this brief little news item is hilarious– if hypocritical.  Would you believe it even gives us a dummy-slap for not having noticed that the four species of giraffe have different physical characteristics, like some have darker spots than others. Yeah, it was pretty […]


Goddess Namjoo gets a fresh and bright looking teaser for Pink Revolution, looking fresh and, frankly, cleaner than her bandmates in her lowkey minimalist pose:   I guess being indoors helps though!  And she’s also stylish in the cropped Technicolor entry:   Namjoo hwaiting!

Senseless silliness from the adorable dawn of the Hallyu Wave.  So early, even the subtitle artists don’t seem to know what a “kill-heel” is! Yoonhye . . . “Men’s scandaling, No. 1 naoui bling bling bling!”


Lead Visual Naeun is our fourth fairy to unveil her first teaser: This is maybe the best of the minimalist photos so far.  I like it that Naeun’s eyes are addressing the camera directly, and the translucent wave of bangs over her right eye is fetching.  Her little zip-up jumper thing also looks pretty cool. […]



Main Vocal, solo Inkigayo winner and acting superstar Eunji is third in line with her Pink Revolution teaser photos: The minimalist side of these teaser photos seems to promise something arty and “mature” in a delicate way; but to be totally honest, the limp hair and muted tones aren’t inspiring in the Lovelyz A New […]

It has all the high-gloss photography and visual wit you would expect from a Red Velvet video: no lapse into the lazy dance-in-a-box stuff that was good enough for f(X) in their heyday. And the song itself is the kind of slightly-laid-back dance-pop my ears find sweet: glossily produced, agreeably cooing. Nonetheless, this all feels […]

How much of this is real (and I hope it is) or just aspirational I’m not sure; but I was just watching the latest Laboum Pops in Seoul Q&A where Solbin talks of “Journey to Atlantis” as now (present tense) bubbling on the charts and how they hope it and “Shooting Love” will rise on […]

Interesting. . . . I’d really be thrilled if Warren in his old age, with a daughter destroyed by liberal sex theory ( and doubtless her revulsion at her father’s promiscuity) made a picture in which innocence and virtue triumph over age and cynicism, but it looks more like it’ll be a love triangle with […]


Bomi is next with a pair of teaser photos for the September 26th Pink Revolution album. First, in this chic minimalist outfit that’s more modernist than Chorong’s in her “soft” teaser pic.  The off-the-shoulder effect adds a touch of sexy moodiness. And a sporty cableknit sweater in almost a flesh tone.  This time, I’d say […]

Soyeon’s blonde fades, but meow mix Solbin gets a powder blue heart collar! I guess Soyeon was styled to show midriff on this comeback because of her “fierce” 2nd verse couplet, which almost constitutes a “breakdown” or quasi-rap of its own.  Yulhee, of course, plays her raps so fierce she almost crosses over from her […]

Chorong Pink Revolution teaser

The first individual teasers for the new A Pink studio album– entitled Pink Revolution (!)– feature Leader Chorong:   With one in a very Pink LUV spirit, above.  And the other:   perhaps what we might call Pink Blossom  meets f(X).  It’s nothing “racy” but I hope the new single won’t be too trendy.  I […]


The inimitable Nation’s Girl Group, with a goddess-green set back at it in “Me Gustas Tu” days. Was “Me Gustas Tu” already their “Gee”?  But if so, what then is “Rough”?  Well, it’s “Luv” for one thing, but what then is “Navillera”? I so hate it that corporate clown groups like Blackpink and Twice get […]

Harper's Bazaar jean shrimpton

Over at Derbyshire’s perch at The Unz Review, commenter YT Wurlitzer makes this timely pitch: [Trump’s immigration address] was a wonderful speech following a successful trip. It was huge. But I agree that it has become extremely important now to elect Trump. If we don’t, we’ll be living in a post-Constitutional, post-nation, PC-racialist hell. I implore […]