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Titus Didius Tacitus writes

John Adams said: “There is nothing which I dread so much as a division of the republic into two great parties, each arranged under its leader, and concerting measures in opposition to each other. This, in my humble apprehension, is to be dreaded as the greatest political evil under our Constitution.” Nothing like that exists […]


The most dangerous figure in American history

The combination of Obama’s radical, nation-remaking agenda, his calm, collected personality, his effortless and infinite capacity for lying, and the worshipful attitude many people have toward him, makes him the most dangerous figure in American history. –Wrote Lawerence Auster in January 2009. Obama proposes unconstitutional executive action to anoint with citizenship myriads of criminal indigent […]

bestie_ambassadors for Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency

Life’s a Party

–when you live in a high-IQ, , high-trust, ethnically homogeneous nation. But nobody does anymore in the West: In France, large swaths of Muslim neighborhoods are now considered “no-go” zones by French police. At last count, there are 751 Sensitive Urban Zones (Zones Urbaines Sensibles, ZUS), as they are euphemistically called. A complete list of […]


Desert Storm TV

Discussing a Roger Simon neocon splitter-splutter opinion piece over at Vox Popoli, commenter Nate wonders: I wonder what percentage of neocons are neocons based solely on the extreme entertainment value of Desert Storm TV in 1991. Commenter Josh replies: Desert storm was Peak America. In retrospect, it was also the worst thing that could have […]


Rich Lowry suddenly talks like an honest to God conservative

Unironic title!  From breitbart (internal links their own): Rich Lowry, the editor of National Review, denounced Republican elites and their high-priced consultants in the permanent political class for pushing amnesty legislation by perpetuating the myth that there are so many jobs that American workers won’t do.  “The next time I hear a Republican strategist or a […]


Immigration Insanity

Immigration “news” is so nuts, it cannot be satirized.  Nor does it avail, it seems,  to cast a  vote, or write to Congress, or to your newspaper.  The United States, the world’s third most populous country, struggling in its transition to a supposed “post-industrial economy” and leaving even its most educated native citizens behind as wages sink in a race […]


Single Mom: “Conservatives Are Stupid”

Vox Day commenter Cranberry writes: I overheard two people talking at the gym the other day. One is a divorced 30-ish mom, the other a seasoned old veteran of two wars. The mom was saying something about how the immigration issue was disgusting and she couldn’t see why people shouldn’t be allowed here, no matter […]

presidents-dining-room-1974-secretary-rosemary woods

“If Nixon was a Democrat in office today, the New York Times would run a front page, above-the-fold story on #YesAllWomen heroine Rosemary Woods and the patriarchal, cisnormative assault on her secretarial skills.”

Can you smell the Pulitzer? –asks Kurt Schlichter in a devastating little piece from the usually rather lowbrow Townhall.  The quoted hypothetical is simply, literally too true. It’s become evident that rule of law is just about over in the United States of America.  If the GOP won’t take the Eric Cantor defeat as a […]


Hail Jesus! and thank you, Mickey Kaus!

The traitorous son of a b*tch Eric Cantor, Quisling Prince of RINOs, lost his primary.  Patriots, populists, immigration realists, take heart:  the Chamber of Commerce is not the ordained minister of our fate.  Jewish globalists can be made to answer.  Common sense still has appeal.  And not all Republicans want to be buttboys for the […]

antique map of Europe bergbook dot com

Europe Tosses in Slumber

Did you know croissants were made to be eaten in mockery of Islam?  They’re crescents, and you eat them.  This started, it seems, in Spain, in the days when the Infidels reigned in Andalusia, before they were driven out and Spain, purified, spread its empire across the world. Maybe I can eat a Pepperidge Farms Brussels cookie in […]

aureus potraying Caracalla

Rationalizing Big Government and Big Debt

From Timothy Taylor’s The Instant Econimist: What are the trends in overall federal spending over time?  First of all, as a share of GDP, federal spending hasn’t shown any upward trend over recent decades.  Back in the early 1960s, federal spending ranged from about 19 to 22 percent of GDP.  It was a little higher […]

mickey Kaus for Senate

“So I’m racist because I don’t want illegal immigrants invading our country even if it is for jobs? Okay then, I’m a racist by your definition. Now what?”

–asks commenter orlfla at kausfiles, as part of a lively discussion in the trail of another fine piece.  I second his question, and, on his behalf, offer a further refinement, if needed, which I think s/he would agree to:  making them “legal” through amnesty doesn’t mean they belong here, either. Kaus reports on the Virginia […]


Ann Coulter puts the smackdown on Sheldon

I guess we still have a First Amendment after all, since it gets a workout when Ann Coulter takes on the nefarious neocon Jewish billionaire by the ludicrous yet infamous name of Sheldon Adelson for his immigration hypocrisies, rent-seeking, and treasonous exploitation of his adopted “country”, the United States of America.  Cue the “anti-Sheeeeeemmetizzzmmm!” outrage.   I […]

Jesse Jackson campaign button

An isteve commenter impersonates Jesse Jackson

I have a long strange subjective “story” about Jesse Jackson– and by “subjective” I mean it all took place in my head (when I was a kid), so this Steve Sailer anonymous reader’s take, in which he imagines the Rev. Jackson taking on the Left’s unfettered immigration policy, intrigues and amuses me: No one wants […]


The Battle for Ukraine, and the soul of the West

The nightmare in the Ukraine continues– and it’s my nightmare too.  Many a night I literally toss in my sleep, afflicted with half-waking dreams about the sinister sequence of mysterious and violent events that have overthrown the people’s peace, and challenged the sovereign rights not only of the Ukrainians, but the Crimean and Russian peoples–yes, […]

Colin Powell George H W Bush Dick Cheney jan 16 1992

The Commanders

Well, I recognize Scowcroft, Cheney, Quayle, Sununu, Baker, Powell, and the President right off– but who’s the mystery man at Scowcroft’s left?  Probably I should know this. George H. W. Bush was my high school President, and as such, the only American President I’ve admired and followed in his own time. ** Probably I knew more […]

Nixon April 1974 Watergate address

Nixon: now, more than ever

H/t Gucci Little Piggy, who links to this slate liberal Tanner Colby’s  lament over the failures of Affirmative Action (which is just not doing enough!), in which Colby gives this horrifying portrait of Richard Nixon’s “racism”: That Richard Nixon was racist is well beyond dispute—he believed that, moral objections to abortion aside, the practice was justified […]


What “nation”?: Of Coke and Country

A “nation”, as defined by the Concise Oxford American Dictionary:  a large aggregate of people united by common descent, history, culture, or language, inhabiting a particular country or territory. Well, Americans don’t have “common descent” or a common culture.  We don’t really teach our own history anymore, or at any rate we don’t celebrate it, […]

George H W Bush 1991 State of the Union aftermath

Althouse: The Ex Post Facto SOTU “LiveBlog”

Too boring for her to go through the trouble in real time, but Ann Althouse has a nice ten-point compendium the morning after: 1. Most memorable line: “Are you going to have sex with me or do I have to rape you?” That’s a paraphrase. Let me get the actual quote from the text. Obama […]


King Solomon’s State of the Union (Proverbs 28)

2 For the sins of the land many are the princes thereof: and for the wisdom of a man, and the knowledge of those things that are said, the life of the prince shall be prolonged. –Signifying 535+2+9 critters, mostly worthless.  And for our sins, we keep them. 4  They that forsake the law, praise […]


“Prostitutes” vs “sex workers”; Liberalism and Communism

I was rambling through the archives of the late great Lawrence Auster, looking for something else, but I chanced across this, an entry I’d never looked at before or, if I had, taken no special note of.  But Larry concluded with a wonderful brief note, wittily Horatian in its curious and charming chivalry even as […]


“N.S.A. Devises Radio Pathway Into Computers”

There is no evidence that the N.S.A. has implanted its software or used its radio frequency technology inside the United States. LOLZLOLLZLZOLZ


“The earth is littered with the ruins of empires”

“that believed they were eternal,” writes Camille Paglia. Braudel briefly recounts the fall of such a one in his History of Civlizations thus: In 1565, at the battle of Talikoti, the ‘Hindu’ Kingdom of Vijayanagar in the Deccan, despite its million soldiers, was mortally defeated by the cavalry and especially the artillery of the Muslim […]

Condi Rice 2012 convention speech

“An Empty Machine”: Conditional Optimism from Roger Simon

I have no idea if Republicans will end their circular firing squad and unite sufficiently to right our country, but one thing seems abundantly clear from the events of the last weeks, including Tuesday’s election in which Terry McAuliffe barely eked out a victory over the unexciting Ken Cuccinelli. Liberalism in our country is in […]

Trent+Lott+Howard Dean 2008 First+Presidential+d_crtdWfBD7l

Party of Stupid

Vox Day commenter Jack Amok gives a very good answer to what conservatives mean when they lament the GOP is the “party of stupid”: Incompetent electoral strategy.  The Hispanic thing is an example, they didn’t seem to understand immigrant voting patterns (almost always pro-socialist), lower class voting patters (almost always pro-socialist), or Mexican (as in […]

han131031-001(9) stylenanda

아이보리 Boy

–I was just checking in on my idol Mickey at kausfiles, and reading up on the Dems impatience with Obama’s stupidity.  Well, impatience doesn’t really count for much, since the bastard was reelected, just because now all the Washington Post-type types get pissy about how out of the loop Obama is (or else outright lying […]


Obamaglitch (or, Twitch of the Glitch Nerve)

From David G. Savage at the Los Angeles Times:  If computer glitches are not enough of a problem, President Obama’s healthcare law also has a legal glitch that critics say could cause it to unravel in more than half the nation. The Affordable Care Act proposes to make health insurance affordable to millions of low-income […]


What Rules?

Philosophically, I am a strict anti-Hobbesian.  I am a Platonic Realist.  Are there rules in this universe?  Yes. But woe betide the fools who put their faith in “rules” of man’s making– even if those rules are a sort of well-intended approximation to what is naturally just and right.  From the Los Angeles Times: When law student […]


The Debt Crisis, Explained in Full

Give this guy Goodlatte’s or Cantor’s job–or Boehner’s.  Transcription from Human Events: Mr. Speaker: The debt limit exists for a simple reason: to assure that public debt isn’t recklessly piled up without Congress periodically acknowledging it and addressing the spending patterns that are causing it.  If a debt limit increase is supposed to be automatic, […]


Sign uh duh times, yo

Apocalypse Wow: People in Ohio, Michigan and 15 other states found themselves unable to use their food stamp debit-style cards on Saturday, after a routine test of backup systems by vendor Xerox Corp. resulted in a system failure. At about 9 a.m. Saturday, reports from across the country began pouring in that customers’ EBT cards […]

Reagan 1988atpodium

Only Connect: Sowell on the inarticulate GOP

Thomas Sowell on the GOP leadership’s lack of communication skills– or efforts.  In part: As the great economist Alfred Marshall once said, facts do not speak for themselves. If we are waiting for the Republicans to do the speaking, the country is in big trouble.  Democrats, by contrast, are all talk. They could sell refrigerators […]

Iowa National Guard members

Food For Fodder

From the gubernatorial trail in Virginia, something the author/observer rightly considers an “epiphany”.  Joel Salatin writes: Why do we need more farmers? What is the driving force behind U.S. Department of Agriculture policy? In an infuriating epiphany I have yet to metabolize, I found out last Wednesday in a private policy-generation meeting with Virginia Democratic […]

clueless pensive Cher

Like, we can totally bully with the Syrians

“Bullying.”  You hear it everywhere.  This silly word has infected every so-called serious discussion of every evil in the world:  another sure sign of the adolescentification of all reality in our fast approaching-apocalypse Western world. Case in point:  I’m running home from errands this afternoon and I make the mistake of turning on NPR.  They’re […]


Black Ops Benghazi

Like some great minds were saying back in the fall, the Benghazi “consulate” was a front for nefarious activities, about which nefarious activities President Obama continues to prevaricate.  From The Telegraph: Up to 35 CIA operatives were working in the city during the attack last September on the US consulate that resulted in the death […]


From McCrory, With Love (cookies, that is)

–Damn, I could go for one!  Amusing theatrics from the Governor’s mansion in North Carolina (hat tip to an anonymous  heartiste commenter) : Gov. Pat McCrory hasn’t been willing to meet with the women (and a few men) protesting an abortion bill that opponents say restricts access to safe abortions. But he did stop by this […]

Weinergate 2.0

Vox Day commenter Big Bill writes: We live in a multicultural country now.  The traditional norms are gone, and the political theater needs to change, too.  No more ritual self-abasement of political wives in front of cameras to reassure the populace that their man is really OK and has “really, really changed deep down inside”.  […]

Theodore Roosevelt: the power of devotion

We know that self-government is difficult. We know that no people needs such high traits of character as that people which seeks to govern its affairs aright through the freely expressed will of the freemen who compose it. But we have faith that we shall not prove false to the memories of the men of […]

Plymouth Rock

European settlers did some awful things, I’m not going to deny that. But it irritates me to no end, the way kids today (properly brainwashed by their Howard Zinn-thumping mentors) think it’s so irrefutably clever to say things like, “Oh, you’re against immigration? So what about the Pilgrims, they were immigrants too!”  Or “It was […]

Another “funny because it’s true”

–sort of thing:    Okay, so much for my editorial skills.  And the juxtaposition is: [Ed.:  Now that you’ve butchered the whole premise-] Alright, just click through to this, or you can read the original here.  Sheesh. Anyway, I didn’t start this travesty.  Blame the voters.

Sometimes irony takes a minute to set in (Obama, football, and women at war)

Well, Obama’s daydreaming yet again about the hypothetical sons he doesn’t have. President  Obama took a swipe at football in a new interview, saying he  would “have to  think long and hard”  before letting his hypothetical  son play the dangerous sport. ”I think that those of us who love the sport are going to have to wrestle with the fact that […]

An Ann Althouse–no wait, it’s Meade–smackdown on Hillary

Yeah, I avoid shopping at amazon myself, but when Althouse is on, she’s on: –Oh wait wait wait!  This time, it’s the mister-es, Meade, delivering the smackdown.  She quotes him riffing on Hillary: What difference, at this point, does it make? 2007 troop surge in Iraq?… What difference, at this point, does it make? Yellowcake […]

As progressive David Corn says

David Corn makes an amusing foil for James Pinkerton when they do bloggingheads together, so I cut him enough slack so as to read him.  He sums the Obama inaugural address thus: Obama did issue the obligatory warning about relying too much upon government, but he presented a case for a robust public response to […]

Fighting Trim

The conscience of the internet, Larry Auster, is posting Beatles tunes, and he’s not even soliciting fresh reviews: And by the way, do not bother sending any comments gloomily decrying the Beatles’ negative cultural influence. I post these songs because of the joy and delight they bring, and because they are particularly meaningful to me […]

Ramirez’ “Weapon Guide for the Uninformed”

Just so you know.

What would Rousseau have said about Sandy Hook?

Probably that we were asking for it, by herding all those children together under one roof.  If they were all at home, being schooled by their mothers, the killer would’ve had to go door to door. And some self-reliant and armed citizen would’ve shot him dead. –Now, I know Rousseau comes in for a lot […]

Why shouldn’t police be in front of the schools? (if somebody would only dress them)

“There’s just too many incidents that are happening that you think could be avoided if there were stronger regulations about it,” one mother from Larchmont said, adding when asked if her children’s safety is her motivation, “Absolutely, I mean you can’t even send them to school now. Now my kids have police in front of […]

“Les celibataires avec des chats”: Great Books For Men (TM) au Quebecois(e?) [NSFW]

As is known, I’m an ardent admirer of this: But in the warm glowing aftertremors of sweat-tendriled aesthetic bliss, an untoward thought crept upon my innocent head [Ed.:  Are your hands so innocent?  –I said aesthetic bliss, Philistine!  Aesthetic!].  Say I return to the dating game, on the more or less idealistic terms befitting a […]


S**t you cannot make u– Oh thank God! somebody made it up

Could it really be true that Victoria’s Secret would demolish their brand in an effort to comfort Slut Walking fattie rejects and drive their hot, loyal customers to La Perla or despair? Could the sensible people at the helm of a successful brand be taken in by the narcissistic insanity of Mommy’s Little Mulatto Princess She Raised […]

F. H. Buckley on the waiting

What we will see in the next four years is the monarchical government of a president determined to rule without Congress. He will not be able to pass any measures through the House, assuming our representatives will not become his useful idiots. He will therefore continue to rule by executive decree, as he has since […]


Always Winter but never Christmas (in Hawaii, not even that)

“We have 54 trees in the White House,” an excited Michelle Obama proudly told  visitors the other day. “54!  That’s a lot of trees.” –Yes, yes it is, Michelle.  I guess you’re not the only one in the First Sun People Family who’s floored and flummoxed with the counting stuff. Ann Althouse (who, being a […]