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F. H. Buckley on the waiting

What we will see in the next four years is the monarchical government of a president determined to rule without Congress. He will not be able to pass any measures through the House, assuming our representatives will not become his useful idiots. He will therefore continue to rule by executive decree, as he has since […]

Poor Mitt– but at least he’s got gas

There’s a “viral” photo of Mitt Romney pumping gas and looking withered going about.  I won’t link to it since every venue featuring it appears to be dumping all over him.  The joke, alas, is on the rest of us. You have to understand:  you won’t get a candidate as qualified as Mitt Romney next […]

America’s “Modern Family” Problem

I don’t watch “Modern Family”, or any broadcast tv for that matter, but I guess I understand just enough about it to get the allusion this Real Clear Politics writer, Reed Galen, uses to try and make his very banal and quite idiotic point about how the GOP needs to “change”.  First he assures us that […]

Althouse’s legendary commenter Chip Ahoy writes . . .

–I won’t bother with providing context.  You can click for yourself to see.  Just savor for now the deliberate anarchic flow of the thing: Skipped. Apt though. The media just raped us and now helps us understand the thinking of the minds that do such things. I already know. Democrat. Socialist. Wanted something somebody else […]

Better a confederacy than these dunces

If this gallery is the best the Republicans have to hope for in 2016, then kiss that election goodbye too. –I could almost wish, now, that Romney had picked Rubio for his running mate, tbe better to sink the horrible false hope that Republicans could carry Latinos if only they would better pander to them.  […]

Mitt Romney in Florida

Let’s do this: Vote Mitt Romney

The mid-Monday polls: R 49 percent — O 48 percent (Gallup) R 49 percent — O 48 percent (Rasmussen) R 49 percent — O 49 percent (CNN) R 49 percent — O 49 percent (ARG) R 48 percent — O 48 percent (Battleground/Politico) R 48 percent — O 48 percent (Monmouth) R 46 percent — […]


Obama Must Go: Vote for Romney

Hat tip to Ann Althouse: What do we know already?  Lawrence Auster sums up the Benghazi story thus far: The president was aware in real time of an organized military assaulton our consulate and the nearby CIA annex in Benghazi. As the assault was proceeding, the president rejected the urgent requests of the personnel under […]


A Dream Rehearsal for Christmas (or something)

After staying up late watching the deliriously enjoyable Octopussy (does no one recognize how good it is? Roger Moore’s best!), I realized I’d sailed right through the time switchbackeroo and that really I needs must get some sleep.  So I went to sleep and dreamt my dreams, and when I awoke from the last one I […]

Whose polls matter?

I had to search high and low to find this piece I’d read and then “misplaced” on the internet.  Damn internet, a terrible place to browse.  From the National Journal on the divergences in the polls: The manifestation of these disagreements is evident in polling weights. Most Republican pollsters are using something close to a 2008 […]

Romney will win, 285 to 253

My Electoral College prediction, based on Rasmussen and gut hopes. I’m calling New Hampshire for Mitt, though he can wing it without it.  To win Wisconsin seems like too much, and Nevada seems slipping out of grasp.  But the South and Colorado look good for Romney, and I think we’ll win Ohio, which is what […]

Lesley Gore

Teen Lesbian Goddess endorses Obama

Oh, Lesley! h/t to Ann Althouse, who remembers the Sixties and meditates (not harshly, though there’s a gentle rebuke written between the lines) on Gore’s decision to put out this endorsement using her epochal hit (one she didn’t have writing credit on, though I believe she did write stuff later), wrapping its Girl Power from another […]

bing penguins june 2012

Thursday Night Fanmail Club (reduced Redux ed.)

Ed.:  Hi Mickey! Me:  Hey Bob! Ed.:  How’s life? Me:  Well, I’m a little bummed.  I just broke my teddy bear mug. Ed.:  This has teddy bears on it, I gather? Me:  It’s got this rakish looking teddy bear– Ed.:  Rakish? Me:  It’s hard to explain.  Imagine if a teddybear were a living person and […]

Lolly-blogging the final Romney-Obama Debate

–I’m coming to this late:  I was practicing Korean on my dry erase refrigerator board. Obama’s being a smartass again.  I’m not really worried for Romney this time; my sense is he will win the election.  The public isn’t terribly interested in foreign affairs, as long as they don’t know the kids who are getting […]

The September 12th Rose Garden statement on the murders in Benghazi, and what it means

At 4:17 “No acts of terror will ever shake the resolve of this great nation . . .” begins one sentence, picking up the thread of digressions on the sad anniversary that is September 11th.  But he never specifies that the attack itself was an “act of terror”– he characterizes it as “senseless violence”, and pays homage to the […]

Livey-bloggy 2nd Debate

–First Romney answer: a little too gladhandy on the “you bet” wrap-up.  Let’s see the rebuttal– –Obama’s bloviating on this college question too.  Education is 0ur dumb panacea for everything– esp. dumb people. (Obama’s talking about cars on education?) –Okay, Obama sounds like he’s getting way off topic. –Romney targets the real unemployment.  Good. –Romney […]

Obama And Romney Square Off In First Presidential Debate In Denver

Why Romney can win the debates

A couple of nights ago, I mentally bulleted reasons why Obama’s gonna be in trouble if he emulates Biden’s brusque-hysteric routine in the Vice-Presidential debate.  Of course, liberals, ginned up by Biden’s obnoxious performance, and some conservatives unduly cowed by it, will claim that Obama’s gonna be on fire and take back the campaign with […]

Bizarre and painful (a live mini-blogging observation)

I’ve always thought that, at a personal level, Joe Biden is affable enough a guy.  But is he drunk tonight? Is he channelling the Joker? Martha Raddatz is weird in her own way: a hectoring, shrill voice.  Bossy on one plane, but letting Biden raise hell on the other. Ryan himself is less impressive than Romney […]

Those unemployment numbers/ That debate performance/Paglia says “Eloi”!

General Electric legend Jack Welch responds to critics in a forcefully reasoned  Wall Street Journal essay.  In part: The Obama campaign and its supporters, including bigwigs like David Axelrod and Robert Gibbs, along with several cable TV anchors, would like you to believe that BLS data are handled like the gold in Fort Knox, with […]


Like a rock star: a Romneyiac’s morning after

Ah, that morning-after glow.  Like Faye Dunaway with her Oscar by the pool.  I must  be living like an adreno-con or something.  Feels kinda sexy. Here’s T-ara arriving recently in Malaysia, also soaking up the adulation afforded greatness: Where’s goddess Hyomin?!  Ah, but there’s Soyeon, very shaded and superstar-like.  Of course, she is a superstar; but T-ara […]

A clever line about Joe Biden

from Althouse commentariate alum vbspurs: You know, Joe Biden is very personable — he’s hard to hate, and not just because he acts and talks like a fool. He’s like a trainwreck, but with a caboose full of clowns, lions and trapeze artists. –Very true.  I like old Joe.  Though I hear he can really […]

My weeks of debate nightmares are over

Mitt Romney knows how to debate. Thank God!


I don’t use the word “veggies”

and I don’t like people who do. What are you, six fricking years old?  The word is “vegetables”.  I wouldn’t let my children talk with their mouths full, and I wouldn’t let them use some puerile word like “veggies”.  Nor, for that matter, would I feed them slop unfit for human consumption like filthy nasty […]

An Althouse analysis (of WaPo “swagger” and other matter)

Ann Althouse’s legal linguist hat is really getting a warm workout these days.  I think she may even vote for Romney.  All the same, she’s offering excellent labor in the vineyards where Liberal Media grapes are pressed to yield their unwholesome blood-fruit of– oh hell, I’ll need a linguistic deconstruction myself if I carry on […]


What Romney knows

Ann Althouse comments (this is a follow-up on the Israeli/Palestinian issue addressed in the taped Romney remarks): What do you think of the way Romney speaks in this video? Obviously, the damaging material will be picked out and exploited by his opponents. That’s the way the game is played. But some people might prefer “secret” […]

Bloviating bloggers of “The American Conservative”

Scott Galupo attacks an Erick Erickson defense of Romney’s Libya comments: Here is Erickson on the subject: “Yesterday, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, a man who swore an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States of America, called an American civilian to ask him to stop exercising his first amendment […]

The media blitz against Romney

The American Ambassador in Libya is brutally murdered, along with three attendants.  Our foreign policy is ripe for severe criticism.  American officials, including the President, make apologies for some obscure video production made by private American citizens.  The Republican candidate for President, who, were he to win, will have to make the same snap judgments […]

Clint Eastwood Republican convention CBS news

Eastwood again: Obama, Auster, Maher, Race, and the Real Middle Class

In all this excitement I’d quite forgotten to post the Eastwood Republican National Convention presentation itself: So, do you feel like watching it again, punk?  “Well, maybe one last time!” –The silvery suavity of that impromptu aside is so delightful: worthy of tingles up the thigh (well, for the lady in question, at least). Lawrence Auster […]

Voter Fraud

Althouse on the voice-vote override at the Democratic National Convention that put God and Jerusalem back on the platform: Moving beyond the superficial spectacle of Democrats kinda-sorta booing God, let’s look at the Democrats supposed dedication to counting all the votes and denial that we need to worry about voting fraud. This was out-and-proud vote […]

Don’t stop thinking about 2016, Bill

–it will soon be here! –“I’ve got one in mind!” I bet you do, Bill! [I’m going for subtext] –Burns America on the inside? –“I wanna do Michele Obama!” . . . The standard-bearer for 2012 . . . . Is Bill trying to teach Obama how to talk like a black preacher? “Middle class” […]

“Barack Obama spent his life fighting for the middle class”

says Liv Ullmann in Terence Malick’s Days of Heaven II. Huh?  HUH??? Has Barack Obama actually had a life?  I mean, I know he had that kind of Clinton thing going with the stepfamilies and all.  But after he started smoking pot, it seems like it was all gravy for him.  And though he “community […]

Sandra Fluke looks like a slut

–albeit a very undesirable, hectoring, masculine (in a wimpy sort of way) slut. What look is she channelling, Tina Fey goes clubbing at a retirement community rec room? I have to say, even conservative partisan flaks tend to look more presentable.  God, she’s like thirty going on thirteen-hundred. And don’t feminists ever get tired of […]

Obama hoops

Obama: the manic jock

Lawrence Auster picks up the Jodi Kantor New York Times piece on President Obama’s competitive arrogance, previously discussed by Steve Sailer.  A reminder to take a look ourselves.  The general picture isn’t new, but Kantor’s essay, Sailer suggests, may be an intentional “dogwhistle”.  Is Kantor genuinely disturbed by Obama?  From Kantor: Even some Democrats in […]

New York magazine deals spa

Larry Auster and Clint Eastwood: men of levity?

Lawrence Auster’s grim view of the Republican National Convention week wouldn’t have led me to expect such an efflorescence of his charming, though uncharacteristic, levity as we see here and here. That whole Clint Eastwood thing must’ve really awakened the Muse.  –I knew he’d make up for the dreary Mystic River somehow, someday. Speaking of Clint, […]

Destined to be quoted, homaged, parodied, reenacted

–Clint Eastwood’s gloriously venomous, shufflingly surreal, gleeful, eye-glinting, unique exercise in Old Man comedy at the Tampa Convention. “We own this country!”

Newsweek a nation losing ground

Niall Ferguson: “Obama’s Gotta Go”

Middle-lowbrow (and soon to be defunct) newsweeklie Newsweek runs a cover article from British historian and pundit Niall Ferguson on why Obama must be defeated.  That Ferguson has such a view is no surprise; what does surprise is that Tina Brown chooses to run with it, indicating that Jimmy Carter ’80 fatigue has set in.  Brown, a […]

Demander-in-Chief: Obama acts like Romney’s got something to hide?

The chutzpah.  The Christian Science Monitor reports: Following Mitt Romney’s statement Thursday that he “never paid less than 13 percent” in income taxes, the Obama campaign is playing Let’s Make a Deal: Release five years of tax returns, and we’ll stop asking for more. –What on earth does the Obama campaign think it looks to […]

Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney Announces His Vice Presidential Pick


A daring move.  More daring, obviously, than my tame Romney-Pawlenty notion. Choosing Ryan is seen as a committment: this will be a grownup ticket, and there’s no place for Ryan on it unless Romney wants to talk a lot about hard, gloomy truths about our debts.  For all the sunny wholesomeness in their demeanor, Romney-Ryan […]

Last call for Veepstakes predictions (and my coveted endorsement)

Yaaaaawwwnnn.  So, here we are, and tomorrow morning we’re gonna know who Romney has picked. Four years ago the Palin pick astounded and thrilled me.  I knew who she was.  I had called this thing, to my mother, my history mentor, and, I believe, my brother. Did it work out well?  Well, by god, Palin […]


Barry: Let the sunshine in

I don’t know what Mitt Romney’s up to these days.  That’s not a snarky pronouncement on the alleged inadequacies of his campaign, it’s just a simple statement of fact.  I’m not enough of a daily political junkie to keep up with exactly what he’s doing.  I do know, however, that Barack Obama is very intent […]

“Straight-faced” Romney

Romney is a maddening opponent because he hits hard, stays religiously on  message and never, ever winks. While other candidates let reporters and  political operatives in on the joke – that they don’t really believe the attacks  they are launching – Romney stays straight-faced the whole time. It makes people  crazy. Chris Stirewalt might be […]

Romney family Christmas card

The Right Man: Mitt Romney as hero

Courtesy of a commenter at Althouse (Matthew Sablan), here’s a dusty old item from the archives of local news history [July 6, 2003]: Waltham — Gov. Mitt Romney rode to the rescue over the weekend during a vacation trip — using his Jet Ski to help pluck a New Jersey family and their dog out of Lake  […]

Yay, freedom!

Mitt Romney handles a whiny heckler.

Photo I.D.

Oh come now!  they don’t really make you show ID to get in an R-rated movie, do they? That’s probably jus raciss . . . . Update:  A vigorous thread today at Althouse.  Hoosier Daddy writes in the comments: It’s not that insomuch as it is one more hurdle they need to overcome to commit […]

“Girl-stuff for free”: the contraception debate continues

A vigorous pile-on in the comments thread for this (rather free-ranging) entry from Althouse. I’ll quote Synova: If we don’t complain about this, not about the “free” part and what that means to the economy, or the infringement on the rights of Catholic institutions… What else can we ever complain about ever again? It’s going to […]

Just Fluke Yourself (or: what Rush mighta said)

  C’mon girls! Do you believe in free shit? Cause I got something’ to say about it And it goes somethin’ like this:     Don’t buy your own protection, baby Put it on the public dime You know you know, you got to Rock DC “Sex and the City” Lifestyle like you’re still twenty-nine   […]

The Ninth Takeaway: or, How to browbeat the GOP candidates

Carl M. Cannon’s “Nine Takeaways from the Arizona Debate” isn’t a bad sort of– er, takeaway– from the Arizona debate, but I was intrigued by the ninth point Cannon finds to takeaway: 9. The GOP has a diversity problem. The four candidates and their questioner were white men, as were all of the questioners in […]

“It could even be Santorum, weak and pathetic as that is”

Mickey Kaus is my idol, but even so, it’s only happenstance that I went back and re-caught this New Year’s Eve discussion in which he foresees the layout of the campaign.

Obama, Catholics, and Contraception

If you’re too poor to get contraception, you’re too poor to get laid. Harsh?  Well, I’m trying my hand at my own “Proverbs of Hell” a la William Blake.  “Purgatorial Proverbs” perhaps?  –And this protest shot below is from Britain, but it’s just too cute to pass up: ABC News’ Jake Tapper offers a he […]

Which part of “average” don’t we understand?

From today’s PBS Newshour daily email briefing: During his Florida victory lap on the morning shows Wednesday, the former Massachusetts governor got himself into a bit of trouble talking about how his campaign was focused on middle-income Americans. “I’m not concerned about the very poor. We have a safety net there. If it needs repair, […]

Hispander fodder

      Matthew Jaffe writes for ABC’s The Note, reporting from South Carolina in advance of the GOP primary there: With the state’s Republican primary set for Saturday, the immigration issue is once again on people’s minds here. South Carolina was the state with the biggest Hispanic population growth in the past decade, a jump of […]